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"He is a billionaire and a vampire, she is just a student struggling to make ends meet. They both meet and two worlds collide. Mia Sanderson has to work two jobs to make ends meet. She doesn't really care about love and men, all she wants is one thing - to work as a project manager in D.B, the biggest estate management company in the city. Damien Black is a silent billionaire, nobody knows D.B is owned by him. He's the strongest vampire in his clan and the leader. Nobody knows about the existence of vampires though. He has everything he has ever wanted but one, a woman to call his own. Now they're both being threatened by an unknown person. They both fall in love but is their love strong enough to withstand the secrets he holds? Also, will they be able to find the source of the threats?"

"APRICITY : The warmth of sun in the cold arms of winter. Tormented by memories , bounded by history ; MY APRICITY is a journey of painful pleasures and sinful secrets. SERENE DIOR WALKER , being 20 years old is the most elegant and eloquent person you'll encounter. Being proficient in ballet, she's a perfect embodiment of a rhythmic soul and an altruistic smile. But her smile hides the gut wrenching tales of tears and her dignified body bears the cruelty as a blemish. Struggling with the hustle of life , 27 years old ROWAN CHAZE is an enigma that is too difficult to decipher. Blessed with the flair of art , he drenches the world with the color of emotions but carries a hollow destitute land in the name of heart .His eyes bore the kaleidoscope of mortifying memories which torment him till date. But God isn't that cruel. He has kept a fare share of happiness for everyone even for resenting souls like SERENE and ROWAN. How do they both meet ? How do they fill the voids for each other ? How do they decipher the TOXICITY and become each other's APRICITY? Join me in this journey of LOVE , PASSION, DESIRE, HAPPINESS ,ROMANCE and BETRAYAL."

"Ariel watched with tears in her eyes, as her parents, her dignity, and her throne were taken away from her. Stripped to nothing but a servant, the only thing that she ever wished was for was the fall of her most hated enemy. Gaining his way into the pack house to gain her revenge, it turned out that the moon goddess had other plans for her, making Alpha Derek his mate. Was she going to follow her heart or the dying urge to take her revenge? While the dark shades behind her past clear out gradually, turns out that she must protect the ones that she cares most about. Why does the Alpha reject her even though he knows that she is the only one who can heal him from his curse, what dark secrets is he trying to hide what is the true identity of Ariel and why would her enemies want her dead by all means? Find out in this new werewolf series. ""Wish I could hate you."""

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Chapter 1

"I dodged his hand by twisting away. “I told you not to touch me.” “I just gave you pleasure,” Valen skited like it was a great achievement to boast about. He felt no guilt for his earlier sin. “I did not ask you to.” I retaliated. It was wrong of me to fall victim to his allure. It was purely Zeus’ fault. His wolf was nicer. “You like it though.” His voice was low and throaty with a triumphant grin. D*mn his ego! “You didn’t want me to stop before.” Blood rushed to my face and I blushed in shame as he stared at me. I stretched for a pillow and sailed it at him. He caught it with a chuckle. - Alpha Prince Valen, the next in-line to be Alpha King, has been Raina's crush since childhood. For years she yearned for the attention that he never gave. So, can you imagine how ecstatic she was to realize that Valen was her mate? She could finally have him. - To her dismay, something’s wrong with the mate bond. The old books refer to them as unfortunate soulmates. This implied that once the bond has served its purpose, it would never last. - Forced to reject her and sever the bond, the painful separation exposed Raina to numerous challenges and dangers. A glimpse of the future has left her torn between the desire for her mate and the doom of their fate. - Will Raina and Valen have their happy ending or did the moon goddess have something else in store for them? Should she fight for her mate or let the course of destiny unfold? - Find out as Raina embarks on a journey filled with heartache, revelation, and an uncertain future. ^-^ This is Book 2 from the Mates series. This might be read as a standalone, however, to understand the characters, you might want to read Book 1 - Mates: Regrets and Redemption © All rights reserved."

"Rocco Cassano es el hermano de un líder de la mafia Italiana que está en busca de la mujer de su peor enemigo, pues quiere matarla para vengarse de él. Por azares del destino Rocco encuentra a la mujer antes que su hermano, pero en lugar de entregarla la oculta y la protege con su vida. Un hombre fuerte y decidido. Una mujer perseguida por dos mafiosos. Un romance apasionado entre dos personas que pertenecen a mundos diferentes. ¿Quieres conocer al lobo de la mafia? acompáñame en esta historia."

"Ever since her nonbiological Mom died, she loathed and blamed herself for that. Avery Maureen Del Hera escaped home when she thought her father whom she grew up with wanted her to go to States, and even be with her biological parents, without him fighting for her. Hence, that's the bare part of the story. When she escaped home, she found a place . . . with the help of her own fate. A zone-like place, literally, with its wide and grandeur sceneries, isolated from the world. It's the Zone of Yavanna, or how the Zoners called it as Forest Survival. It definitely comes with names. Yet she eventually held one while being in there, a codename- a new identity: Cosimia. Her tale begins right at that moment. A journey of being the real sleeping beauty, for she's never awakened with the truth that she's been lost all along. She may have sought where she belongs, but did she see where it will lead her? In this forest that bargains life, away from the cruelty of death, one will strive for the betterment of herself, to think of what will become of her. Here's the thing, she's never a Del Hera, yes, but did she know, too, she's never Avery Maureen?"

"I am a Catalyst. The Spark, the lore calls me. The problem with being a Spark was two-fold. Monsters were drawn to me. And I'd known so many of them that I found myself unable to be intrigued by any normal, human male. I was drawn to those dangerous breeds now, like a moth to flame, how much could I really resist their primal aggression? You'd think that with my time as a Spark, I'd have learned how to recognize each creature. But there were so many, I didn't know where to begin. Every male creature lusted for me, especially the monsters. And I for them. The trick I faced was in trying not to attract every unholy thing I came across. And when I did, in identifying which just wanted to possess me and which might actually kill me. I was clearly failing. On both accounts."

"""Even if I want to get laid, I must find a man who likes me."" Maybe it was because of alcohol. Veronica Parker just walked a few steps, when suddenly, she staggered and bumped into a man's arms. A slightly cool mint aroma permeated the air. Looking up in a trance, she looked at the handsome and indifferent face, with rigid lines and sharp indifferent eyes, as if the corners of his lips would never rise into a cold arc. The corners of his lips bent proudly, and his eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. Veronica Parker grabbed the clothes on his chest, smiled and said, ""How about sleeping with me tonight?"" ""Are you sure?"" The low and charming voice was particularly beautiful. Veronica Parker tilted her head and said provocatively, ""Why? Don't you dare?"" She had blurred eyes, soft voice, ambiguous tone, and red cheeks. Very attractive. The man smiled and bent over. Then, Veronica Parker's feet suddenly rose into the air. Panicked, she let out a short scream. She subconsciously clung to the man's shirt and him directly. The hot kiss made the dryness and heat in Veronica Parker's body surge. It was a little difficult to control, as if constantly tearing their own clothes. In the depths of her body, there was a deep desire, like a black hole. She wanted to be filled with something. ""Woman, do you want me to do it here?"" The voice of a man was a mess."

"The Red Devil Pack (under the guise of rogues) attacked the Silver Wolf Pack and killed everyone except the pregnant Luna who wasn't there at the time. She went into hiding, and before her daughter turned 18, she passed away. Her daughter, Adriana, has grown up thinking she is nothing more than an Omega until she finds out she is the fated mate of the Alpha, Daemon, in the pack she has been hiding. He doesn't want a mate, especially an Omega but finds he cannot reject her. He finds out that she is much more than he realises, and he has to save her from those who would harm her for the power she brings. This book was originally a standalone but has become a series of five books. All of them are/will be in this book."