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When Carina learns her family have arranged for her to be married and mated to the Alhpas son Lucien Malik of the sliver backs the rival pack she flees into the night after he humiliates her in front of everyone and tells her exactly what he has planned. She takes off to her favourite shifter nightclub where she ends up insulting the owners who turn out to be the mafia Dons of The Rabidfang Nightstalkers, she finds out the truth of who she is when the mafia boys awaken her wolf. they want her but so does Lucien. Lucien is ready to claim what’s owed to him but the Mafia dons will go to war for what is theres. Who will come out victorious and claim Carina

The fourth installment continues with Wynter's story. He is an enigma to the dragonkin world. He feels no pain, he heals faster than anybody alive and he's set on revenge. His destiny will find him and push him into the King's household. Wynter gets too close to his mark, makes mistakes and loses almost everything. He gives up everything for one person, living life as a recluse. Wynter is too headstrong for his own good but the loss of his family might push him over the brink. Wynter's path is filled with bloodshed, love and loss and he needs to fight his own demons in order to survive.

"Synopsis ""An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a race for a race, I will annihilate all the vampire race,"" she seethed. Ivory Walter, who was in college, met Daniel Connor in college. He always bullied her and later turned into love. Thereafter they separated because Ivory went to Frost Town with her mother Dorcas Walter, where she discovered new things about herself. She learnt that she was a wolf and they were mortal enemies with the vampires, Unknowst to Ivory, Daniel also came to Frost Town with his father. Daniel then discovered he was a vampire. A strong wolf with white fur and a vampire with a special ability which was Ivory and Daniel. Will they be able to kill each other? A great battle between love and race? Will the vampire and wolf ever unite??"

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Chapter 1

"Zendaya was hated and plotted against by every member of her Pack ,her parents died immediately she turned Eighteen years old due to an ancient prophecy which her parents refused to listen to. After their deaths she was accused of flagitious crimes by her uncle ,whose sole aim is to become the ruler of Elite Pack which led to the people throwing her out of the pack under the influence of her uncle's manipulative schemes. Immediately she stepped foot out of her Pack she became sentimental and suddenly found herself acting like a lunatic ,this was as a result of the evil magic used on her. Left wandering on the streets ,she came across so many pernicious things which are meant to subdue her but Dave came to her rescue ......but that marks the beginning of a new found devil and she must learn to survive on her own otherwise they won't spare her. But What happens when her powers emerges on the full moon night? She won't spare anyone"

"If you want to fall in love, you should expect to be hurt. If you want to forget, do you really need a replacement? Perlm repeatedly wondered what she should do to forget the past. Until she finds a way. Being tied to a man she also hates. A man who closed his heart and it only beats for his deceased loved one. What will Perlm and Deon do when they find out their past will return? Their loved ones will return even though they are already tied to each other. Tied to the rope they bound because of reasons and problems from which they could not escape."

"Hazel is tormented every night by an unknown man, she is the second daughter of Alpha Donald, who is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. their pack was suddenly attacked by some rogues and Hazel's father sought an alliance with the Dark Knight pack since that is the biggest and strongest pack in the whole world. The Alpha of the Dark Knight pack promised to help him but in exchange, he will have to marry one of his princesses. Hazel's father agreed and told him to come and pick whoever he wanted between the two princesses. Hazel was shocked to the bone to see the Alpha of the Dark Knight pack was the strange man who always appeared in her dreams. Find out what will happen more in the series ""Married To The Masked Alpha"""

"Maya Caesar was born a slave, a feisty omega to the oasis pack but her life changes when she's mated to someone who would not only hurt her but change her status. But what happens when she not only was hated and sabotaged by people who hated her in the Dark Moon pack, but she had external enemies and she wonders what wrong has she ever committed to be ill-fated. Alpha Grey Stone of the Dark Moon Pack is a ruthless Alpha skilled with the art of killing and making his enemies beg at his feet. He seeks for a bride in other to warm his empty bed since he couldn't get a mate. Fate takes him to the Oasis pack and he finds his mate. Soon enough, he's forced to realize that their fate are intertwined, their meeting was not a coincidence and that he has been married to her before."

I've never asked for anything, much less all the hardships and torment I've received from the ones I love. All I ever want is to be by his side, to be the apple of his eye, to be his always. Oh, Emil, when will you ever look my way…

"Zenon Arcari grew up in the streets of Malone. He was a kid when he was adopted by the Mafia Boss Almero Arcari who saved him from the streets. Growing up as the only heir to Arcari empire, Zenon only cared about his father. At twenty eight, Zenon was the most feared Mafia Boss in the history of the country. He brought the fear of God and Devil in men. Damon Knight, the self righteous business man who came up on his own might. An erstwhile member of the royal family, his dad was ousted because he married his mother who came from a lower section of the society. Damon singlehandedly made more wealth than all of the royal family combined within the age of 27. A brilliant student and a focussed man, Damon's only focus in life is success. Respected in all circles, Damon was known for his money mindedness. These giants are at war in the streets of Malone. Unaware, innocent Dylan Zanèd, a florist, walks in."