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"Emma Williams era una competente gerente de marketing en la empresa de tecnología Parker Technology, hasta el día en que fue despedida injustamente por su jefe. Furiosa, desahogó sus frustraciones con un desconocido en el ascensor, cuestionando si el CEO de la empresa, Robert Parker, tenía alguna idea de cómo funcionaba realmente la compañía. Lo que Emma no sabía era que el hombre misterioso era nada menos que el propio Robert Parker, quien aceptó el desafío implícito que ella lanzó. Determinado a demostrar su capacidad como CEO ante Emma, Robert ordenó su reincorporación a su puesto. Sin embargo, sus planes salieron mal cuando Emma rechazó la oferta. Había tomado la decisión de abrir su propia empresa de consultoría y, con gran éxito, decidió que era hora de contratar un asistente. Cuando Robert vio el anuncio, vio una oportunidad para acabar con la empresa de Emma y traerla de vuelta. Mientras Emma enseñaba a ""Bobby, el asistente"", los entresijos de su trabajo y revelaba su excepcional talento, una atracción inesperada comenzó a surgir entre ellos. Sin embargo, ¿era una buena idea mezclar negocios con placer? Y cuando Emma descubriera quién era él, ¿sería capaz de perdonarlo? Emma y Robert tendrán que decidir si pueden superar las barreras que separan el amor y los negocios."

"Just then, he pulled her closer to him and placed his hands softly on her waist. Belle’s heart was racing faster than it had ever done before. She couldn’t believe what was happening. He was taller than her and she loves a man who was taller than her. Ronnie’s brain reeled from sensory overload. Belle’s honeysuckle scent,her red velvet lips, shoved him to the brink. It had been a long time. He couldn’t remember ever wanting a woman the way he wanted her. He leaned forward, looking into her eyes, he whispered in her ear with a soft voice; “Can i kiss you?” Belle was almost trembling but not because she was afraid. It was because she had waited for this moment and it was finally happening. She stared right back into his eyes and nodded in consent. Ronnie smiled at her softly. She could tell he was pleased by her approval. He pulled her closer again. This time, so his body was brushing against hers. Her boobs were touching his broad and chiseled chest. He could see her black bra through the dress she wore which showed off her cleavage. It drove him wild seeing them. She felt him nudging at her lower thighs. He felt really big she thought. He breathed deeply as he ran his hands through her hair and face. He softly held her chin up closer to his face so his lips could touch her soft moisturized lips and then he kissed her. Her lips felt so soft he couldn’t stop kissing them. She wondered if she had finally found the perfect guy to prove to her friends she’s a real lover girl and not a nonchalant girl who hates or doesn’t really care about love."

For nearly four years Ella Stanford has been working as a secretary to Javier Summers, and for most of that time, she has been fighting her own feelings for him. Javier was undeniably sexy but she knew she should never fall for a ruthless playboy. He has never paid heed to her, so this has not been a problem but a struggle on her own. Until one day, at his fancy birthday party, she came in a strikingly gorgeous red dress and with an additional accessory at hand: another man. A business trip to Sicily, Italy with Jave brought them closer together. He even pretended to be her fiancé in order to shoo away Ella’s unwanted suitor. Soon, this friendship led to an intense, passionate affair. But when their passion led to an unplanned pregnancy, would the wild CEO succumb to marriage? Contains sexual scenes and usage of profanity.

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Chapter 1

"I was treated like a Omega servant by my ""family"", and forced to serve drinks at my step-sister’s 18th birthday. She told everyone I was pregnant with a ""mutt"" even if I begged her not to tell anyone. Just when all the guests gasped at the shocking news, the most famous Alpha prince took off his blazer and covered me with it. “Enough. The baby is mine.”"

Skylar Lindse finds herself contending with more than was in the job description when she accepted the temp position at Banscroft Empires after it's CEO, James Banscroft himself, offers her an exceptional bonus on top of her temp wage to stand in as his girlfriend to get his family off his back. Fending off his mother's setups at every turn, James hopes bringing Skylar in will put a more long-term stop to the awful blind dates, but he finds himself unprepared for how permanent he'd like this temp to be.

"“You are mine! Mine alone” He Kissed her neck, pulling her closer to her and a soft moan escaped her lips. “No. This is wrong. Can’t be yours. Kaleb will never…” She couldn’t finish her sentence and he crushed his lips against hers. “Please stop,” she implored him to stop, even though she said that to him. Her body craved his touch, the warmth it brought to her. She wanted to feel his muscular hands on her. “You are mine, Allie!” He whispered, pushing himself against her. They knew it was wrong, but it felt right. She was engaged to another, and he was her pack’s enemy, but fate brought them together."

"It had never always been this way. In fact, it had always been smooth and rosy, but everything changed when a mysterious stranger appeared. Daniel Jones agrees to go clubbing with his lousy roommate on a Friday night. To him, this is his first and last time in a club. However, the unexpected happens and he gets stuck with clubbing: he meets someone at the club who changes his life forever; someone who exposes him to raw emotions he never knew existed — Emotions such as pain, hatred, jealousy, and above all, LOVE in its full intensity. The cool-headed, nerdy, and bookworm Daniel becomes a hot-tempered and violent man who would do anything to protect the woman he met in just one night."

"THE DRAGON'S ENCHANTED......Book one of the REBIRTH OF THE DESCENDANTS (Series) Two powerful and magical beings returned to the world centuries after magic was completely lost from the face of the world, no elves, no dwarfs, no fairies, no faes, and no dragons. And oh! No memories of their past lives. Princess Avyanna and king Drazhan, were vessels of a prophecy that would either destroy humanity or recreate what was lost yet they were so unaware of what they were or who they were. They both got married to each other for the sake of their kingdoms and their fathers. And built a relationship along the way or rather ignited the relationship that had been lost centuries ago. But with their resurrected and undying love, came a prophecy that would make them fugitives in their kingdoms. With their undying love, came powers that were lost ages ago, with their undying love came the dragon of ages and also the darkness, the angry beast hovering in the shadows and the heart of queen Avyanna. Ready to bend her to his will, and use her to ensure his wrath on mankind. When everyone realized the powers they had, they were called cursed and evil and sentenced to death. But the two lovers were not willing to die in the name of a prophecy they didn't understand. A king and a queen are reduced to nothing and yet refuse to die and give in to Nyssa. They would run, they would fight, they would kill just to remain together and remain alive while battling the evil growing in the heart of Avyanna."

"Nathalia Sarmiento is just one of those ordinary teenagers who wishes to graduate from college in order to help the people she treated as her real parents, who did nothing but love her as their own daughter as well. Everything seems to be perfect in her almost fairy tale story. She had a bunch of good friends, loving parents, and a comfortable life. Not until her eighteenth birthday comes. She’s about to go home when, suddenly, a black van stops right in front of her. Before she could even escape, a group of men came out and took her away. The next thing she knew was that she would arrive in a familiar mansion, and when she finally met the one who planned it all, the realization hit her hard. A mafia boss captured her. Much to her surprise, he even had the pair of shoes that she had lost before."