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"“So you are the one who wants to sell their child for money.” Emma was scared out of her wits. “I am not. I truly need…,” Emma was too scared of the masked man’s tone. She couldn’t even form complete sentences. How could she summarize her story in a few short sentences anyway? The man was ruthless. He threatened. “Don’t lie to me. I hate liars.” “Please! Sir, I am desperate for your help,” Emma had to bargain the terms of their arrangement, but he cut her off… “Strip!” The man said cruelly. “If you want to change the rules, do as I say. Don’t pretend to be innocent. You would not be here if that were the case.” Emma lowered her head in shame. __ Four years later, a man pulled Emma into a warm hug and a searing kiss as soon as she stepped out of the airport. “What took you so long?” Julian asked a dumbfounded Emma. Emma could not fathom why a stranger suddenly kissed her. But why was the kiss familiar? Before she could react, a young boy pushed the man away and threatened him in his childish voice, “Bad Daddy! Go away! Mommy must be tired from her trip.” Will they find a way out of it? Or were they destined to be star-crossed?"

"Warning: Mature Content Trigger Warning: Trauma, Abuse (Not by the male lead), Psychological Alessandra Maximillan, the Young Duchess of one of the four duchies and a major political figure as well as a role model for both men and women, has nearly everything she desires in life. She is only eighteen years old, but she rose to prominence as the heir to Duke Albert Maximillan of the Maximillan duchy due to her charisma and ability. But she has a little secret and a simple wish. Alexander Terrence is the Duke of the Terrence duchy. He is known as the Mad Duke because it is said that he murdered his own parents in order to become Duke. Then, what will happen when Duke Alexander proposes a contract marriage to Alessandra? The cover is not mine. I found it on Google."

"Morgana es una mestiza, su padre, un hombre lobo; su madre, una bruja oscura. Tras la guerra en su manada ""Luna de Sangre"", perdió a sus padres y a su compañero, Ricky. Con la muerte de su compañero, su loba, Eve, murió. No soportó la pérdida. Consiguió escapar con unos pocos jurándole la muerte al alfa Allen, el maldito que acabó con su vida. Sola, fundó el ""Reino Oscuro"", donde acogía a diversos seres mágicos que eran rechazados por sus familias de formas injustas. Mientras, reunía un ejército para vengar la muerte de sus padres, su compañero y su loba, Eve. Pero la diosa Luna siempre tenía otros planes, y Morgana se ve envuelta en una historia con otro lobo. Se deberá enfrentar a ella misma para lograr su venganza o, en cambio, olvidarse de ello, lo cual no era una opción para ella."

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Chapter 1

"Vienna Whitlock thought her life was over when she wasn’t only rejected by her best friend and mate, Marcus but she found out a life shattering secret on her wedding day which by an unlucky stroke of fate was her birthday too. Just when Vienna thought that was all, a cruel twist of fate soon revealed that Marcus had made a deal with the renown ruthless Alpha Vincent who wasted no time in claiming her on her supposed wedding day and proposing a deal to her. Vienna agreed to be his pretend Luna for six months, a task Vincent had to accomplish before he was crowned as the head Alpha of Alphas, while Vincent vowed to help her revenge against Marcus for ever betraying her. Seems easy, yeah? But it isn't easy. Vienna’s past soon comes barreling with a hunger for her new powers and Vincent’s first love who was presumed dead reappears with a sole mission — to make Vincent hers again. Will Vienna find love in the arms of this terrifying monster marked by scars and a ruthless reputation that preceded him? When terrific secrets are uncovered, will their love stand the test of time? What would these new dangers of their past cost them? Their love? Their children? Or, everything they ever built together… To find out, journey with me into Vienna and Vincent's love story."

"One morning, Piper Smith woke up to find herself naked with clothes scattered on the floor and kiss marks on several parts of her body. She had no memory and no idea with whom she had spent a passionate night. The incident led to her being evicted from her grandma’s mansion. Eight months later, she gave birth and became a single parent to her son. Until one day, an offer to become a private tutor for a girl from a wealthy family came to her. Piper, who was struggling financially, did not hesitate to accept the job offer. And from there, Piper finally discovered a shocking fact that had been hidden from her all this time. What was the shocking fact? Who was the man she had spent the night with? Will Piper and her son be happy?"

"Have you ever found out that you're a werewolf and you also happen to be fated to your secret crush in just one night?? Well, that's the fate of Hillary Hunter. A girl who's been maltreated from young age by a woman she believed was her mother. But with this discovery, Hillary's life doesn't change to something rosey or admirable... In fact, it gets more complicated as she realizes that sometimes our wishes could turn out to be our worst nightmares. Join Hillary Hunter as she searches for Freedom, Happiness and most of all... Love."

"""What do I do, huh?"" he nips softly on the skin of my neck as he thrusts in and out of me gently, holding onto me as though I was the most delicate thing in the world. ""Tell me how to make it right, baby."" He mumbled into my neck, his strokes growing deeper. My eyes met his vulnerable grey ones, and as I looked into the eyes of the man who broke me, I couldn't hold his gaze much longer because of how they seemingly appealed to me and made me waver. Pressing a kiss to his jaw, I whispered, suppressing a moan. ""Bandages don't x bullet holes. You cannot x what you have already broken, Sean Wellington, because it's unxable."" •••• Sekani Salvador never knew what it felt like to be truly loved, and even when she loved, it had to be a man she wasn't supposed to fall for, Sean Wellington, who happened to be the boyfriend of her twin sister, Simone Salvador, who loathed everything she stood for. Sekani could have sworn that she could never have him but all it took for fate to spin the bottle was one night of vodka and mistakes that she couldn't take back."

"""Feeding, baby, this is feeding,"" he said last before he went down my neck again. And I just screamed at the pain that pierced my skin. While his lips lingered on my neck, my whole body became hotter, and at the same time, I softened. Am I thinking correctly? Are they really true? Why do I have to? ""You really taste sweet."" My eyes are getting blurry, and I can't see him properly. I tried to reach his face despite my blurry eyes. I can see red liquid on his lips. ""You're a vampire."" ""Yes, I am."" was the last thing I heard before I finally closed my eyes. It's not a dream. He's the guy from that dark room. The man with my blood on his lips"

"Hurt, betrayed, and killed by the people she trusted with her life, Kiana Frost faces a brutal death when she least expects it. But during her last painful moments, she offers a silent prayer and prays for a second chance. The heavens are on her side because she finds herself reborn and ready to punish all those who dared to betray her and the people she loved. But it's not going to be easy and she will need protection, which only one man is powerful enough to give. Arthur Reed. He is cold, powerful, and a billionaire but the only problem is that he's also her ex. Will he help her even though they didn't part on good terms? Desperate and left with no choice, she approaches him but what she doesn't know is that he never stopped secretly loving her. Will fate be on their side and rekindle their love while Kiana gets the revenge she deserves?"