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"Alpha Feathers enslaved her because her father killed his mate, his father and enslaved all his people. He treated her cruelly and made her go through series of pain. But she fought her way to become his Luna despite hatred from Feathers and from the Beta's family who wanted their only daughter for Feathers. She tried everything in her capacity to make him see that she was innocent and was the entire opposite of her father, she even fell in love with him and keep trying so hard to make him love her back but Feather's heart remained as rigid as a stone. She found out she was pregnant for him and went to his room to tell him only to see him half naked with the Beta's daughter. She was heartbroken and gave up, she didn't even tell him about the pregnancy, so she left the pack. They met again two years later at the Alpha's annual ball. She had come as a Luna of Alpha Sam, one of the most powerful Alpha in the world. But she was with a two years old baby. When Feathers sighted her, he immediately wanted to claim her and the baby as he had realized that she was his second chance mate. He loved her now and was ready to do anything to have her back. But this time, it was HER who has a heart as rigid as a stone. Can she resist the ultimate temptation of the mate bond between her and Feathers? Can she forgive him and get back together with the father of her child? Will she be able to let go of Alpha Sam who loved her with passion and even killed his Beta for her sake?"

She was a beauty with pretty appearance beyond comparison. Time-traveling to the Alien world thousands of years ago for a few times, she fought against monsters and evils and saved her country out of danger. During the time in this Alien world, she made friends with a number of fairies. There were plenty of stories happening around them. Meanwhile, she met the prince of the Alien world and fell in love with him. She felt the bitterness of love, while the sweetness of love…He was the prince of the Alien world with handsome appearance and gentle temperament. In order to pursue his love, he time-traveled to the world thousands of years later for several times. He experienced a lot and tasted the sufferance of the love. In the end, he could achieve his dream and desire.This is a story of love between different times and worlds. Love, friendship, trust, betray…Let’s start a travel of adventure and feel this legendary love of different worlds.

"""You can't be weak, wife. You now have three husbands to please. Tonight's the night we claim you. You can't let a simple wedding tire you, for our nuptial night holds trials far more demanding."" Ezra whispered huskily, tucking my hair behind my ear. -- ""Oh god!” I cried. ""Not god, baby. We are your demons,"" Ezra growled, pounding faster. -- ""Call my name, Xanthea,” Asher groaned and a tight flutter erupted in my belly. -- ""I can't… I can't take this… anymore…"" And then he hit a spot, and he kept hitting it again and again with every thrust. Sparks charged throughout my body like the lightning cracking in the stormy sky again and again until it was too much to hold back, too hard to… resist. *** Xanthea Plath, an illegitimate child of the Alpha of Virgo pack, was an omega and omegas weren't allowed to dream, yet she never stopped dreaming. She wanted to be a doctor just like her mother but the luna of the pack, her stepmother would break her physically and mentally and stop at nothing to crush all her dreams. Xanthea had still found a way though all the abuse her steps put her through. But one day her world came crashing down right before her entrance in a medical college when she found out that she was being offered as a bride to the ruthless triplet alphas also known as the demon lords of the Infernal pack of the underworld. Xanthea had heard the horrifying stories of several suitors who had come before her, all of whom had met a gruesome end. Dark Reverse Harem Romance with 18+ explicit content. Readers discretion advised."

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Chapter 1

"""Stay away from me!"" He growled ferociously, so ferocious that it almost made my heart stop. Although I hesitated at first, I moved closer to him and lightly touched his arm. ""I can't and won't leave you. Ever."" My words made something in him snap, he pushed me against the wall and his silver eyes were looking straight at me. ""Then why don't I show you why you should.” Nesta, a reckless and young she-wolf, got herself in a situation where she had to use her powers to save the world of werewolves. She was doing alright by herself but her world changed when she met him. The beast."

"“What ever I claim becomes mine, I chose to claim you as mine and nothing can change that”. ******* Miya a naive girl who got drugged by her fiancé’s business client but was luckily saved by an Angel except it wasn’t an Angel who saved her but the Devil himself. And with the Devil rendering a helping hand to you always comes a prize. When she refused to pay the price but instead humiliate him, the Devil had no choice but to Claim her."

"En la capital de Colombia, vive una manada de hombres lobos, liderada por el Alfa, quien logro hacerse a cargo de una mafia colombiana, pero en el camino se enemistó con varias mafias rivales y también entro en guerra con una tribu de hombres jaguares quienes acaban con casi toda su familia. Su único heredero, Alberto, se enamora de Mariana, una humana de clase baja, y el padre no acepta esta relación. Todo empero cuando Mariana es mordida por un hombre jaguar y adquiere el poder de transformarse en uno de ellos. También cuando Alberto debe prometer que se casará con una Beta de un clan para hacer aliados, pero se niega a dejar a su amada. Mariana y Alberto deben superar los obstáculos que se interponen en su camino, incluyendo la guerra entre las mafias, la oposición de su padre y la cacería de los hombres jaguares. Ellos tendrán que buscar la solución para que él la pueda transformar en lobo y curarle el cambio a Jaguar, para poder unirse en matrimonio, pero todo se complica cuando ella queda embarazada y este se complica por el alto riego de tener seis bebes."

"Five years ago, Aleksandr Volkov, alpha of the Silver Eclipse Pack, tragically lost his mate. Just as he begins to find his way back to ""normal"" he is blessed with a second chance mate. But did the Moon Goddess make a mistake? As a human who doesn't even believe werewolves exist, Rieka's kids are her world. When she learns that these impossible creatures are real--and that she is mated to their Alpha--she's faced with a love she didn't ask for, and world she doesn't understand. Plagued with guilt for what this could do to her children, Rieka resists the bond and avoids Aleksandr. But just when Rieka begins to come around, they are betrayed, and Rieka's worst fears come true as her children are forced to face the possibility of losing her. Can Aleksandr and Rieka overcome UNCERTAINTY and BETRAYAL to rule the pack together? Or will both of them face the ultimate loss? *** I know this novel might have a slightly slower start than some others, but that's why I offer so many free chapters before you have to begin paying to unlock them. Read the reviews written by other readers, it's worth it. *** This is a slow burn romance, so please be prepared. The book is marked completed, however, I did continue Aleksandr and Rieka’s story in another book titled “The Luna’s Family Secret.” My other book “Going Rogue” is the story of Gina (a side character in this book), but can be read independently. Each book has some spoilers for the other because of how the timelines overlap."

"The book narrates the emotional entanglements between Judy, a graduate of a prestigious university, and Lewis, the president of Caler Corporation, as well as their interactions with other characters in their orbit. Judy finds herself unexpectedly involved with Lewis and, fearing retaliation, decides to leave. She encounters confusion while sorting out her resume, which results in a misunderstanding with a male colleague. Subsequently, she is transferred to the secretarial department and, despite her bewilderment and apprehensions, elects to seize the opportunity. Susan, who has been a good friend to Judy, embarks on a relationship with Lewis while impersonating Judy, but their romance is anything but smooth sailing. Complications arise when Susan's original boyfriend appears at the company, igniting a series of misunderstandings and disputes. Amidst these trying circumstances, the friendship between Susan and Judy is put to the test. Despite the tumult, they ultimately reinforce their bond, providing mutual support as they courageously face the multitude of challenges life throws their way."

"""Don’t worry, we would soon hand you over to a mate just as misery as you are. But we are even finding it difficult to get such a person. You are just so disgusting” These were the exact words Sam told his little sister, Scarlet. What happens when a feeble female werewolf is tortured, maltreated, satirized, and despised by the same people she calls family? What happens when her alpha lover turns his back on her at the point when she needed him the most, and enacted a decree restraining her from ever appearing before him? What happens when she is forced into a marriage with a ruthless alpha? What happens when in her new forced home the mistress of her husband swore to take her life? Having had enough, Scarlet went into a self-imposed exile, and there she met an old lady who handed over to her a seemingly supposedly worthless stone amulet which turns out to be a gift from the moon goddess. Life was filled with uncertainty for Scarlet, and it was a voyage of discoveries for her. A life puzzle, which could only be unraveled by patience, love, wisdom, and above all, the dictates of fate. Living through this puzzle, she had to fight against her blood (family), conquer the Titans, force the rogues to bend to her will, rule over the Pixies, and finally subdue alphas, kings, lords, and nations. Now, the once feeble werewolf is bent on ensuring that she does not get bitten a second time, and thus, she must rule with jealousy and guard against future betrayers to ensure maximum loyalty. And to achieve the almost impossible, she has to do an act never conceived in the heart of men. Follow Scarlet to find out just what the moon goddess has in stock for her, and how she navigates through life's thorns to get to the petals. With a hope for victory, we must fight to win."