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"Everyone gets their wolf when they turn 18, but I lost mine. ** Now, I'm a rogue, a wolfless rogue. Life is hard, even more so than death, but I have to continue on, as the last survivor and the only hope for my people, for I was told that there is one man who can help me, and I must find him. Fate led me to Moonstone Pack. In the possession of its powerful Alpha, I couldn’t help but wonder, was he the one? I had no way of knowing, what the cruel but extremely handsome man brought to me was not hope. It was rejection and destruction. ** His breath was hot as it twirled with mine, his deep voice rough with desire. ""These lips, this body, and this heart. ""Mine."" I shivered and moaned, ""Even if you find out who I really am?"" ""I don't care who you are or what you are–"" A pained gasp flew from his lips and his amber eyes widened at the dagger embedded in his chest. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and blood was dripping from my hand that was still clutching the knife's hilt. ""But I do."""

The battle between heaven and hell has mystified millions, debating if there truly is a god, and if there is, then the devil, ruler of hell must also be real. Summer Brooke is your regular girl. Just finishing university, looking forward to life ahead, she stumbles on a horrifying secret…..a secret that has been hidden from mortals for centuries. A golden dagger draped in illegible ancient rituals, makes its way into the mortal world. Summer Brooke has just made a unique discovery, but will it steal her of her soul? A debt must be paid. And it looks like summer's soul is on the devil’s list.

Seventeen years ago, Ye family held a wrong daughter, and seventeen years later, he was found. sThe return of the real daughter is despised by her father, disliked by her grandmother, and disliked by her nominally fiance. Her father "Gu annd Ye family arre married. The Gu family doesn't accept a village girl as a daughter-in-law. For the sake of the interests of both families, we will announce that you are an adopted daughter." Mrs. ye: "your academic performance is too poor to sleep in the master room. Go to the guest room." Fiance: "only the daughter of the Ye family, Mary Ye, is worthy of me. Get out of here!" Yuri said: it doesn't matter. Later The name Yuri appears frequently in the headlines. Uncover secret 1: Yuri is the learning ttalent with full marks in the college entrance examination! Uncover secret 2: the hacker crow is Yyru! Uncover secret 3: No.1 in the list of natural medicine is Yuri! Uncover secret 4: Yuri is Fremmingo's favorite! Uncover secrets 5: Once those who despised Yuri were slapped in the face, kneeling for help, but they were taught by a man.

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Chapter 1

Kaydence is the only child of The former alpha and Luna of her pack. At twenty four she has rejected her mate and became the first female alpha. Will her rejected mate win back her heart or is it too late for forgiveness?

"‘Callie,’ he began, his voice husky, ‘crying over your ex-boyfriend won’t solve anything.’ Confusion etched across her face, Callie furrowed her brows. ‘Then what will? ’ she demanded, her voice tinged with frustration. Elias leaned closer, his warm breath caressing her cheek. ‘You need to show him what he’s lost. Find a man who’s more handsome, more powerful, and richer than him. Then, make a grand entrance into his life with your new partner.’ Callie scoffed, her eyes rolling in disbelief. ‘Where am I supposed to find someone like that? ’ Elias’s fingers gently lifted her chin, locking their gazes together. ‘I can be that man,’ he said. ‘If you agree to be with me, I’ll protect you from any harm, including your ex-boyfriend.’ ********************************************** Elias Westwood, billionaire heir turned professional solider, a commanding presence on the battlefield, conceals a tender heart that beats for only one woman——Callie Hawthorne, a fearless surgical resident, possesses an innocent charm and wields her skills like a warrior in the operating theatre. Their first encounter thrusts them into a dangerous game of deception. Elias uses Callie as a pawn, their lips locked in a passionate kiss, fooling his pursuers. In that moment, Callie feels the allure of the enigmatic soldier, and a strange connection sparks between them. An impulsive decision seals their fate—a hasty marriage to escape an arranged union and prove Callie’s readiness to move on from a past love. Little did they know, this act would propel them onto an unforeseen path. Will Elias and Callie emerge unscathed from the shadows, or will their sacrifices shatter their dreams forever? Discover their fight for a future filled with hope, trust, and the promise of a happy ending."

"Vikram Singh Rathore is very good looking, arrogant and perfectionist. He is a cardiologist. But his own heart starts giving trouble to him, once he meets the new intern dietician... Sandhya Rajput. Sandhya Rajput is an extremely beautiful girl. She joins the new hospital as an intern but is shocked to see that she has to assist none other than Dr. Devil... She is kind, caring and friendly... with every one, but Vikram....."

Elena Richardson is thrown into the harsh criminal world and she is unprepared, not for the target that is on her back, nor the budding romance between her and her captor. Would she survive the target on her life? How long would she able to resist the irresistible hitman, Orlando?

"Bianca has finally planned everything in her life. Being an orphan from birth, she has always felt that her future is an uncertain universe. However, with Richard's help, her caregiver has managed to define the goals that will lead her to cling to the security she craves. But fate, as always, plays bad and dirty, because she is kidnapped when she accompanies some friends to the Scarlet Moon club, at the hands of a handsome and mysterious boy named Kieran, in the company of his friends who worship him as if he were a god. He takes her to a pack of werewolves and decides to claim her as his own, while being stalked by the alpha of the rival pack, Einar, who is the cause of all the suffering in his life, this being his own father. Bianca realizes that her whole life has been a big lie that has made her the fugitive of the alpha. A turn of events, a macabre plan, war threats, constant danger and a torrid romance frame Bianca's new life now and nothing will ever be the same again, having a heavy load on her hands, just like everyone's fate."

"“A ruthless man he was, wore a halo of insanity. He made death dance on his fingers like a puppet, wings of obsession made him soar high in cruelty. Crumbled to pieces was everything that came his way and he trampled upon beating hearts, but fallen, he was at his girl's mercy who made him feel and cry at fate's cruel play and had him beg for mercy with a single dart.” . . . A two-year relationship was torn apart by a single mistake when Delilah caught her boyfriend to be with another woman. The betrayal pushed them apart and Delilah learned to live without him. But fate played its cards when Delilah was brought back to her ex-boyfriend but this time, at his mercy. Shocked by the revelation that dawned upon her, she now feared him, and the more she tried to get away, the more he was tempted to keep her with him. Never knew fate would make her cry with tears of blood when she learned the cruel side of his ex-boyfriend who wanted to keep her captive. Vicious was his way of loving, after all. . . . “Why are you doing this to me?! What’s wrong I ever did to you!?” “Oh, sweetheart, trust me, you did so wrong by walking into my life. And now, I’m not willing to let you go.”"