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"When Alpha Lorenzo finds his mate and discovers she is a twelve-year-old orphan, he is certain the Moon Goddess has lost her mind. Why would she allow him to feel the mate-bond when they can't claim one another yet? What he doesn’t know is that this young girl has been delivered into his care for a reason. Arla is not only a powerful werewolf but also a powerful witch, and who better to fiercely protect her from those who wish to exploit her power, than her own fated mate. Arla’s journey of development and discovery, as she learns to harness her powers and navigate her new life, takes her from timid pre-teen to a strong and influential young woman. With Alpha Lorenzo as her protector, can she fight off the evil threats that lay in her path? And when the time finally comes for her to feel the mate-bond, can she forgive him for keeping it a secret all these years? *Completed*"

"""Your father sold you to me in exchange of a higher position in the pack, in order words you are now my property,"" he said to me, his eyes boring into me with an icy glare. In a world where packs and alphas wielded dominion, Elena's life took an unexpected turn. Sold to the cruelest alpha king by her step-father, she hoped for freedom once she bore him a son. What she didn't anticipate was that he was her secret mate, a connection he remained oblivious to. As weeks turned into months, Elena's hopes crumbled, revealing her as a mere pawn. Heartbroken and pregnant, she fled, navigating a world of danger. Meanwhile, the alpha king, realizing his love, vowed to find her, facing relentless challenges as he pursued the mate he had wronged. Their story unfolds with a blend of romance, action, and redemption, where love conquers cruelty, and an enduring bond defies all odds."

"Violet's life changed the day someone she knew and trusted led a gang to defile her, nearly killing her. She never expected to be discovered by a supreme being who offered her power in exchange for her soul. She took it in order to exact her vengeance on those who had wronged her, and as a result she became an existence that defied nature, was powerful, and obtained what she desired. She will go to any length to achieve success in life and love."

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Chapter 1

Mu Family's youngest daughter, Mu Tianen, was born to be a walking disaster. Her mother had a difficult birth and almost died when she was born. The family business also had an unprecedented problem. Before her one-hundred-day birthday, her father was in a car accident, and her family was burned. In the end, she was sent to the mountain to be raised.After that, Mu Family became the leader of the four rich families of Country A.But no one in the Mu Family acknowledged these when she returned at eighteen.Her father was furious. "Which bastard created the rumor? You can't believe it, baby."Her mother said with a smile, "My Tianen is a little angel of fortune."Her brother sneered, "My little sister is the most lovely money-grubber."Her sister said coldly, "Although she is a little silly, no one can dislike her except me. Send a lawyer letter to those slanderers,"The cold Young Master's handsome face was full of love and pride. "Such a good baby belongs to me."The adorable Mu Tianen placed her hands on her hips, her eyes flashing with a fierce light as she pouted unhappily. "I'm very popular. Are you all blind?"

"Una jovencita, proclamada Reina de los Mercenarios, escapa de la prisión más temible del mundo—la Isla Demonio—, iniciando así un complejo y tortuoso viaje en búsqueda de sus raíces. Este lugar, conocido como la Isla Demonio, no es simplemente una cárcel, sino el refugio de los individuos más peligrosos del inframundo. El pasado de Carmen está lleno de enigmas y oscuridad, pero cuando descubre por casualidad que proviene de una acaudalada familia de S, decide abandonar este infierno en busca de la verdad sobre su origen. Al mismo tiempo, Javier—un hombre cuyo poder casi abarca las fuerzas oscuras globales, de identidad compleja y métodos despiadados. Es visto como un demonio y un dios en el mundo, su presencia inspira terror universal. Su poder es tan vasto que es comparable al de una nación, desde el comercio de armas hasta el control del treinta por ciento de los negocios legítimos, su influencia es omnipresente. Al regresar al seno de su familia, Carmen se da cuenta de que no es bienvenida. Sus hermanos y hermanas la envidian, la calumnian e incluso la empujan hacia el escarnio de otros. Sin embargo, los años de encarcelamiento y combate le han otorgado a Carmen un espíritu indomable y una formidable capacidad de autoprotección. Frente a las adversidades familiares y el acoso escolar, Carmen contraataca, mostrando discretamente la fuerza que la caracteriza como Reina de los Mercenarios. A lo largo de una serie de crisis y conspiraciones, los destinos de Carmen y Javier se entrelazan. Estos dos soberanos del mundo subterráneo, enfrentándose a incontables peligros y maquinaciones, pasan de la confrontación inicial a una profunda conexión espiritual. Dos caracteres distintos, provenientes del oscuro mundo de la nobleza, se abren paso a través de constantes pruebas de vida o muerte, acercándose lentamente el uno al otro, hasta desencadenar finalmente una chispa de amor inimaginable. El clímax ocurre cuando Carmen y Javier enfrentan juntos una conspiración diseñada para destruirlos. Esta trama no solo amenaza sus vidas sino que desafía su amor y sus creencias. Gracias a su astucia y valentía, desenmascaran al villano tras bambalinas, resolviendo una serie de enigmas que parecían sin solución. En su búsqueda por la verdad de su linaje, Carmen no solo descubre su verdadera familia y pasado sino que, lo que es más importante, encuentra su propio amor y fuerza. Y Javier, influenciado por Carmen, revela gradualmente la dulzura y el sentido de responsabilidad que yacen debajo de su apariencia fría."

He is loathsome, arrogant and handsome doctor with uncouth mouth. She is a simple sales girl. Being straightforward and brave, she shamelessly pursued him, sending him gifts, meals, flowers and tried to get close to him. She was humiliated when his staff gossiped about her and she retreated. Then he rejected her and told her they could only be friends. She tried her best to avoid him but no matter how much she tried they frequently cross paths. Suddenly one day he told her. "Be my girlfriend!" What a mess!

"This spicy tale has you hot steamy nights, bloody battles, palace intrigue, and a forbidden love that will last the ages. Adriana Gervais (Ana), 3rd Daughter of Emperor Franco Centauri Gervais, the Blood Demon, is the new Vampiric Empire’s Ambassador. George Atwood, son of a soldier, has risen through the ranks of the emperor’s forces with a vengeance. He’s been tasked to keep the Ana alive. What could go wrong? George has watched Ana as she combat trains, loving it entirely too much. Everything about her makes him fall a little harder. That’s the problem, if anyone finds out he lusts for her, they'd suffer a fatal punishment. Ana’s first impression is no less than George’s. She’s aware of the dangers if a courtier catches on. It could result in blackmail or death. Ana is part of the Elite caste. George is part of the Guardian caste. No one’s life partner comes from a different caste, even if they’re fated. So, says the law. Ana has no interest in the throne or ruling. Her parents haven’t instructed her like her sisters. Yet she’s still bound to the caste system and laws. Wearing leather and combat boots, instead of silk and stilettos Ana loves to thumb her nose at tradition, even if she can’t at the caste system. Things get dicey for the two when they must resist the sparks of passion when they first meet in the emperor’s presence and as time goes on it doesn’t get any better. Travel back to when Ana was nineteen and rebellious. See their forbidden love begin and how it burns over time. Will they survive the court intrigue, murder plots, and fate that complicates their lives. Cover by Getcovers."

When Madora comes back after a decade, she doesn't expect to find her old group of friends in such a state. She also doesn't expect the mixed reactions she and her child receive.But she's here now after ten long years and it's finally time to heal. For all of them. It's finally time to let go, even if it means they have to go through hell to get there.Can they?Are they going to build a bridge over ten years of radio silence?Will they re-open the old wounds together in order to help each other heal, rightly this time?Only time can tell.

Sydney Marin is a witch living in Odren country in a realm where all the paranormal creatures existed. All these years in her life she lived as a loner with her aunt Lydia who always protects her, never exposed her to others. One day Sydney met a Jacen, a vampire who entered her life and everything changed. Soon She received a letter to join the sapphire academy and study with other witches, vampires, werewolf, etc.. She can't able to reject it. She ignored her aunt Lydia's warning, joined the academy. Then she came to know more about her life, flashbacks and she realized her life was a lie. She's not just a witch, she's something powerful and more than That...