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"""I will never forgive you!"" Fleur screamed but all he did was laugh ""You will never be strong"" ________ Though vows were taking and oaths were sworn, promises were made but a marriage filled with so much lies that is beyond compare A pregnancy that was well planned outside the marriage A young woman who finds herself in a difficult situation due to the man she loves. She tries everything she could to save her marriage but what happens when she finds out that the one person she trusts with all her secrets turns out to be the cause of her problems?"

"Taking a stroll on a rainy night isn't what a sane person might do, but Rabel is far from normal with her snowy white hair. An injured Wolf lying close to your cottage isn't also considered as normal in a place often plagued with werewolves and their onslaught on humans. Despite her bitter feelings, she takes the wolf into her house out of the goodness of her heart; she nurtures it back to life, and the wolf left after it was fully healed. Weeks later, the rumored dead werewolf king is back with a vengeance; slaying the humans in a one-sided war. When a truce is called and peace pleaded; the werewolf king agrees to the words of agreement with only one condition: to have Rabel in his palace as his bride."

"Sequel To Becoming Luna One tragedy, one event, one single moment in time. Everything begins to change and relationships are tested. Will that which is lost be found? Or will everything change forever? The war between the creatures is over and life in the world of supernaturals is peaceful for Danica, her mate Mason, and their 8 year old daughter Bryllie. That is until the harpies re-emerge hell bent on revenge against Danica and all that surround her. After tragedy strikes and Danica is left broken, the mysteries of her past begin to come to life. However, that begins to create a rift between the life she once lived and the one that could become her future. Will Danica be able to defeat the dark before it destroys her world entirely? Will she be able to remain the same once her parents dark history is revealed? Read to find out!"

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Chapter 1

"Maxton Alarcon is the eldest son of a wealthy family who disguises himself and leads a secret life. On the one hand, he is a capable next-in-line CEO. On the other hand, he is a ruthless individual who will go to any length to maintain his position. Elise Carroll is a lovely young baker who has everything she could want. Loving family, supportive friends, favorite job, you name it! However she couldn't find love on her own so she left that choice to her parents. And so she get engaged to Maxton, expecting to be loved and respected equally. Until she discovers Maxton's true identity..."

"He was reborn in a different world and became the infamous playboy lord of the Wind and Cloud Empire with a peerless family lineage, but everyone shouted at him! Suffering from the world's cold eyes and ridicule! When the silence of the absolute martial arts system awakened, his life in the otherworldly open hanging, this kicked off, you have the antithetical magic power, I have the star sucking method, you have the supreme sword way, I have the Dokuroku Nine Swords! System mastery in hand, the continent across ... Let's see how the dude master of the martial arts system, how to lead in the other world, step on the top of the martial arts!"

"The world deemed Akira a waste, not by default, but due to his own actions or lack of. He lacked the enthusiasm and desire to be anything. His family were all geniuses in their respective fields, but he spent the entire eighteen years of his life eating, drinking, and having fun. Despite all these, he loved his family and therefore it was an instinctive reaction to save his father from what could have been a fatal collision. He was supposed to be dead, but… Out of nowhere, a system appeared and thus began his journey of world-hopping to save the cannon fodder villains. In every story, there were always a few individuals whose purpose was to act as stepping stones for the love of the protagonists. Their suffering is there to act as the foil for their happiness. As a result, Akira must remove their protagonist's halo and teach these protagonist scums to value the life of others."

"Seventeen years ago a woman begged for a male child. There was nothing she would no do to get a child so the devil was who she seek next. She got her wish granted but the cost of it was way worst than she thought. Few months later Mike as born into this world but wasn't even allowed to spend more time with his family before he was taken. He was a wish his mother made so his life wasn't meant to be his. Mike spent his life believing he was a human with just a normal disease till one day everything turned out different than he thought."

"This book unapologetically contains dark, raw, erotic contents that can only be found in a book. If you're not into detail description erotica stories with dirty talks, that would make you blush, leave your mouth wide open, and your thigh tingling, do not open the book. Read and sprinkle some holy water ^^"

"""..as you can see from the title.. it's our last letter for you.."", mom is sobbing as dad said that and he pulls my mom closer to him and kissed her temple, normally I would gag at their affections but this time I couldn't bring myself to do that. "".. we know you had so many questions you want to ask us about.. but time is still time.. we're mortal.. we can't run from it.. like we can't reach the edge of the universe no matter how much speed and power and technology we have today.."", he then pauses."