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"""Promise me here and now Ari, that you won't hurt me. Promise me you won't betray my love for you. Promise me, Ari, because if you do..."" He cut off her wobbly words by placing a kiss on her forehead, ""I won't hurt you, Areum. I promise.""_ But she did get hurt... Areum Kyung is the best of the best singers in Crystal Academy. A troublemaker and rule breaker and she shockingly found herself falling for the guy she'd bumped into at a café. Not caring about anyone else's opinion, even her best friend's, Areum confessed her love for him. Their love grew so sweet and deep that anyone would get jealous of them. They loved each other a lot but it seemed their love was not meant to be a happy ending one. Before they got into a relationship, Arizona had taken up a disreputable task against Areum's family. One that would change their lives forever. What exactly is the task and how would it affect the both of them, especially Areum. But most importantly, will Areum be able to forgive Arizona for what he's done? Will she consider their love and pardon him? Of course, anyone in her shoes will chose to hate him till the end of time. Afterall, he betrayed her love and broke every single promise he'd whispered lovingly to her. Yet, she had to reflect on8 the fact that he had no other choice."

"Are you willing to take a gamble with someone you love even if he's still in love with someone else? Are you willing to take on the role of Mother to his two sons?"

"A Werewolf kingdom, A royal family, A curse As the saying goes ' never judge a book by its cover.' This was the case with Anderson's royal family. They had been the rulers of the great kingdom of Katula for centuries now. In the eye of the Werewolves, they were perfect, followed around by paparazzi but then they had a secret... A curse. Prince Percy is a part of the royal family and the next Inline on the throne. He refused to get married after his marriage was announced publicly but when he founds out that he was getting married to his enemy, he decided to use it to his advantage. A means of revenge on her. Cara is a rankless wolf who had been abused and rejected by society all her life. She had always wished to get revenge on the Alpha king for the death of her family. She got her chance when she was bought into the palace as The Royal bride but she never knew that she was a sacrificial bride for the Royal family. This is a story of power, love, lies, and secrets. Books in the Royal series A Royal curse- Book 1 A Royal Desire- Book 2 A Royal Baby- Book 3 A Royal Secret- Book 4"

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Chapter 1

"A love forbidden by rectitude..... Ajuri Daniels had a normal, peaceful life. A top student. Head girl of the Royal Academy. A loving grandmother. Wonderful friends. But things went south on the night of her sixteenth year old birthday, when she decided to take a break from her mundane life and live like harry for just one night. The plan was simple; go out with Lola, have some fun and call it a day. Fate, however, had a different plan for her and was hellbent on executing it. Ajuri ended up capturing the attention of Ben Ezeagu, the hot bad boy who turned out to be not only the Principal's nephew but also someone associated with a tragedy that scarred her family. And worse of all, she falls in love with him."

"This story comprises of two billionaire romance stories. 1. The Billionaire's Heirs Amanda would sit at the garden at the orphange staring into space and wondering if there was more to life out there. She has no idea of whats coming for her in the future so she had to keep hoping. All of a sudden, Mrs Carol arrives at the orphanage with her escorts and expensive cars and adopts Amanda even though she has childen about her age... Its left for Amanda to find out why the lady adopted her in the first place.. 2. My Crazy Housewife Tessy, a maid working for a billionaire family gets entangled with their son and becomes pregnant with his child against her wish. The man is forced to marry her for the sake of the baby by his mom. They both despised each other. A crazy couple and their baby to raise. Happy Reading!"

"""I do not want to get married mom, I'm only 20, father shouldn't be signing contracts to marry people off............"" I said to mom but she wasn't buying my pleas and negotiation, her interest is the wedding especially taking sides with her husband. Natalie Tores is a 20 year old guy made to marry Maverick Santiago to rich CEO, son of the known Mexican-American Don with the quest for safety and wealth. But will an arranged marriage provide safety for the Tores family? What will be her fate when she marries Maverick and losses every other thing? Will love make up for her loss?"

"Elvinia Whitaker wanted to be on her own for once, no family to get in the middle of her life, or have her feeling bad, for not pursuing a career that she had went to college. Even though, she had won several grants to pave her way, either her winning scholarships and awards, or she had investors who wanted her continuing her work. She knew her parents were more upset with her enlisting in the Navy, as an enlistee rather than an officer. but what made her family more upset she went into the Navy but not as an officer. She wanted to go outside the realm of how she grew up and wanted a chance to prove herself. Now her family had turned their back on her because she chosen a different path all together by her move to Alaska. However, fate had other plans and she was about to be thrown into the past and learning the truth."

"Misfortune has reached the Forbidden City. A curse takes hold of the life of An, the Emperor's wife and beloved Empress of the kingdom. Time is running out, but there is still hope. A sage of questionable origin declared that the only salvation lies in the feather of the legendary Fenghuang; the real challenge is to find it within a limited period. Yun, the youngest son of the Qing dynasty, decides to embark on this risky mission, armed with nothing more than an ancient riddle as a clue. With the unexpected, and perhaps not-so-welcome help of Wu Siu, a girl from a small and remote village, he hopes to rescue his mother before it's too late. However, there will be a secret hidden behind this whole predicament. An ancient war between mythical creatures will reignite after thousands of years. The Fenghuang and the Dragon are about to rise from the ashes. Will they manage to rekindle their love after their legendary tragedies?"

"Alexia, as the perfect Luna to her pack, was married to her husband alpha Damian for love, they were not meant and mate for each other. Alexia had never thought one day she could have the rebirth of her. Alexia was murdered by her evil husband Damian and his later-found mistress Hayley, who also became his mate after her death. One fortunate day, Alexia opened her eyes only to find out that she was back from the dead. “Oh my Wolf, I am back from the dead. I can’t feel myself before anymore… I feel some kinda new powers inside of me” Alexia said to herself. In order to protect what she had worked for, Alexia is determined to fix all of her problems. By living again as a Powerful Luna, who cannot be oppressed by her foes but will be the OPPRESSION of them herself. By drafting a whole new plan, she begins with the people who planned for the death of her previous life. One night, when Alexia was running in her favourite woods, she met a huge wolf with silver eyes. This was the first time she has ever set her eyes on that kind of breed. . . Who was this wolf? How would she be the oppression… to her foes? How would things go differently from the previous life Alexia experienced? . . . ……"