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"Amelia was always bullied by her twin sister Olivia, even worse, they have the same mate! You rob my thing, my parents, now you rob my mate! Amelia growled to Olivia. Olivia smirked. ""Stupid girl, you deserve nothing."" ""Bullshit!"" The most potent Alpha Alexander kissed Amelia before everyone and announced that Amelia is his luna. ""Amelia, you're my destiny,"" Alex said before burying his whole face in Amelia's vagina and sucking on her labia like a starving man."

"What will happen when Avery Grant, shy girl, meets a totally handsome bad boy and is one of the Campus Heartthrobs.? Avery Grant, 18yrs old, a monotonous type of girl, shy and fragile but witty. Her life only revolves with her family & friends house to school and vice versa.. But it will soon change once she meets the most handsome bad boy in their campus, James Seyfried, 20 yrs old. ""Shut up and kiss me now.!"" James says to her.. ""What?! Are you kidding me? Why would I do that.?!"" She says in shock. ""..because if you dont want to I will go there and kill that bastard.! I surely know you dont want that to happen. Do you?"" he furiously says to her. ""please..stop it. No need to..."" she says pleading him. "" kiss me or I'l go there.?!"" He says. Let's follow their story."

"""Euli."" I'm pressed up against his desk, his front to my back, and I can feel everything. ""Yes"" I answer breathlessly, he pulled my hair backward. ""Do you think I care if anyone sees me ravishing your sinful body?"" I try to wiggle out of his hold to no avail, he pulls me tighter to his front and I feel his hardness ""Cons...tantine "" I stutter There's a knock on the door and I quickly regain myself, push him backward and arrange my scattered hair and he just smirks at me. Eulalia gets a well paying job at a very successful company but she doesn't know why she can't stop thinking about her boss and all the dirty things he could do to her. Constantine can't stop thinking about the little angel that works for him and beautiful her blue eyes are. He will stop at nothing until he makes sure that she is HIS. It started as a boss secretary relationship but turned into something more sinful. Will their love be strong enough to overcome any storm or will it crumble in the end?"

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Chapter 1

"Rhea is a free-spirited werewolf whose heart lies in a world of passion rather than on the fabled promises of a happy life filled with love. She is one of the strongest in the pack and the most sought after by the best warriors because of her irresistible sensual energy. All she wants is a life of adventure and the thrill of passion. Jericho is the young Alpha that just recently took over leadership of the pack from his aged father. He is shy and has always lived his life avoiding responsibility and the prospect of becoming a leader one day which is his fate. All he wants is a life of peace and quiet. Axel is a Delta warrior dedicated to a life of fighting and living on the edge of life and death. He falls heavy for the irresistible charms of Rhea and it affects him changing his personality forever. What happens when their paths cross and their destinies intertwine in a dance between life and death in the test of will"

"As she drowns in sinful pleasure in the arms of Matthew the man he chose to serve as the unsuspecting Baby Daddy, Lola keeps convincing herself that she doesn’t need a man to complete her, she is doing this just for one thing, to get pregnant, and then she will never see him again. So she thought! To her surprise, the man she's been seeing apparently is her best friend Katie's, childhood sweetheart and has come back to town for good. Matthew want's to pursue her but Katie is going all out to win him back, Trouble is brewing in the horizon, her baby plan looks like it is coming to a halt, And biggest trouble is,She is falling in love!! Love, Friendship and future dreams all at steak. If she doesn’t move her pieces right it is gonna be a check mate for her and lose it all! She will definitely grow old, sad and alone!!!"

"It was said that the moon and stars were a couple, and when they died they rested in heaven while providing light to the earth. Moonlight Park and Starlight Park were friends, and they often did things together. But when the Alpha of Moonlight Park fell in love with the daughter of their enemy, little did he know that she was a Luna, whose father had already arranged a marriage with another Alpha from a powerful clan. This created an epic battle between the four parks, one where the stakes were much higher than anyone could have imagined. With alliances shifting and loyalties tested, will the Moon and the Stars be able to find peace in the end, or will the darkness prevail? Find out what happens when the moon and stars collide!"

"It's like having your own type,nobody judges when a white woman is only attracted to black man or when a black woman is attracted to only white guys,we all have our own type the only difference is that my type have the same genitals as me.nobody judges when you're not in blondes or red heads but when you get attracted to the same sex all hell break loose. I'm attracted to you Dave, whether I only known you for hours or days I like you and time won't change that."

"Being the youngest child of the De Hizon, Emerald strives hard to be the perfect daughter she could be to be loved and accepted by her own family. Life must be cruel when the truth revealed that she was only adopted. What can be more cruel when she finds out she was ought to be engaged and bound to be married to the person he knew her brother! Sebastian Alexander De Hizon- the rebel, ruthless and dominant brother who hates her for unknown reasons. He bestowed her nothing but ruthlessness and showed her how he was against the arranged marriage. With Alec's strange behavior and stolen glances and how her silly heart throbs whenever he comes near her. Will she finally know what are those meant for?"

"Rompo tu camisa, Davina era simplemente hermosa… Mi interior latía de deseo, iba directo de su cuello a esos senos amplios y rosados, los succiono con hambre, anhelando más, con fuerza, entre besos y mordiscos, deslizo mis manos hacia su entrada, un dedo la toca en un ritmo constante. Te escucho gemir suavemente, escucharte de esa manera es pura felicidad… Sigo descendiendo, dejando besos por todo tu cuerpo, frotando contra tu entrada, haciendo que arquees la espalda. Lo único que me impide estar allí es la fina tela de tu encaje y mi ropa interior, los siento empapados a través de la tela, lo que solo excita e intensifica la excitación. Sigo descendiendo más… ¡Necesito probarte! En “Bienvenido a mi infierno, Esposa de la Mafia”, Davina se ve obligada a casarse con Adam, un temido Don de la Mafia en Inglaterra. Mientras se preparan para su unión, descubren un mundo de seducción y traición. Secretos impactantes son revelados por una figura enmascarada, encendiendo un ardiente deseo de venganza en Davina. La tensión entre ellos aumenta en cada encuentro, poniendo en peligro todo lo que saben. En medio de secretos, traiciones y apasionados encuentros, Davina y Adam deben desentrañar la verdad detrás de su matrimonio arreglado y luchar por la supervivencia en un mundo infernal."