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"Ever since her nonbiological Mom died, she loathed and blamed herself for that. Avery Maureen Del Hera escaped home when she thought her father whom she grew up with wanted her to go to States, and even be with her biological parents, without him fighting for her. Hence, that's the bare part of the story. When she escaped home, she found a place . . . with the help of her own fate. A zone-like place, literally, with its wide and grandeur sceneries, isolated from the world. It's the Zone of Yavanna, or how the Zoners called it as Forest Survival. It definitely comes with names. Yet she eventually held one while being in there, a codename- a new identity: Cosimia. Her tale begins right at that moment. A journey of being the real sleeping beauty, for she's never awakened with the truth that she's been lost all along. She may have sought where she belongs, but did she see where it will lead her? In this forest that bargains life, away from the cruelty of death, one will strive for the betterment of herself, to think of what will become of her. Here's the thing, she's never a Del Hera, yes, but did she know, too, she's never Avery Maureen?"

"Mileena Holland is the daughter of the head warriors of her pack that is a royal pack of Lycans called “The Nightingale”. When Mileena shifts at five, something had happened that never in a million anyone will think that will happen. She became a white Lycan. Throughout the years, some consider her a blessing, while others consider it to be an abomination. That she will get bullied by other children. Finally, her mother was fed up and left the pack taking Mileena with them, but something happen that shocked Mileena and her mother all together. Her father stayed behind. From there both women left the pack and became rouges. eventually, they found a pack to settle in, and everything got better till Rouge attacked killing some members including her mother. Will Mileena seek revenge, or will she finally become broken?"

"I see Grandfather, and he knows I see him. The people surround me, their faces red with anger. Grandfather raises his hands, eventually quieting them. ""Toby... what have you done?"" The colony world of Horus was a blissful utopia... until a curious little boy made one mistake and sent the world into a downward spiral of self-destruction. The world's gods were revealed to be nothing more than computers... and those computers are now failing. To pay for his mistake, Toby Spafford, now a man, must travel the deadly, ruined streets to find three missing keys that can activate a backup system created by his grandfather, Professor Jonathan Spafford. Dogging his every move are various factions that have grown to like the taste of power over the helpless citizens, and they'll do anything to stop him. In his favor, he is determined, intelligent, bitterly stubborn, and resourceful. Unfortunately... so are his enemies."

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Chapter 1

"Trained to take over from her Father, Zalia is shocked when her best friends turn against her, but Zalia has found the perfect way to get back at them. She will humiliate every male that thinks a female shouldn’t be in a Pack’s leadership and she will show her best friends what they will be missing in their leadership. She gets help from her team to get her sweet revenge and she finds something along the way that is very hard to resist."

"""Should I help you take off your pants, Mr. Nicolas?"" offered Dianne innocently, she meant it because she was worried that her boss would find it difficult. ""Are you crazy? I can do it myself!"" Nicolas exclaimed in an embarrassed tone. Dianne scowled in a bad mood. ""I'm just offering, there's no need to be upset."" ""I know, even though you might have seen me naked because we had sex before, but still I don't remember anything about you,"" Nicolas said with a face that was now as red as a tomato. Dianne did not comment, she immediately closed the toilet door and waited behind it while grumbling. ""Had sex with him? Ridiculous!"" ----------------------------- This is Dianne Rosallee's 100th day working as an apprentice secretary at the Buenos Solar Company, but the girl is very fed up with her boss, Nicolas Gauthier. Nicolas Gauthier is a symbol of ruthlessness and arrogance. The main director of the Buenos Solar Company hates even the slightest mistake made by his employees. He is typically a perfectionist, which makes his employees difficult and emotional stress. Dianne Rosallee is no exception. Dianne Rosallee is a symbol of hatred and determination. Her revenge to Nicolas led Dianne to another complicated and crazy problem. There is a dangerous enemy that is lurking and threatening their lives. The term 'Love Blossoms in the Middle of War' seems to apply to Nicolas and Dianne. But, why is a bitter secret revealed when the both of them have shared feelings for each other?"

"Nothing is more painful than being rejected by her own parents because they trust the person she considered a true friend more than her. Nicole thought her life would improve with Danica’s help, but the opposite happened. Danica used Nicole to fulfill her ambition — to marry an arrogant and hard-hearted Steven. Nicole could see why a friend had betrayed her because of this man. Aside from being a billionaire, he also possessed the traits that drive women crazy over a man. After six years, Nicole will return to take back everything from Danica, including the man who said she didn’t deserve to be the mother of his child."

Lauren had her life all planned out she would go to college get her degree in business then come back to work for her Pack. She would meet her soulmate and he would move with her back to her pack and they will rein her pack. But destiny had other plans for her, will she be able to esvape it?

Lexi has always been different than others. She is faster, stronger, can see better and heals quickly. And she has an odd birthmark in the shape of a wolf's paw. But she never thought of herself as special. Until she gets close to het twentieth birthday. She notices all of her oddities get stronger. She knows nothing about the super natural world or mates. Until the birthmark starts to burn. Suddenly she finds herself involved with werewolves that think she is the prophesied one that is supposed to unite the packs against a vampire that wants her dead. She has to learn how to handle her new powers as well as not one but two mates. One wanted to reject her because he thought she was human. The other accepts her completely. The prophecy says she has to have both. Wha twill she do. Will she accept both or reject one and hope for a second chance mate? Will she be able to handle shifting and her powers before it is too late?

"When Billionaire Andrew Templeton first saw Miranda Duran, she was gorgeous yet clumsy, and he couldn't help but feel compelled to take her on his bed. They did meet in an absurd scenario, but fate brought them back together when Miranda applied for the role of personal assistant to the CEO of the Templetons Enterprise. They collided again, and a brief fling of sex and pleasure ensued. Andrew was forced to choose between his brothers and pleasure when he discovered a terrible truth about Miranda's birth....She was his pleasure and at his Mercy!"