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Replacement marriage

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"He stole her first kiss on their first encounter, and she accused him of being perverted and arrogant. Her straightforward personality hooked his interest despite the danger ahead. He announced a surrogacy competition to draw her towards him. She left no option but to join the competition only to find out he’s the same person she gave a great lesson he’d never forget. Trapped to the trick played by this ruthless billionaire, she played along with his game and became his wife. His dark secrets gradually unfold, destroying and drowning them into the deep abyss. He suddenly disappeared from her life, but another stranger came in. She could feel his warmth, and they kissed. Warm tears began to roll down from her eyes, soaking the white cloth over them. When he felt her heat tears, he panicked instantly. He did not know why, but he did not want to see her cry. “Darling, don’t cry...” He let go of her, his fingers gently touching her hair. “I won’t touch you, I won’t touch you anymore, okay?” She cried more violently, and she said in a choked voice, “Don’t talk!” “... Why?” He was a bit stunned. Gently biting her lip, she could not help saying, “When, when you talk, you sound like him very much...” He’s so gentle and dotes on her. When he spoke, she even felt that it was not another person, but her husband Joshua stood next to her. Even the way he kissed her was so similar... It was not until this moment that Hazel realized how much she missed Joshua. She was not afraid of waiting. Even if she had to wait for a long time, she would cherish it."

"""All five books (and one short story) of R.W. Clinger’s best-selling contemporary western Stockton County Cowboys series combined into one box set for the first time! Contains the stories: Book 1: Chasing Cowboys: After one date during a business conference, sparks fly between Cord Darringer and Bradley Hull. When Cord returns home to Stockton County, Bradley chases after him. Is it meant to be? Or will the miles that separate them keep them apart? Book 2: Riding Cowboys: Cal Hoke has a secret: he’s in love with ranch owner, Pax Raulton. Straight and sexy Pax is a handsome businessman at Riding Ranch. When he suffers a head injury caused by one of his prized horses, he spends days in recovery due to amnesia. Under Cal’s care, Pax is provided with the help he needs to heal. Cal learns Pax has a secret of his own, a secret that will change the two forever. Book 3: Roping Cowboys: Dixon Pierce has fallen head over heels in love with Gray McKeever at Glock Ranch in Stockton County. The two plan to get married, but Gray is torn. He loves Dixon, but running into his ex Toby again reignited the flame he once held. Will he be able to choose one cowboy over the other before Dixon and Toby come to blows over him? Book 4: Branding Cowboys: Which cowboy murdered Evan Sting? This is what Joe Boxford is hired to find out. When Joe enlists the services of Tal Linear, sparks fly between the two. Romance heats up as they attempt to solve the branding crime. Then Tal vanishes, and Joe thinks his buddy is the killer's next victim. Can Joe solve the case and save his lover at the same time? Book 5: Saddling Cowboys: Sparks fly when entrepreneur Chip Cutter enters Dan Fargo’s saddle store. When Fargo is implicated in a couple of fires downtown, his abusive ex returns, determined to protect Fargo. Eventually the arsonist is caught, but Brent remains at large. Can Fargo and Chip put aside their problems, saddle up, and ride off into life’s wide blue yonder together? Taming Brooks: New ranch hand Randy Marke falls for sexy ranch owner, Dallas Brooks. Summer heat and a bath in the nearby creek draws the two cowboys together and their relationship turns intimate. Then Randy decides to tame Brooks the old-fashioned cowboy way, with relentless sex. Can love between the two last longer than a summer, though?"""

In the glamorous realm of New York's elite, where passion simmers beneath the surface and secrets hold the key to one's heart, two souls collide in an unexpected union. When a vulnerable woman from the wrong side of the tracks is thrust into a billionaire playboy's world, their lives intertwine through a contract marriage, secrets, betrayal, and a love that could either break them or make them stronger. Brace yourself for a tumultuous journey through desire, heartbreak, and the revelation of hidden truths that threaten to shatter their fragile bond.

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"This is the story of Millicent Walker, a mysterious orphan who arrives in the small coastal town of Crimson, mute, nameless, and with no memory of her life before. Hired out by the orphanage to pay for her room and board, her strange appearance and mannerisms lead her to be seen as a freak. To many, she was seen as having less value than the rags she used to clean the floors. When a blight comes to Crimson, the dragon demands a virgin ""of marriageable age"" as a sacrifice in exchange for his assistance. Seen as strange, even cursed, Millicent was an easy choice for the sacrifice. Loved and wanted by no one, there was nobody to fight for her when they chained her to the cart and left her at the base of the hill to be defiled or devoured. Little did they know, her sacrifice would be their biggest mistake."

Charlotte Riley never thought that one day she would spend many nights in a cold cell surrounded by gnawing beasts that were after her life. She also never dreamed that she would be paired with a young Alpha Mason Helm who was quite the player. To top it all it was her first time seeing a paranormal being, since all her life she had just been a normal human. It didn't get any better as Mason treated her with no respect or compassion for he never wanted a mate who would bring his pack down. All her life she had been all alone, not knowing who her real parents were or why they had abandoned her. Her life was bleak with no shoulder to lean on. Could she ever understand how it felt to be cherished? Or will she keep suffering and remain in the dark?

"""My father always told me that if you want something to be done right, you should do it yourself"" Avery Nightshade, soon to be Luna cannot communicate with her wolf anymore. She cannot even change to her wolf form ever since the attack that made her lose her mother and brother. She wants revenge and she plans on getting it. ""Why be part of a pack if you don't like it"" Ryan, a rouge lycan is mated to a Luna and not just any Luna, one from a pack he has an history with. Dragged into an adventure he didn't want, he has to prevent Avery from learning the truth and help her get her wolf back. ""You're coming with me and you're going to help me"""

"He is arrogant.He is powerful.People around me call him Alpha. And he has a secret. ---------- Broken and betrayed, Ella Merlyn Scott moved to a small town with her mother to forget her past and move on. She transferred to the town's university, wherein she met him. Blaze Matthew Reese, a soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack an arrogant, conceited jerkface whom Ella hate. But everything changed when she discovered his secret."

"Evelyn looks like a simple gentle girl that will do anything her father asks her to do, but she cannot be any more different. She is on a quest to get revenge for her mother and to get back her mother's company from her cheating father and greedy stepn mother. As she starts her quest, she sees the need for a strong backing that is when she meets Michael, a rumoured ill tempered and ugly man. She becomes his substitute bride in place of his sister, but the man is never going to let her go. ""I am never going to divorce you. You are stuck with me"". How can she escape from this equally mysterious man and how are they going to work together."

"Xavier Gray, the youngest president of USK state and a billionaire CEO coming from the most powerful, ruling family in the whole country.The founder of Eden International Limited, an international company who has been ruling over all the companies for the last decade in the state.A 29 years old, the most wanted, attractive and alluring bachelor that the nation girls are dying to be in his arms. Despite being domineering, cold and ruthless, he has another split personality that is asexual. A rare psychological trauma of not having sexual desires for any person. Thus he always keeps his safe distance from women.But what will happen to all his restrictions when his life will encounter a multi-talented, undeniable beauty, smart and creepy characteristic, 22 years old, Iris Young who enters in his life only for the purpose of seducing the dominant president?Will the bridge burn finally? Or a planned mission will turn into an unplanned Love?"