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"Book #1 MARKED BY THE BULLY Book #2 PROTECTED BY THE BULLY (NOW Available) ------ Whenever she'd be asked about a thing in life that disgusted her the most, she would fume in anger and answer, ""That bad bully !""... shouting loudly, she would point at the round big corner table in the school canteen where he would sit with his bully gang. ****** Valentine, was adopted by doctor Jason Pereira, of Dark Shine pack, an elder doctor who looked after the warriors and soldiers of the pack Alpha Hercules best buddy. Ryley Shine, was the son of Alpha Hercules and going to be alpha and the bad bully who loved to bully the wolves studying in the school, to be precise her... He hated her sight, her eyes, her smile, her heartbeats, her tears... Everything about her just because She was his mate, A HUMAN NAIVE NERDY MATE! Genre: Vampire/Werewolf + Romance + Teen fiction."

Olamide Armstrong witnesses an unlikely murder. The problem is people that witness a man-wolf rip out someone's throat don't usually live to tell their tales. She is moments from being another animal attack statistics when fate decides to play a dangerous game.

"Emily had a simple, childlike goal in life: to attend the prom with her long-term boyfriend and win the title of prom queen. Her goals were straightforward and uncomplicated before her boyfriend attempted to r*p* her on prom night and locked her in one of the school's classrooms. ""What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? Don't touch me!"" She screamed when he touched her, they have been dating for a year, she had never thought he would try to r*p* her! He yelled and grabbed her from her waist and growled, ""I wasted enough time dating you, If I didn't take your virginity tonight, my friends would make fun of me."" He though he can corner her and take whatever he wants, but there was a rouge Alpha around hearing her screams... His mate's screams."

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Chapter 1

"Meagan was an extraordinary werewolf and the only daughter of the Alpha, yet she was forced to lead a normal human life from a young age after a clash that divided her pack. Things took turns when she was kidnapped by her sick mother. Unaware of the death traps set by a dangerous rogue who seeks to acquire her powers, she elopes the human world to the wolf pack in search of the truth about her identity, only to fall in the hands of her enemy. Xavier, the dangerous rogue who sought to kill her for many years finally got her into his grasp. Would she be killed eventually before her abilities manifest? What would be her fate? Jason was the Rogue prince, son of Xavier. A man who had no interest in love and hated everything concerning mates. What then was that feeling that sparkled inside him when he set his eyes on Meagan? Even as he tried to deny, he knew he had found the woman who melted the strong walls around his heart. He has to do everything possible to save her life. Even as they fell in love, they knew it was almost impossible to be together."

"His bride was snatched on the wedding day by her brother. But the wedding had to go on. ""This wedding will take place. I will marry you,"" Rena said, staring into his dazzling depths. Rena Hamilton had no problem offering herself as a substitute bride to Adam Stevens, eligible bachelor and stunning billonaire. She'd been in love with him for years and opportunity merely presented itself in form of a missing bride. What Rena didn't bargain for, however, for the subtle, yet continuous pursuit of her husband and his non existent affection. She had loved him, cared for him and remained as subservient as a wife should be, but he didn't seem to care. And Rena got tired. She gave up. ""Let's get divorced,"" she proposed. He arched a brow at her. ""Why? What's wrong?"" ""You don't love me. This is a ruse, and I am tired of it."" His gaze searched hers intently and her heart skipped several unhealthy beats as he said, ""Then I will love you from tomorrow."""

"“You are playing with fire, Alyssa,” he warned. “I’m trying not to lose control.” The emotions were roiling inside of her, building to something far greater than anything she’d experienced with any other man. Sometimes we run away from the one person we should be running to... *** From USA Today bestselling author and the author of Billionaire’s Secret Baby, comes a brand-new suspenseful romance about a socialite falling in love with the man ordered to protect her. With one hell of a twist, this steamy romance is a must read! Agent Scott Tabor was as sexy walking away as he was coming toward you. You know the kind of attractive that makes your mouth dry, and your palms sweat before you ever speak to the man? Yeah… that’s my reality. But let’s back up a second. It all started a few weeks after my parents died in a freak accident. While I was trying to grieve, my long-lost uncle came into the picture. At first, I thought Uncle Frank was trying to make an effort—until I came home to a nightmare. Forced to abandon my apartment, I turned to my lawyer and old boyfriend, Nate Livingston. Only his very pregnant wife wasn’t too happy with me hanging around. And who could blame her? Meanwhile, Uncle Frank was doing everything in his power to make my life a living hell. Enter Scott Tabor, FBI agent extraordinaire and my new roommate. I’m sure we can keep everything platonic. After all, we are both adults. Adults with wants, needs, and dare I say, an insane attraction for each other?"

"Beth Russell is a plain, timid, poor girl, but her life is turned upside down after being kidnapped by three vampires for a revenge plot against her father. During the day, she is their personal assistant, having to endure their moody emotions and bizarre demands, and by night, she is their BDSM toy, played by them in turn. Will she get the happy ending she deserves with the boys, or will it all come collapsing down? * “Give me your hands,” he commanded. What the hell did he have planned? What have I done to deserve this? I considered not following his orders and trying to run away, but I knew I couldn’t win a fight against him. Then, with no hesitation, he handcuffed me to the wall. What the hell! Now, I was forced to have perfect posture, just like the man who put me in this position. “You have violated the assistant’s code, Beth. Therefore, you must stay here and reflect on your actions.”"

"“I’m not your toy.” “Yes, you’re my toy, Tesoro. Mine to fuck, and mine to do with as I please. I could break you in half too, if I want. So watch your mouth!” ~•~ After discovering the same woman he’d had a one-night stand with years ago owes him a debt, Giovanni, blinded by his own desires, uses the opportunity to abduct her and propose a twisted bargain. Elaine is given two options; pay in two weeks or pay with her body when the time limit is up. But this is the same man she loathes for ruining her five years ago after impregnating her which led to her disownment. She’s had a hard life - working tirelessly to feed two mouths - hers and the son she loves so much. But knowing they won’t be able to stay together if his father is aware of his existence, Elaine decides to keep the child a secret and tread carefully. It was meant to be just sex, but Giovanni has plans to reignite their long-lost passion from the first night they made love, and also break the sharp witted woman who’s making him question his senses."

"Hope Black is a Delta, a person who was born among werewolves, but does not have a wolf... Despite this, she is one of the best warriors, always being at the forefront of training. With the chance to train in the great Lycan royal castle, Hope enlists with the hope of further improving her fighting skills, she just didn't expect to find her Destined on the first day. Dylan Miller is an Alpha, future leader of the Blue Moon pack, he enlisted in royal training to escape a forced union, he is against the ancient rule that he needs to unite with someone of pure and ancient blood. With this chance he hopes to find his Destined and thus be able to free himself from the forced union his father and his elders placed for him. The only thing he didn't expect was for the Moon Goddess to put him together with a Delta who doesn't want him."