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"On the outside, everyone sees a perfect family. Gorgeous home. Loving parents with great jobs. Beautiful clothes. However, Deanna's life and family are anything but perfect. Luckily, she has found a smart and amazing man, who wants to marry her and give her the perfect family that she has always wished she had. There is just one last thing left to do before the big day, her bachelorette party. Her best friend insists that this is a once in a lifetime event which should be celebrated in its full glory. So, she plans a Vegas trip for the night, but will one too many drinks lead to something that can ruin Deanna's future plans? Will the old saying hold true? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?"

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! The moon Goddess' gift of matchmaking becomes a curse when Artemis discovers that her mate is the one who has sentenced her to death! King Xavier Vincenzo Steel, ruthless king of vampires who has sworn revenge over werewolves. But just as she intends to use every means possible to bring her mate to his knees, he wants the one thing in her hand. The lycan throne. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for them."

"Estela Bremmer is a young widow, and on her husband's first death anniversary, she met the handsome, wealthy writer Michael Jensen at his book launch. Estela hated him because he was the exact opposite of her deceased spouse. She didn't hide her disgust towards him at the party as she tried to humiliate him with insults and sarcasm. Her publisher friend listened in utter helplessness to her attacks. She was resentful that her pious, gentle, and loyal husband had to die at a very young age while a man like Michael should live a long life. Let alone that her husband's published poetry book sales paled compared to Michaels' best-selling books. Little did she know that Michael would take his sweet revenge that night in her bed."

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Chapter 1

"In a world where dreams and reality intertwine, Amelia, a young dreamer, crosses paths with Alex, a handsome and mysterious businessman. What she doesn't know is that Alex hides a secret that could change everything: he is a wolf, a supernatural being who has managed to conquer the world of business. As Amelia and Alex get to know each other, a special connection begins to emerge between them. The attraction is evident, but while Amelia falls head over heels in love, Alex grapples with an internal dilemma. How could he reveal his true nature to the woman he loves without scaring her or putting her in danger? The situation becomes even more complicated when an ancient enemy of the wolves threatens to reveal their existence to the human world. Alex finds himself torn between his loyalty to his lineage and his desire to protect Amelia from the consequences this could entail."

"Benjamin was a the only heir to a first tier wealthy family. At the mention of his name, people begin to tremble. He had an accident one day and became cripple. He was saved by a girl but she later disappeared. Benjamin tried to commit suicide but his wife reassured him. She convinced him to give her the power to rule over the company. His wife maltreated him, took everything away from him amd drove him out. Benjamin travel and treated his legs. He became the youngest billionaire in the country of America. He searched for the girl who saved him. Will his ex wife returned the properties to him. Will she let him go scot free. Find out"

"Jadie is the only daughter of the Beta family. The youngest of three, Jadie feels out of place in her home. When she decides to move across country to find herself, the last thing she expected to happen was for her to not only run into her mate, but to be rejected by him too. With a clouded vision of her future, the only way Jadie can be pulled out of her gloomy state is to befriend his best friend and Alpha, Lincoln. With Lincoln’s help, Jadie adventures to find her new version of normal and fulfill the true reason she moved to Michigan. Along the way, secrets of Lincoln’s are revealed that make her realize they are a lot closer than she ever thought."

"Natalie Adams is not just a typical wolf. She is strong, brave, and beautiful. She has lived in the shadows for many years. She is soon going to be 18 years old and is now a senior at the Blue Moon Academy. She has never had a boyfriend and only has one friend named Evie. However, Natalie didn't realize that not just one Alpha but two desire her. Her Alpha, Christian Allen from the Starry Night Pack, wants her even if she is not his fated mate. He is determined to make her his chosen mate. Alpha Ivan Carter is from the Midnight Pack. He has had feelings for Natalie since they both started the academy years ago. He is determined to get close to her as they both begin their senior year, but Christian is hell-bent on making it impossible for him. Despite all this drama, Natalie has a past that she is unaware of. Ivan has a suspicion that there is more to Natalie than meets the eye. Her pack and others will slowly realize that Natalie is a warrior. Not even her bullies can handle her. Can Alpha Ivan dominate this energetic, bold, sexy she wolf? Read and see."

Yun Muxi was a young scriptwriter in the 21st century who once time-traveled back into the olden days of China. There, she met and fell in love with the Emperor, Duanmu Gongyu. After a torturous heartbreak, the duo separated and never saw each other again. When Yun Muxi returned to the modern world, she ended up working with a rising actor, Gong Yu, who happened to be the same man she once loved with her whole heart. As soon as he set his eyes on her, the feelings of yesterday came back and he was determined to make her his again. As Gong Yu tried to woo Yun Muxi repeatedly, she realized that she found it hard to resist his charms. However, the duo was trapped in a series of events that made falling in love impossible. The modern-day Yun Muxi now has a daughter while the father of the child remained unknown. Gong Yu, on the other hand, had developed a history of heart attack. On top of that, their story unraveled with shocking truths at every turn. The star-crossed lovers were faced with steep challenges that constituted the endless list and many sacrifices had to be made. Would they eventually be given the chance to love freely?

"""There is no escape for you. I have waited a long time for you,mate. I will not let you go this time."" I gasped and placed my palm over my heart, doubling over. I felt it. Strong and unbreakable, a cord that connected our bodies, minds and souls to each other's. It reached out, connecting me to him, over time, over space, over realms. I felt his power fuse with mine and cuddle around my ice, making me warm. Fire to my ice. Ice to his fire. I didn't need to see him to know it was him. My dragon growled again with mixed emotions coursing through her. I joined in with a snarl and lifted my head, anger of a woman and beast merging into something cataclysmic. I thrummed my fingers in the air and I raised my head. Our eyes met and I resisted the urge to double over at the sensation in my chest. With Fae vision, he looked even more gorgeous than any being should be. So sensual. So dark. So powerful. My mate. I searched his turquoise depths for answers, hoping I was wrong, but they said it all. He was my mate. And he'd hurt me. I'll kill him."