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"Pain, Sadness, loneliness. That's exactly what defined Avyanna Roosevelt's life. Every time she would change her pack, people would bully her for her unethical birth origins. She was weak, well at least for the world, who didn't know what she was. Her mother hated her, because, for her, she was a b*st*rd child, the result of a drunk one nightstand. Life was cruel to her, but she was a survivor, and the only thing she wanted was to complete her education and live among humans. However, all her plans came crashing when her grandmother died and she was asked to move into her mother's new husband's home, in the Enceladus pack, the strongest pack in the world. She had thought she would meet the coldest and cruelest alpha, worsening her life even more, but what she didn't expect was to meet an extremely caring and overprotective man, her stepbrother. She thought she would leave in peace after completing her education, until one day her brother came to her and spoke. ""In this world, you are mine to protect, mine to care for, and only mine to love. I won't think twice to rip out the heart that will try to beat for you,"" he growled before biting her neck."

"Vince Cornell is the Eldest son of Alpha Damien. The Alpha who has the 4th strongest and largest pack in the world. But being the alpha's son Vince never shifted. He is 23 years old now but his wolf hasn't come out. That's why Alpha Damien announced his second son, Andrew Cornell as Alpha. But that did not bother Vince. . He was heart-broken when his mate who claimed to his mate, Rachel since she was 18 years, rejected him for his younger brother, Andrew. And worse, Andrew selected Rachel as his chosen mate. Just when Vince thought it couldn't get any worse, he was forced to attend the Luna Ceremony, where his brother marked Rachel in front of the pack. . But he didn't know that this ceremony was just the beginning of his amazing future filled with lots of love."

Twin brothers.Different personalities. Completely identical. Except for a tattoo. One an ex-convict. The other a judge. Watch out for a thrilling drama as secrets and twists play out in this blockbuster story.You can read my interviewand oni, https://tinyurl.com/y62f98am

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Chapter 1

"Wisdom Weisz lost her house and ten-month-old daughter in a fire. On the same day, her husband was making love to her best friend and weeks after, she was also fired from her job. When she was left jobless, she spent her remaining money in a bar and met a billionaire. The man offered her a job called, “Wife for Hire”. She will be his wife without any emotional attachments with a great sum of money she'll receive weekly. She eventually accepts as she deemed this as an opportunity for revenge as the billionaire happened to be her ex-husband’s boss and her ex-best friend's employer. As a whirlpool of emotions stirred and a web of conflicts weaved, Wisdom will soon find out that this job was not easy as she thought as her heart begins to fall for the man who had employed her to be his hired wife."

Ellis Stewart was on the verge of becoming a Civil Rights lawyer when a strange woman abducted her. Deemed to be the Emperor's soulmate, she was forced into a marriage she didn't want. Logan Alcott was the Emperor of a dying race, his solar system torn apart by civil unrest. The moment he saw her, he knew they were fated. Can Ellis learn to love this strange man? Will she be able to uphold her ideals in the face of a society wrought with havoc? The enemies lurking in the darkness were coming for them and the only thing she could do was hope that her people remained safe.

"Ayla was an Omega. Like any other girl, she spent her entire life waiting for the moment when she shifts and her mate reveals himself to her. Her anticipation comes to an end when after her eighteenth birthday, she gets to know her mate is the Alpha of her pack. Celebration's all around. But in a cruel twist of fate, her pack gets attacked by the rival pack and unexpectedly, she realizes that the enemy Alpha is also her mate! For the sake of some spice in her boring life and also for the sake of their irresistible charm, she gives the two Alpha a 60-days countdown to win her heart. Who do you think will take her home as his Luna? And why does she has two mates? Join the journey of Ayla, the Omega where her fate brings out her wildest nightmares to life. ""Because the secrets are yet to unveil."""

"Arthur Luciano must find the whereabouts of the woman who had a one night stand with him. Even though it had been a year ago, Arthur didn't expect that the woman had sent black messages threatening to reveal he pack's secrets. * Meanwhile, Liana is an assistant head chef at a five-star restaurant who is affected by the wolf's bane, so she doesn't know Arthur. * Liana widened her hazel eyes when she saw Arthur asking for what he didn't have. ""I-I don't understand, Sir. I—"" ""Take off this woman's clothes! I know she has already given birth and pretend as if this dirty woman has something to threaten me with."""

"""I own you, Marisa,"" He whispered dangerously into her ears as he fondled with her breasts, causing her to let out a soft moan which she tried so hard not to let out. He smirked devilishly when he saw the effect he was having on her. His right hand found it's way under her gown, and she moaned loudly when he shifted her panties. ""Yes,"" He smirked darkly, ""Moan for me, Marisa, because I own every part of you, starting from your soft breasts, to your sexy thighs and your divine honeypot. I own everything, and nothing will ever take you away from me. Not even the devil himself."" ★★★★★★ Five years ago, Alejandro, a Mafia boss, and Marisa Russo, the strong-willed daughter of a rival Mafia family, were deeply in love. Their passionate connection led to an unforeseen consequence: Marisa's pregnancy. Unaware of her growing child and Alejandro's true identity, Marisa vanished from the dangerous Mafia world. A cruel twist of fate erased her memories in an accident, leaving her in a foreign place, estranged from her own past. Marisa embarked on a new life as a waitress and the mother of a son who strikingly resembled Alejandro. Her ties to the criminal world remained concealed, even from herself. Fate reunites Alejandro and Marisa, but they fail to recognize each other. Marisa's amnesia prevents her from recognizing him, while Alejandro cannot identify his long-lost lover due to her transformation. Marisa has a nightstand with him, and after that nightstand, Alejandro becomes obsessed with her. He yearns for Marisa more and more with each passing day and night. He makes a firm promise never to give up until his desires are satisfied. What will Alejandro's obsession with Marisa lead to? Will he be able to fulfill his dark desires?"

"Because committed a grave sin, Ji Eun have to reborn to be problematic Duke's Daughter and restore her reputation as the punishment! And who said being Duke's Daughter is easy?"