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"After losing her mother to royal games and securing her revenge, Alba Crane leaves Ketria after her eighteenth birthday, carrying two dangerous secrets. Eight years pass, and a coincidental meeting with her stepbrother, the new Lycan king, has her back where she lost everything, chained and bound for his revenge as he unravels all her hidden secrets. Marko Ivanov desires to be the greatest ruler of Ketria. He would do anything for his dream to come to fruition; right the wrongs of his father, marry the perfect queen that would strengthen his Kingdom, and live a repressive scandal-free life. However, all his efforts shatter at the realisation that the person he hated most in the world, his irresponsible 'runaway' stepsister, is his mate. Blinded by his desire for revenge for the havoc she wreaked before her departure, Marko keeps Alba bound to Ketria using everything he can, including their mate bond. When using the lust between them as revenge spirals beyond their control, blurring the lines between love and hate, their inevitability dawns. Will the two enemies in heat reconcile their differences to find a way for the existence of their scandalous happy-ever-after, or will they settle for dragging each other to ruin at the cost of everything? ** ""Which part of him aroused you? Or was it that you played naughty games under the table?” ""Is that something you should ask your sister?” ""Step.” The Lycan King growls in correction."

"Ezekiel Richard Wright is not only charismatic, handsome, clever, and a world-class architect, but his characteristics and achievements make him more alluring. The CEO, who suffers from sleeplessness, is arrogant, cold, and distant. Chen Xiu Ying, also known as Bella Chen, is a mixed-race woman with an American mother and a Chinese father. Her family is one of China's wealthiest, owning four mansions in Peking and three in Shanghai. She is the daughter of the CEO of Chen Entertainment. She is also the brilliant, stubborn, and acrophobic president of La Bella Fashion Threads Co. What if the worlds of these two CEOs collided as a result of their parents' arrangement? Can they figure out what's behind their phobias and cure each other, or will they trigger each other's fears and end their marriage?"

As the palace was being attacked, Kaya only two days old was being secretly whisked away by her Nanny and her guard. Her parents, Queen Hannah and King Alexander were both Primordials. Their blood came from the first of their kind. Hannah was a primordial were and the King was a primordial Vampire making Kaya the only Primordial Vamp were known to exist. Kaya's safety was of most importance for both the werewolves and the vampires along with all of the other Supernaturals within their kingdom. So as Kaya was being taken to be hidden in Greece with her uncle, Kaya's parents were being Murdered by Kaya's cousin Elana. Now seventeen years later Kaya must face her cousin Elana in a fight to regain her throne as it was meant to be before her blood thirsty crazy cousin along with a powerful dark witch kill everyone within the kingdom to try to fulfill their thirst for blood.

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Chapter 1

Billionaires who just want to live the Blue Collar life and meet their perfect match… Can they allow their hearts to be soften and find love - or will danger get in the way?

Elian, an immortal lycanthrope isolated from the world by the pain of losing his wife, goes into exile despite being the alpha of the pack. After years of loneliness he is forced to leave his self-exile on an island in Greece as a result of a series of murders not only of humans but also lycanthropes, for this reason he must travel to northwestern Mexico where without intending to meet his new Alpha, only there is a problem, she is mortal with serious problems of self-esteem and self-esteem and from the first day they meet she rejects him, now Elian has three problems; solve the murders, control his impulses and conquer his Alpha before it's too late and she commits a madness.

"A wolf howls. The forest stills… for a moment. Then, all wildlife burst into motion. Every living thing, from the smallest lizards and toads to the great brown bears and powerful mountain lions, flee. Spiders scurry to the top of their webs. Birds take flight. Squirrels leap from branch to branch. Wide-eyed deer and elk jump over brush and fallen logs. A lone wolf pauses, but tucks his tail and turns to join the escape. The wind whips through the forest, causing leaves to fall and tall pines to groan. Thundering hooves and paws make the forest floor shake. Finally, the forest stills. The wind gusts slow to a gentle and warm breeze. The wildlife seem calm once more and return to their foraging, napping, or grazing. The wolf howls again. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Amerie moved to a small town in Montana for a fresh start and to follow her dreams. Things are starting to look up and feel right again. Then, the town seems to turn upside down when someone goes missing in the forest. Some locals fear the legend of the Wolf Man may be real and claim the beast is to blame, claiming it wants revenge for mistreatment of the forest. Amerie rolls her eyes and joins the search parties, but an unfortunate fall leads her to discover more than she signed up for as she comes face to face with a large, white wolf. The secrets of the forest have been waiting to reveal themselves to her."

"Kira, I can hear myself again!!' She squealed happily. All the pain she felt from the beatings the rogue gave her didn't matter anymore. She finally got her voice back. ' Your voice is back!' Kira said almost immediately. ' Now we can finally talk to our mate' She squealed happily too. All the excitement Haven had felt a moment again dissipated into thin air. ' Mate?' Her eyes immediately flew to the man holding her. She had completely forgotten she was in the arms of this .. This ' Man'. Haven looked at him in disgust. His hands were still hovering in the air as he looked at her, a blank expression on his face. "" What do you think you're trying to do?!"" Haven could feel the rage locked up within her for all these days started to surface. Just looking at his face made Haven want to kill him over and over again. What sort of a sick joke was Selene playing with her? How can the one person she hated turn out to be her fated mate?"

As the daughter of the infamous Alpha of the Nightshade pack, Lydia's life is turned upside down when her father is brought down for his crimes. When she meets Alexios, the victor who ended her father's tyranny and her fated mate, she finds herself in a fight for survival. Despite claiming to hate her and promising to never mark her, Alexios, a lycan, can't seem to let her go. Can love conquer hate in this battle of fate as they struggle to resist their bond as fated mates?

"Alana se encuentra lidiando con las consecuencias de su tumultuosa crianza y el impacto que tiene en su futuro. Nacida en una familia disfuncional, Alana se enfrenta a una serie de desafíos que conforman su desarrollo personal y dejan una marca duradera en su vida. Un romance desafortunado conduce a Alana a convertirse en una madre adolescente, solo para perder trágicamente a su hijo y enfrentándola a una enfermedad autoinmune. Este acontecimiento trágico aqueja a Alana con la mente desprovista y la falta de confianza en su propia existencia. Al sanar y enterarse de que su madre está a punto de perder la casa donde vive, Alana decide alquilar su útero a una pareja desconocida, con la esperanza de que le brinden el dinero necesario para recuperar la propiedad. Ezekiel Leblanc, un músico talentoso y reconocido de carácter perfeccionista, pierde a su joven esposa en manos de la muerte, hundiéndolo en la depresión. A los pocos años, decide alquilar un vientre para tener un embarazo subrogado con los óvulos congelados de su esposa muerta. La vida le cambiará a Ezekiel cuando conoce a Alana, cuya conexión y atracción provocarán contra todo pronóstico que se enamore de ella. Una historia que cuenta cómo el amor es el mejor camino para curar las heridas."