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"As an inner disciple of the Upper Qing Dao, Yuan Ling attained the great perfection of qi cultivation at the age of 18. After successfully breaking through the foundation, she suddenly found herself out of the gate and fell into a strange forest for some reason. Here, rabbits are giant carnivores, goats have fangs, demons whisper in their ears and poisonous flowers are ready to eat people. Yuan Ling take no time to pinch: Vulcan urgent as law! ---- SLATE Village is a tiny human settlement that has struggled to survive in the Forest of Warcraft for years. They had little to eat, ragged clothes, dilapidated houses, and few women. One day, they saw the goddess. The goddess's face could not be seen, like the most shining pearl, she turned her hands into clouds and rolled them into rain, and the wind was quiet and obedient before her. In fact, just a foundation of the imperial wind decision Yuan Ling: ""Dare to ask you, how to go on the clear road."" Demons are drawn to you, horses run through the night, elves weave garlands, giants hold you on their shoulders."

"""Am I dead?"" She asked stepping back from her mother. ""No, dear. Not yet! It is not yet your time. I know how much you've been suffering and how much you've been strong for other people's safety. Now it is time for you to be strong for yourself. Your path is not an easy one and it will take you to waters never traveled before. Trust Edwin, he is the only one who can save you and you are the only one who can save him. Without any of you, the werewolves and the vampire will face assured destruction and extinction if by their own hands or by the hands of others we don't know."" ""I don't understand! "" Said Alexa with sadness in her voice. ""You will understand when your fate is upon you. And keep in mind that there is no such thing as impossible! I'll be watching over you my warrior princess, me and your father and we couldn't be more proud of you!"" Said Alexa's mother beginning to disappear. ""No mom, don't go! I still need you!"" ""You never needed me I love you Alexa and I'm sorry!"" When enemies from two different possessive species are united with a common goal can only mean destruction or love. Will Alexa choose Edwin to be with her forever even if that means that they will go against everyone else's opinion and traditions... A werewolf and a vampire can't be together without spilling blood from each other or will they teach the world another way of life?"

"Emiliana learned it the hard way. That not everybody can and should be trusted, not even one’s own family. That anyone can betray you anytime and by surprise. With her line of work, she had built herself a wall and learned to put on a mask whenever she’s engaging herself with people. She always makes sure that no one would be able to break her indestructible wall. No one will be able to put a crack on it. Or so she thought… Because the moment her path crossed with Nicholas Moretti—the man who helped her five years ago—her indestructible wall began to crack. Her peaceful yet slightly chaotic life became a roller coaster ride the moment he stuck himself to her. Nicholas was not like any other man she encountered. He was persistent, annoying, possessive, and he always makes sure that his presence is known. With him around, will Emiliana finally let her wall crumble and make herself trusts the man, or will she be a strong-headed woman and double her guard around him?"

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Chapter 1

"When Park Seraphine realizes that she had transmigrated to be a character in the novel, she was shocked. On top of that, she was the Female Lead whose life she despised. Even though the Female Lead wasn't her favorite character, that wasn't where the problem lied! It was the fact that all the men around her was sadists— her three brothers, the crown prince, her knight, and the mage! Although the Female Lead bore with them, Park Seraphine wasn't willing to do the same. She was ready to fight against those sadists for her rights no matter what it took! As for having a happy ending with the Crown Prince at the end, she discarded that thought from the beginning. What she wanted was that Crown Prince was to be at her mercy!"

"“You will always be my epitome of beauty,” –Darren Herrera. Due to financial instability, Claire was forced to act as Darren’s wife, one of the most successful business man in their country who wants nothing but to be the CEO of his Dad’s company."

Myra's been leading a simple life as an analyst for the government until things take dangerous turn and she becomes a target. Framed for the murder of her boss, she is forced to go on the run for her life and unveils new dark secrets and realizing that her life has been a project all these time. She also meets her lost family that she never knew existed and plunges her into another spiral turmoil of family feuds as she escapes the police. In the meantime, a group of terrorist are posing a bomb threat over the city of Nairobi and they have not made any requests which makes theme dangerous.

"With the death of Skylar Montana's parents she's shoved into an orphanage waiting for her 18th birthday so she can be free and go to college. But she's adopted by Tyler Black before that happens. She's thrown into a world of the mafia. She has no choice but to help the mafia to be a spy or death awaits her. But what happens when her life becomes miserable and she tries to kill herself because of one man? Will she get the freedom she seeks or will she be destroyed in the process?"

"Charlotte Michael was still a child when war ravaged the all-brown pack on a fateful day when Luna was supposed to conceive her second child. The day Charlotte has always looked up to was suddenly turned into a nightmare. But when a certain cold young rival boy had the chance to eliminate her, what made him decide not to end the life of the only daughter of their rival? Instead, he takes her baby brother and pushes her to safety, leaving her to question his motives Will destiny reunite these three souls? And if it does, will they recognize each other amidst chaos? When the foster son to the Alpha of the red bat pack starts calling Charlotte his mum, what could be his reasons when she has no idea of who the kid was. But she then discovered that she's mated to his dad."

"What if one day you came to know that the person you loved with your whole heart is none other than the murderer of your parents... Would you still love him or would you take revenge for making you all alone in this cruel world? Era Steve is an orphan who doesn't like violence and wants a peaceful life. She is naive and innocent. She always wanted a life partner with whom she can live an ordinary life. Very far away from rich people's diplomacy. That's why she has fallen in love with Daniel Makenzi who she thought to be the perfect match for her liking. The kind of person who also doesn't like violence and has a very calm personality. But is it really the true??? No.... Daniel Makenzi, the famous mafia who is dominating the whole world at this present time. He is the person whom the whole underground people are afraid of. He is the most cruel man in this world. But... Then why Era thinks that he is the opposite kind of person? Did he hide his real identity from her? Yes, he did... Daniel Makenzi has hidden his real identity from Era Steve to become the person she wanted. But why?? Is it because he loves Era and knows what she wanted her soulmate to be? Or.... There is a hidden mystery behind it?? If you want to know the answer then join the journey with the author Rockbison. It is a comedy-based mystery story with a lot of characters and so readers won't feel bored reading only the MCs problematic life but also the side characters little little funny scenes and also love stories... Hope you guys will enjoy it and will comment what you think about my novel. This is my second novel and if you guys haven't read my first novel then go check out Seducing Her Aloof Ex..."