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Toy organising and storage tips you never knew you needed

It was a fun day toy shopping with your kid. He finally got his favourite Nerf gun, some blocks, and a few books to keep him entertained. But when you walked into his room, all his toys are scattered on the floor, under the bed, and everywhere else—then you start to panic.

Before you do, follow these tips to make organising and storing your kid’s toys a breeze:

First order of business: only buy toys that you want your kids to play with.

Online stores, like Mr. Toys, carry a huge selection of toys for you to choose from, like a Playmobil and other items, but not all of them are fit for your kid. So, before you go shopping, make sure to consider first what types of toys you want your kid to play with, so you don’t end up taking home products that will only be left unused.

Keep toys out of sight in any room with double-duty furniture.

Toys can easily take over every room in your house, but you can always keep them out of sight by investing in furniture that double as storage. Ottomans, for instance, are great to place in your living area to quickly stash away toys and provide added seating for visitors. So, you don’t have to worry about that Nerf gun or those toy cars welcoming guests because you can easily hide them inside your furniture.

Invest in good storage containers.

You don’t have to be Marie Kondo to organise your kid’s toys properly, and you can start with buying matching storage containers. Categorise your kid’s toys by type and put them inside their own labelled containers. This will not only make the room look neater; it will also be easier for you to store toys in their right containers. Buy boxes in different sizes to cater to both small and large toys, like his Nerf gun.

Take advantage of vertical space.

Your kid probably has his favourite collection of toys or those ones that he plays with more often than others, such as his Nerf gun. Make this visible to him by installing shelves in his room. He can easily choose the toy he wants to play with without having to take out everything and create clutter. You can also do the same with his books to inspire him to read.

Teach your kid to keep his toys.

When your kid is old enough to understand simple instructions, start teaching him how to keep his toys after playing with them. You can let him put them away in a basket first, so it’s easier for you to sort and store them later. As he grows older, you can let him do the storing by reading the labels on the boxes. This is not only a good exercise for your kid to be more independent, but it is also a good way to teach him how to be responsible Mr Toys for his things.

Of course, you can’t forget about safety when storing your kid’s toys. Instead of piling boxes, store them under the bed or in low shelves. Put bigger toys, like his cheap Nerf gun, in under bed containers that he can easily pull out if he wants to play with them. And, smaller boxes should never be stacked on top of each other, since they can easily tip over and fall. Check out

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