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"Defano is a CEO who is forced by his girlfriend Cerryka to marry him immediately on the grounds that they have been dating for a long time. But, Defano refused because of his seemingly endless busyness in the office. Until one day Defano was assigned to a branch office outside the city, and his car accidentally hit a girl. As time went by, Defano slowly liked the girl and was no longer her lover. ""I have found a rib that fits my body, but somehow at the same time my heart feels that she is not my rib."" - Defano . ""If I really was your rib, would you be willing to leave your lover?"" - Hana How will the story continue?"

Simona knew deep down that she had no one but herself to blame for her current predicament, but she couldn’t figure out why Matthew would corner her and refuse to give her a way out.Later, she finally learned that his love towards her was humble and reserved.

"Two Cities, One deal, that Emmi Solace would go to Wolverson city and marry one of their sons. Emmi has no freedom. A little of less then 10 places she is allowed to visit, means she has had no life even at twenty-three years old. Dante Wolverson, is seen as the one in charge. Broken from his past, he tries running his city the way his father had, and is happy to do it through bloodshed. He protests to having Emmi in their city, but the alterative is far worse. Will his thoughts of Emmi change when he sees she isn’t weak? Zane wolverson. Sweet and loving, and sees Emmi as herself, not the princess of Solace. He’s known as the angel of death as while he is calm, sometimes everything becomes dark and he sees, hears, and responds to nothing until he has killed. Which side will Emmi receive? The sweet-loving Zane, or the beast? Bear Wolverson, biker, fighter and known for taking no-nonsense. He fears Emmi will be their downfall, after they are barely a family anymore. Yet Emmi warms him. Gunner Wolverson. He’s crazy and Crazy loves the world of torture, but for Emmi, there is a side to him he shows her that no one else sees. Gunner is someone who will slowly kill a man for information, pain is pleasure. Emmi sees Gunner as her 'Big Psychotic Bastard' crazed and ready for bloodshed, he welcomes it."

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Chapter 1

Four years ago, in a dark bridge-tunnel, Wen Ning was tricked by her stepsister and lost her innocence to a filthy beggar. Four years later, Wen Ning returned with her little ones for revenge. Whoever stands in her way will be in for it! But who would have thought that her stepsister's daughter would blink her eyes and call her 'Mom'! Her son has turned into a little traitor, throwing out a DNA test result: 'Mom, you lied to me, Dad is not a filthy beggar, he's a powerful CEO!' Lu Zonghao eagerly blocked her, 'When should we get married?'"

"Nate just stared at the gentle face of his sleeping wife. It's like an angel in his eyes, especially when she smiles. It was on his chest and he hugged her tightly like he always does every night, as if he was afraid that at any moment he would disappear. They had just finished doing the couple thing. His wife is undeniably beautiful. Include the beautiful shape of her body, no matter what clothes she wears, it suits her and makes her body curve appear even more. Its naturally red cheeks and lips that are soft to kiss. And his eyes he loves to look at because he remembers someone there. He has also gotten used to always seeing this scene every night when he lies down, next to his wife who snuggles up to his side and hugs him tightly. It always turns him on. And in the morning when he wakes up, his wife's gentle face is the first thing he sees. And the food that will be prepared and the tying of his tie properly that he still can't get it. ""Babe...."" His wife called softly. So he immediately panicked that he might catch her staring at him. ""Hmm."" He answered. He is not sure if he is awake, because his eyes are still closed. ""I love you."" He took a deep breath. If only it were that easy for him to say. That phrase he made a long time ago. It's not hard to love a husband especially since he already has all the qualities one looks for in a husband. But the only problem is that his heart has been owned for a long time. He gave it to the only woman he loved a long time ago. The girl he has been waiting for until now to return. So he doesn't want to tie the knot with any woman, but things have gotten so bad it slipped that he didn't even notice it. He never planned it this way. He doesn't want to hurt women. He doesn't want Ellesa to depend on him. Especially since he knows how much he loves her. What if the girl he's been waiting for a long time comes back? What will happen to Ellesa? Is he going to leave her? He does not know the answer to that question. Will the girl he loves come back? 'I'll be back. Do not worry.' That was the last word left by the girl he loved, before she left. He didn't even know which part of the world he went to. But he waited for it. That's how expensive it is. That's why he was so angry when he married Kay Ellesa, he avoided this woman for a long time but here she is and still very close. But when he met and spent time with Ellesa, it seemed that she gradually became special to him."

"Astrid Pierce-Cyrene's world crumbles after losing her mother to the icy hands of death. Following her mom's final wish, she moves in with her father. As a human new to the supernatural world, Astrid unexpectedly discovers that her mate was Alpha King Blaze Neptune Hunter, an incredibly attractive and captivating Werewolf and Tiger. But her destiny, relentless in its demands, doesn't stop there, as she's also claimed by two sexy demigods—the alluring Vampire King, Dexter Aquilo Gunner, and the sensual Dragon King, Phoenix Brontë Decker. ""Mine! Freaking mine!"" Their mere existence sets her world ablaze, and with each fleeting glimpse of their masculine forms, stokes an insatiable desire, a hunger that hankered to be quenched. She craves to be filled and stretched to her limits as they pound into her with unbridled passion, and make her scream with ecstasy. Why settle for one when she can revel in the exquisite rapture of being taken by them all? But as passion flares, a storm brews on the horizon. These men are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to safeguard their woman."

"In a time long long ago, once lived a powerful King and his only child, Princess Kasha, who was supposed to rule the kingdom after him. Princess Kasha, a strong replica of the late Queen grew with grace, beauty and her father's love. Disaster strikes when on her twentieth birthday, the King’s youngest concubine puts to birth, a son; now heir to the throne of Ascencia. Mad that her new baby brother will take over the Kingdom, Princess Kasha slips into his room at midnight, to stab him to death. But her father catches her himself, and she's locked up in the dungeon. Sneaking out of dungeon, clothed as a maid, Kasha poisons her father to death. She's caught by the guardsmen, and banished by the councilmen into the evil forest. There, she meets the Kingdom's most terrifying enemy; the witch of the seven seas– Gwenemma. Kasha gives up her soul to sorcery and teams up with Gwenemma, they attack her father's kingdom. But they are defeated, and Gwenemma killed. Kasha flees for her life, and with all the powers left in her, she creates an Invisible Castle in the heart of the evil forest. There, she awaits the day she will become undefeatable to attack the Kingdom of Ascencia again, and then destroy every living soul in it! *Until then, this is the story of a young girl called Anna, and the Invisible Castle."

"Meet Jasmine; She's a waitress and a God*mn Stripper!! That authomatically makes her a wh*re right? But a saying goes... ""Don't judge a book by its cover"". Same goes to Jasmine....""Don't judge her by her occupation"". She only has one special person on Earth, whom she could for. Her cute little brother. She'll do anything just to save their lives. She became a Stripper just to save her brother's life. Until Liam came into the picture. Liam wants her, but how? As his private stripper or what? Do you think there's more to that desire? Find out!. . . ."

"The first time he met her, he misunderstood her, thinking that she was the type of woman who only knew about fame and money, and also accidentally ""ate"" her unexpectedly. - The second time we met, he was the cold general manager, and she was his 24-hour personal secretary. Even though she knew his name on the outside, her heart was still given to him when. - Carwyn Hiddleston, CEO of the corporation, handsome, outstanding talent. Because once he failed in love and was betrayed by the person he loved the most, he never believed in love again, since he brought himself into life, only cold and indifferent. However, she just kissed him once and made his heart flutter for the first time, his heart that had been frozen for so long suddenly melted away. - She appeared in front of him again but became his secretary. Can her presence warm his heart and make him love again? Can she have his love?"