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""" Teach me how to be yours, professor. 'Cause no matter how wrong this is, I still want you."" *** It was supposed to be just one night. One night of pleasure. To forget the pain and the heartbreak from her ex. Lauren Gray, an undercover agent, finds herself in bed in the arms of a gorgeous and breathtaking stranger. And he was out of her bed before she even woke up. But there was something about his blue eyes, his touch, and his blond hair that she can't get out of her head no matter how hard she tried. Six months later, Lauren is assigned to protect the Senator's son, Chase Newton, who's in college and to go undercover as his physics professor. But what happens when Chase Newton turns out to be the man from her one night stand six months ago? And to complicate matters, Chase is just getting started with her. He still wanted her even though she's four years older than him. And it's over when he says so."

Everest Wyntor is fated to meet her mate the moment she turns 18. However, her mate is none other than the blood thirsty Alpha Finn from Onyx Moon. As their two destiny's intertwine, Everest is thrown into the middle of an ancient war involving a dark prophecy. Will Finn be able to change his violent ways and love her the way she deserves? Or will Everest fall into darkness and doom the wolves to a deadly fate?

"WARNING: MATURE CONTENT || R18 ""You can run, but you can never hide."" Cuhen Malcogn. He is ruthless. Someone who looks at him with a bleak expression may become unnerved. You're dead if you make a mistake. That is how Cuhen Malcogn rules the world. Because of his personality, he is not the typical man that most women would like. Some people compare him to an eagle. He abuses and tramples on the helpless creatures below. But everything changed when he met Ella and cursed him to death."

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Chapter 1

"Book 2 of the Viraai Series. In the world today, if you ask someone what a Werewolf is, they would tell you that we are untamed beasts of the night, slaves to the Moon, able to change into a Wolf and then back to human again. Most of this is true. Yes, we are able to 'shift' between human and Wolf, but we choose to stay in our human forms, because that is the part of us that wants to be civilized, be a part of this fast-changing world, blend in with the people around us who aren't like us. We aren't beasts either, and we are most definitely not slaves to the Moon. The Moon gives our power and strength and we are grateful for the power it supplies us. In Werewolf hierarchy there are three main ranks, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The Alpha is the highest and most important rank. I'm an Alpha. But I'm not exactly the Alpha stereotype. People think I'm weak, broken, fragile... And I hate it. I don't want to be labeled as 'The Weak Alpha' anymore. I want to be stronger, faster, smarter. Be basically what an Alpha is supposed to be. I'll have to train not only my Pack but myself as well to rise us up from the dark ashes my Parents left behind when they passed. I want to crush the cliché and prove everyone wrong by showing them that I can be more than what my parents were. It's going to be hard, but I'm ready. Name you ask? Allison Savauge. Alpha Allison Savauge. Yes, I am a Female Alpha, does that come as a surprise? Well tough luck honey."

"Megan White, who was nineteen years old, lived alone and moved a lot out of concern that her tormentors would track her out and find her. She is the Alpha's daughter from the Phobos pack, where her father and the rest of the pack hate her just for being there. He became vicious and started abusing drugs and alcohol. At age 5, he began abusing her since she was too young to understand what was occurring or why. He was out of money and his pack was disintegrating. So, when she was 15, her father sold her to a group of rogues. She has never experienced love or compassion, making her distrustful. The Mountain Ridge pack's 21-year-old Alpha is named Jason Lars. From a young age, he learned how to respect and behave decently with women. Because of his power and capacity to guide and protect his pack. Since his first shift at age 16, he has been waiting for his mate, but she has never appeared. Will Megan turn out to be Jason's mate and also get rescued by Jason? Will Jason be able to win her trust?"

"We all hear about ""the girl next door"", or the girl tamed the bad boy. But, what happens when the bad boy meets his match? Bad girl by nature, independent by force. Sienna learns the hard way, to never trust anyone but yourself to look out for you. Possessive by nature, bad boy by reputation. Zander is renowned for his possessive attitude and dominant way of life. In a world without packs, A world rising from ruin, a moon goddess with a paw to grind and a bone to pick, and 2 hot headed polar opposites. Recipe for disaster. But throw in the fact the only way to bring packs back and have the chaos return to some sort of civility is that of the shifter games? Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it? Shifter games are not for the faint of heart, and definantly only for those who believe they can lead their kind to prosperity. But with leadership comes bumps in the road and alliances with those you never thought you would ever turn to. It also comes with great responsibility. Are they cut out for it? Do they have what it takes to make it out on top of one the most gruesome and ruthless tests the goddess herself has created, in order to test their kind to the best of their abilities to rightfully obtain leadership through sheer grit, cunning and strength? Join sienna and zander on their journey to find out. Let the shifter games begin!"

"My excitement still growing, I moan from his adventurous tongue and his finger which, from behind, comes to tickle the entrance to my vagina. I start to move, to want to take control of the situation. He then suddenly gets up, turns me against the kitchen table, presses on my back to make me lean forward and holds me there with a firm hand. I realize that my pelvis is tilted on the table and that from where it is, he has a perfect view of my behind. I am in a hurry to know how the next events will unfold, he moves forward and with his delicate hands caresses my pussy, nibbling my ear with sweet words, he tells me that he is crazy about my pussy, crazy about my mouth, crazy about my hips, crazy about my tits, and my ass that he is ready to f**k every day of his life...."

"Second book in My Archangel Soulmate series ** Strong arms wrapped around my much smaller frame, comfortable warmth engulfing my tingling body, followed by the softest, sweetest touch of his lips against mine, moving in a slow, gentle kiss. My eyelids fluttered closed on their own accord, pressing myself even closer, my hand finding its way around his neck, burying my fingers in his short soft hair while the small sparks of bright light still danced in between us, mixing with each other. It felt so magical, so utterly ethereal, the way his entire being felt so close to mine, tiny pieces of himself tangling with mine, like small silvery strings those tiny pieces drawing us together, creating a supernatural bond."

"After an incidental night with her boss, Nathalie Harper finds herself pregnant with her boss's child. As a breadwinner with two younger brothers, she never expected something to impede her life. But good fate is on her side. Her boss, Elijah Ford Verlice, decides to marry her. Little did she know that Elijah is an Alpha, a werewolf, the animal whom she is utterly afraid of. As soon as she discovers that, she chooses to hide her baby from Elijah and live in peace. But will Nathalie and her child ever live in peace?"