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"All she ever wanted was freedom, little did she know was slowly falling into the lions den. ***** With a terminally ill little sister, Adia gets into a one night stand, which results in a pregnancy. A forbidden one, that can cost her life. Sebastian hunters, one of the most eligible bachelors and a Rich CEO, who's also a vampire, who doesn't believe in love giving he lost his first love, must do all he can to ensure Adia safety. They get into a contract marriage, as Sebastian tries finding all possible means to save her. Adia falls for Sebastian, who remains adamant on falling back for her, he confines her, making sure she stays indoors, all in the name of protecting her. Adia who's tired of getting no attention, begins to sneak out from time to time, only to land in a big trouble, that brings Sebastian close to her as he realizes he's been too harsh on her. Will Adia ever be able to take the fact that she'll die soon? How will Adia bear all the secrets that's has been hidden from her all along? Will she ever forgive the vampires, including her best friend? Will Sebastian ever be able to save her? #WARNING MATURED CONTENT BLU VEE"

"Unloved. Unwanted. Abandoned. Those words have followed Kayla since birth. Abandoned by her pack as a pup and left for dead in the woods she was taken in by the Cedar Wood pack. Raised as their servant and deemed a runt too weak to hunt with the pack, her life is one of servitude and that's all it'll ever be. That's all she's worth. Or at least that's what people keep telling her. So why does the visiting Alpha of the most powerful pack ever to roam the land keep looking at her and what is he whispering about?"

"A Supernatural Reverse Harem. MMFMM ""We're meant to be, Annabelle. You can fight the mate bond as much as you want, but it doesn't mean that we're going anywhere. We will never give up on trying to makes this work. We have always been yours and you're ours. Forever will be.."""

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Chapter 1

"""Arya, do you trust me?"" ""No!"" ""Okay, Now you are just being rude!"" With that, Lucas grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, crashing their bodies together, grabbing a fistful of her hair, he connected their lips. The sound of flying bullets, crashing bombs and blazing sirens, all seemed to dissolve into erupting fireworks, as their lips danced in harmony and their tongues melted, tasting each other's mouth. ""I hate the thought of blood smudged over my Brioni suit, but we have to jump or we'll be dinner to some very angry Hungarians. So hold your panties on."" He screamed with excitement while she screamed in fear as they jumped down from the building. --------------------------- Lucas Santiago - The notorious Lord of world's biggest money laundering mafia loves his life full of guns, wars, designer clothing and women. When his armory deal in New York is raided, he orders his men to kidnap the commissioner's daughter, a day before her wedding. However a confusion leads to the Bride's cousin getting abducted, instead. Arya Scott is a witty brown head, with excellent combat skills but amnesia ridden brain. But to Lucas, she is the perfect opportunity. So he tricks her into believing that he runs a Secret Spy Agency and she works for him, against her uncle, the commissioner. Making her, his human war machine, together they fight gangs and lead on expeditions where she picks back pieces of her memory. He is not your regular cup of Mr. Goody shoes / the hero who saves the day and she is no plain Jane / damsel in distress. So how will they blend together? Buckle up for a sexy ride of action, thrill-suspense, comedy and a unique form of romance!"

"Book One- Unbroken Jaden's relationship with Zaden, his twin brother, went downhill after he was betrayed by him. Having lost his mate to the destructive hands of Zaden, darkness and revenge settles deep in Jaden's heart. However, fate gives him a new chance by giving him a new mate. Alas, she's a twin who is at war with her own twin sister, Zaden's mate. A prophecy emerges, a war arises, destinies are rewritten, hearts collide and a vengeful ghost is involved."

Daisy turned Eighteen which happened to be the worst day of her life as her family is slaughtered on her birthday. She runs for her life and ends up in her aunt's place, who happens to be her mom's younger sister. She starts digging up on her past as she finds out that her father's best friend who is the father of her boyfriend is behind the death of her family. She embarks on a journey to find justice for her family where she reunites with her supposed to be dead brother and they both continue on their journey for justice. She finds her way back to her pack, the crescents pack but she is forced to face her boyfriend

"A cute, bubbly, lovely, caring girl, who loves her mother and her step father the most, but they sell her off in exchange of money to save their neice's life. she left broken and alone, the man whom she married or we can say selled off, he treats her like a slave, and abuse her, teaming up against her with his girlfriend. his family loves the girl, but don't know about their son's behaviour towards her. will she get the love of her husband, will he ever loved her? or she have to pay the price of being a step daughter and an unwanted wife?"

"Two people meet by chance, they instantly fell in love, one is under false identity but came with good intentions, the other wants a simple sweet life, no Drama, no fear no running away from the past. I created the story on my own please don't plagiarise my book, it is illegal to copy another person's work."

The First Love for 17 years old girl , He has to run away from home to save his love and family.