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Miles Clark has forgotten everything about his past. His dreams of a half-frozen woman guarded by a white wolf deep in a forest may be clue to reclaiming his memories, but each night she and her familiar appear more fragile and weak. He knows he must light the fire to save them both and to reclaim his memories.

Dominique Linkin accepted her billionaire director's proposal to be his wife for a month to save her mother's life. A fake marriage, a bunch of fake smiles for the camera, and fake stories about how they'd come to be, but are the feelings in the hearts of the falsely married couple fake as well? Or will the secret of their past lives destroy whatever they had for each other?

"Christine De Niro has always loved Steven Jones since their childhood but he tends to ignore her and act as if she doesn’t exist. She does everything to get noticed by him but fails to get his attention until she meets Tyler Rain, a rival of Steven in business and an enemy in personal. Tyler is intrigued by Christine and wants her for himself while Christine hates Tyler’s arrogance and pride but get close to him to get Steven’s attention. What happens when Christine falls for Tyler and Steven realizes his love for Christine. Who will she choose, the love she always wanted or the gift of love given to her."

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Chapter 1

"Topaz Salvador is a girl in her early twenties, who dreams of becoming a florist. Saved by the love of her life from her abusive uncle, Topaz thinks she's finally free and could finally achieve her dreams of someday running her flower shop, which by the way, she was working hard towards achieving. Her days were long and hectic as she had to take up two jobs to make her dreams come true and with the help of her boyfriend who always encouraged her. Things seemed to work out just fine for Topaz but her life starts to take a turn for the worst with her boyfriend's sudden change in behaviour. He gradually started to become what she ran away from. Her fairy tale seemed to be ripped away from her, and her world crumbled even harder. There are days when she was even scared of returning from work due to the nightmare that awaited her every day at home. The final straw for Topaz was the day she was almost beaten to death. She realised that no matter how hard she tried, she will never be able to save him from who he was. Adams Anderson a thirty-year-old was the rightful heir of the A&A group of Companies, a wine company he inherited from his father. He had everything he wanted. A girlfriend, a successful company and a lovely family. To him, life was great. His life starts getting complicated when his mother requests a grandchild from him. His then girlfriend who was a model didn't want her to break damaged or cut because she gave birth and had to begin working on her postpartum body. That was the greatest shock of his life as he tried convincing her in many ways but she wouldn't budge making him frustrated with her decisions his mother's constant want of children made him seek solace in alcohol but he later left that kind of life because it was detrimental and he could think properly. Not knowing what to do about making his mother's wish come true, Adams leaves town for a while to clear his mind where he rescues Topaz from being beaten to death by her then-boyfriend who had recently become a tyrant and a sadist. He rushes her to the hospital and he was reported to the cops as the Doctor mistook him to be Topaz's abusive boyfriend. Once everything cleared, the nurses informed Adams that the girl he had brought to the hospital was pregnant and that due to her condition, if not properly taken care of, she'll lose the baby. There, Adams finally finds the solution to his problem. When Topaz finally came out of the emergency room, Adams laid his proposal to her, which was to be his hired baby mama until when she gave body and then the baby would be his and she could be his contracts wife until when their contract got terminated, during which they had to act in love in front of his family and after that, she gets to walk away with one hundred million dollars and her child's education will be guaranteed until whatever stage he wanted to get to. To Topaz, there was no thinking. No doubts. This was finally the breakthrough she longed for and she wasn't about to let it pass her by. She was going to escape her past and her child would get the life and education she could never have. This contract seemed to be the perfect solution for both of their problem. The more they seem to act in love in front of Adams's family, the more unsure they feel about the contract. The chemistry between them was magical and unlike something they'd ever experienced. What they thought to be the perfect plan, goes down the drain when Adams's girlfriend comes back into the picture, resurfacing some feelings he still had for her, Topaz's ex-boyfriend tries to win her back, and Adams’s family finds out about their contract. Topaz's ex-boyfriend and Adams's girlfriend decide to team up and cook up a malicious plan on how to separate them. All Topaz ever wanted, was security and a stable future for her child, especially after everything she's been through. She never intended to fall in love with Adams, and she most certainly, never expected to feel hurt from loving him. On his part, Adams is stuck at a dead end and doesn't know what to do. He never intended to care so much about Topaz, and now, breaking her heart seemed to be inevitable. He was caught in between two women there is one whom he loves deeply no doubt and another whom he was unsure if it was simply just lust or not. He had to figure this out. Watch out!!!! _______"

Kelley Alexander gets kicked to the curb from his cushy, billionaire lifestyle at seventeen. Unlikely friendships are forged and a bond for life is created when he teams up with Mason James and Lee Munroe as he shifts from Private School to Public School with his once friends now as his enemies. Family secrets are unraveled and Kelley organizes his new family in a mafia style setting with them as the good guys. Arranged marriages, betrayal, secret pregnancies and rejection features in this novel with the good guys sometimes having to do bad things.The biggest threat usually comes from those we least expect it and Kelley's boundaries will know no bounds.

"The Hate to Love Series consists of three books: 1. You're Trouble 2. His Biggest Fan 3. He's My Heartbeat What are you waiting for? Read the book now! Status: COMPLETED"

"Adan Cheriton, a middle aged young billionaire and the owner of Cheriton Bordello and a sex addict, whose past led to his present falls in love with a young divorceé, Yamileth Weston. Their love lie gets entangled as one of the girls whom Adan had sex with in his past claims to be pregnant for him and threatens him to marry her. Yamileth is broken hearted as she can't stand seeing her husband's seed growing in another woman's womb. She is aware of the past life of her husband. He used to have sex every morning with his employees in his brothel room. They come to an agreement to give this girl a large sum of money that can take care of her and her unborn child for the rest of their lives but she refuses. Every woman didn't want his money alone but also his sex toy and body. Adan is great in bed and this lady can't lose out on him so she rejects the money, wanting to be his wife. Yamileth loses a baby to Adan before and has issues with conception again. Adan is stuck between accepting this woman because of her child but loves his wife and can't do that. What will Adan do? Will he leave his wife for another woman because he has a son with her or will he make her his second wife? Adan wakes up after a three months in the hospital only to fund out that he has a doppelganger taking his place on earth. What will Adan do when he finds out he has a doppelganger? What will happen to his marriage with Yamileth? Find out what happens next in this interesting novel full of erotic romance, suspense, betrayal, lies and deceit."

"Alena didn't believe she could marry her teacher in high school. The new teacher whom she idolized so much has now become her legal husband. With the age gap that is far apart, Zeyn tries to understand Alena's young nature and tries to maintain their marriage. Then what will happen next? ""You are now my wife, so I am free to touch you."" ""Uh, you flirtatious teacher!"""

"'I will give you no time to decide, Amore' Luciano said 'It's either you do it my way, or do it my way. Both ways, it's still my way'. Staring at the man she had stolen from, Amara regrets her actions. If only she had not been too picky, if only she had worked her and not want to make fast money, she won't have gotten into this mess. Now here she is, standing half naked as the man accessed her body. Accessed how useful she would be to his club even if she doesn't know how to strip. A faint gasp escaped her throat as Luciano stood up and walked toward her. She flinched as he brushed stray hair off her face then smirked. 'I see we are doing it my way after all' he muttered 'Someone will get you what to wear, make sure you are not late!'"