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"A female who knows nothing about her true nature. A ruthless, feared, and wounded tribrid Alpha male. Jasmine lives a life any poor normal human would, up until she meets Noah, the Tribrid Alpha who at the first meeting turns her entire life around. He holds her captive with all means at his disposal, his power, dominance, and erotic appeal. He steals her from her planned-out life and she is a willing captive entranced by his ability to make her inhibitions disappear. With his unwavering support, she faces horrifying, appealing, and vicious situations whilst meeting friendly, and powerful people. She finds her inner essence, births her hidden god form, and becomes the key to the unsealing of an entire world. But with great power comes great responsibility, will she be able to overcome the ever-rising conflict, battle her mate's past, and live up to the potential of being the Luna she was predestined to be?"

"Beta Drax was killed alongside his childhood best friends over a thousand years ago. He was awakened as one of the Supreme Beings to help rule alongside King Aidan and Gamma Ty. He was forced to reject his first mate because it was a forbidden love and then he was assassinated in a coup not knowing his second chance mate was pregnant with his twin boys. He returned to find his second chance mate was mated and married to the mate he rejected years ago. They raised his boys while having kids of their own. He never expected to be still bonded with both mates. What happens in this triad when obstacles try to push them apart? What happens when old enemies lurk on the outside trying to destroy their bond from within? Will their love for each other hold true?"

"Su An sufrió maltrato doméstico en su última vida y, cuando llamó a la policía, el tío policía le dijo que era un asunto familiar y que no estaba en sus manos. Cuando huyó a casa de su madre en busca de ayuda, su abuela le dijo: ""Si educas bien a los niños, cocinas bien, sirves bien a los ancianos y entregas tu salario mensual, ¿puede seguir pegándote? ¿Quién no tiene una familia tan encima?"". La madrastra dijo: ""Pegar es amor, regañar es amor, cómo no va a pegar a otros, porque te quiere ah, vuelve con él"". La tía dijo: ""Su An, no te pases, las mujeres na, la naturaleza debe ser suave, aprende a tolerar"". El hermanastro dijo: ""No te mires, al cuñado no le caes mal, es bueno"". Mi padre dijo: ""No puedes vivir bien solo, pero tienes que hacer un lío con la familia de tu madre, ¿no entiendes la verdad de que todas las cosas prosperan cuando la familia está en armonía?"" Después de volver del renacimiento, Su An comprendió que la violencia doméstica original es un asunto de familia... Así que se convirtió en una psicótica ➕maníaca violenta, cuando golpeó tres veces a su marido hasta llevarlo al hospital, empuñó un machete doble y persiguió a su suegra durante dos manzanas, ¡y las tres muñecas demoníacas, que recibían palizas todos los días, gritaban! Los suegros empezaron a suplicar el divorcio. ¿Divorcio? El divorcio es imposible. ¡Es contra la ley golpear a la gente después del divorcio! Zuo Zu Ying se encontró vestido con un texto de época para hacer carne de cañón, hijo ilegítimo de su padre fuera es el macho principal, que va a morir en sus manos, por lo que tiene la intención de golpear primero, pero el macho principal tiene un refugio celestial, fue atropellado por un coche en el roce de un poco de piel, arrojado al río puede ser lavado en tierra, apretó los dientes al otro lado del cemento vertido en la columna, no esperaba un trueno abajo ...... Su An frotó en secreto, no puede ser golpeado para arrastrarlo a la muerte, le enviará una madre de Dios, le enviará un padre cerebro de amor, y luego le enviará una p*t* de té verde, no es suficiente?"

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Chapter 1

Although the Supreme returns in order to pass his days peacefully, he was belittled by everyone. On his wedding day, with a wave of his arm, he summoned the Nine Great Gods of War to him, who addressed him as their master…

"Out of all the men, my mother preferred my boyfriend's father. Is fate trying to trick me? After years of suffering from pain and loneliness, she at last found love and happiness. I wasn't going to act egoistically; while I do love Earnest, I prioritize my mother's happiness. I left the country in order to put my feelings aside and move on, believing that my relationship with Earnest was over until our paths crossed and our love was rekindled."

"Beatrix Sanchez, a girl who has a positive vibes even though her parents didn't treat her well—she is still positive in life and when she was ready to give up, she met the man who's name is Giovanni Castillo who save her and gives her reason to continue living but the heart of the man she loves was already belong to others. She did everything and endured everything because she loved him until they got married, but still, he still loves the other person until he gives the thing that proof their wedding and the thing will end their wedding. He left her, broken. Everything changed when he left her. What if he realizes that he loves her then turns back to the country and finds out what happened to his ex-wife. Is he willing to save her or will felt disgusted over?"

Rae Silverstein is a private investigator who works on many cases in the past even until now. She's the Sherlock Holmes of the 22nd Century. After two years of absence, the serial killer made its move and kills the nightless city of Theister City. The famous serial killer with the codename "Cannibal". It is the same killer who killed her mother and left her alone with his father who works as a lawyer. It's up to Detective Rae and her partner in crime Jae Min to solve the perfect murder of the 'Cannibal' as she accidentally delves herself in an unexpected romance she won't even anticipate.Update: 2 chapters per week

"After spending the night with the Greatest Alpha and losing her virginity to him, Celine didn't expect to be in an arranged mate bond with him. The worst was, he hated her and loved another woman... **** ""I, Alpha Tyrion Macklin, in the presence of all Alpha council take Celine, as my fated mate. I vow to cherish her and..."" He paused and looked at me with disgust. ""I can't do this. I can't mate with a maid..."" Celine is a low ranking wolf who was found in the woods by her now father when she was a baby. She was abused and lost hope for future yet always wanted to have a child of her own. To give it the world, love and home she never got. Alpha Tyrion Macklin is one of the most powerful alphas in the world, aspiring to become the Alpha King. He has a fiancée, the daughter of Great Alpha Jonathan, who gives him control over two packs. Their fates collide when the Alphas accuse Tyrion of mating with Celine during the annual meeting of alphas. Under the pressure of the Alpha Alliance, Tyrion marks Celine and takes her back to his pack. Will he accept her as his true mate? And can she overcome his hatred and indifference?"

"Hera had lost everything from her pack to her dignity, virtually everything she owned except her little brother Mark. The alpha of the Bluemoon Pack had spared their lives after killing everybody else. To gain their freedom, The alpha has a task for Hera. Bluemoon is planning to overthrow the most substantial pack in the world, The Silvercrest park, and he wants Hera to go undercover to find out everything about them. The task seems very easy until Hera finds out she’s mated to the Alpha of Silvercrest Pack after the Alpha of Bluemoon rejected her!"