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"[Completed] I am Cassandra, the princess of Filia, one girl among four brothers. I was born as a girl, raised as a girl but I am ready for the day I have to serve as a Knight. When Cassandra gets a chance to train in Academia for being a knight, No one is happier than her to fulfill her lifelong dream. Her life takes a tragic turn when she meets Prince Edward, who bullies her and abuses her to no extent. Keeping her identity hidden, she is the target of all and suffers due to being overweight. Will she be able to fulfill her Destiny or would she perish at the hands of the ruthless prince? The historical story is the first part of I am A GIRL series which would force you to think about the value of a woman, being a daughter, a friend, and a mother."

"Austin Brad, a university guy whose father was killed by his best friend found it difficult to accept and seeks revenge at all cost. His only dream was to kill Adrian Beckett, the guy who killed his father but will he succeed? This story is mainly about how the two arch enemy grew to become lovers and how they set aside their differences despite the impossibilities and life threatening phases."

"Sandra Lowry is renting out her property for a living. A lifetime investment she couldn't really afford. When her best friend/property agent told her they were bidding on a new prospect that could cover her next 5-year rent, she was excited. The client, a handsome actor with a tragic past who would be living in her compound for the next 6 months. With her own past tragedy, the two developed an instant friendship that was rare and found a connection beyond what they've ever had before. Unbeknownst to her that her past was on its way to catch up with her and prevent her from moving on."

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"Marco de Luca is the youngest son of a very powerful family in southern Italy, dedicated to the sale of flats and large luxury houses, or at least that is what they say they do exclusively... Incredibly successful and attractive, he seems to have everything. He is about to marry the beautiful Greek daughter of another influential family and to take over his father's business. But unexpectedly he must go to Barcelona to meet a distant cousin to resolve hidden family matters, which will lead to the birth of an intense passion and the opening of a dark past full of secrets that he never expected to discover."

Billie is a young she wolf who sticks to herself. As the betas daughter she trains hard daily but not enough to take over for her father one day so the position falls to her twin brother Blaine. At 19 she has yet to find her mate until one night a neighboring pack hosts the Annual Mate Matching. Every year a different pack hosts it. Every unmated wolf 16 and older must attend every year until they find their mate or reach the age of 30. Not really looking for a mate, Billie sneaks off into the beautiful garden only to come face to face with her mates. Will she accept them? Will they accept her?? Follow Billie through her adventures with her friends, family and dominant mates.

"“No i can never take you back i won’t be able to love you again.” “Then use me!” Jade is a shy, innocent girl who couldnt stand up for her self and for that reason she is been bullied in school A new student comes in one day in the middle of the bullying and saves her."

"A young woman named Dawn is a successful marketing consultant living in the city. Despite her professional success, she feels unfulfilled in her personal life. She's been so focused on her career that she's neglected to find love and start a family of her own. Dawn meets a handsome and charming man named Tyler, They both went on few dates and Dawn soon realizes that Tyler is unlike any other man she's ever met. He's kind, genuine, and makes her feel alive in a way she never thought possible. Dawn and Tyler’s relationship starts to heat up quickly, and they soon fall deeply in love. They're inseparable and share a love that neither of them has ever experienced before. However, their happiness is short-lived when Dawn discovers that Tyler is hiding a dark secret from her. He's actually member of a powerful werewolf park, and their relationship is forbidden. Dawn is torn between her love for Tyler and her fear of the unknown. She's never believed in the supernatural, but now she's being forced to confront it head-on. Tyler tries to protect Dawn from the dangers of his world, but she refuses to let him push her away. She's determined to stand by his side, no matter what."

"Trina Montenegros, the illegitimate child of her father and engaged with the son of the Dela Vegas group. She is a fashion designer, but she is accused of stealing someone else's design, so Darren Dela Vegas sends her to Paris to avoid any trouble. But what if your only husband on paper falls for you? Darren tries to chase after Trina because he doesn't want her to be far from him. But in an event, in an accident, he will forget you? After seven years, she comes back as a successful designer, and she will no longer allow her stepsister to look down on her. Little did you know, your husband, whom you thought was trying to forget you because of what happened, couldn't remember you. Is there still hope for him to love her again? Or will he remain a heartless and grumpy CEO? Will he still remember his wife, or will he still mistake her head over heels for him?"

Levi is a billionaire. Lavish lifestyle, huge mansion, fancy cars. He could have everything in the palm of his hand. Levi has it all, but a companion. He can't seem to keep genuine friends. His only true friend was his butler, George, but after he passed, Levi was engulfed in loneliness. So Levi hired an escort instead of going to therapy.