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"Rafaelia is an Assasin and hates Mafia the most. Her mom died because of Mafia, and wanted to get revenge. She's ruthless and doesn't care for anyone else, even her own self. Everything changed after getting engaged to a Childish guy. She fell for his kindness and swore to protect him no matter what, not knowing that he is a ruthless Mafia Boss."

When Charlotte finds herself staring into the eyes of the strongest alpha in centuries she has no idea he's her mate. She's not yet old enough to feel the bond, but Cole is. When she flees the only home she's ever known the night they meet she has no idea she's got her fate hot on her heels

Just one night, Elisa's world was turned upside down. Her virginity was snatched away without her consent. Before she could regain herself, she received a sack letter from her boss. Life was unfair. To keep her sick mother alive, she needed to accept a menial job she never imagined. Her beauty became her torture. She was framed by her mistress and she suffered the greatest humiliation of her life. Multiple times, she contemplated suicide. But the love of her mom kept her going until she became a surrogate mother to someone who was once a thorn in her skin. Will this be the end of her world? Or the start of a new beginning?

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Chapter 1

"Crystal. An orphan who lost her parents at a very early and tender age got the chance to be the secretary of the ruthless billionaire who's name was Red. She disliked him and he didn't like seeing her around him but then tragedy struck. Red was attacked by someone and he went into coma at the spot. He followed his body to the hospital and when he got there, he discovered he was going to die soon. He didn't like the fact that he was going to die without knowing who killed him and then he went to his company. The first lady he saw was Crystal who happened to see and hear him speak. What would happen to the two individuals? Would any human believe that crystal isn't a lunatic? Would Red get his revenge just like he desires? How? Would he fall in love? Find out as you read Love-Hate Relationship With Billionaire Red."

"(RATED 18+) ""Veronica is pregnant!"", Mother said loudly I stopped dead in my tracks. The realization of that hit me suddenly like I was unaware of it before. ""Your younger sister, Veronica is pregnant, Adele! She is"", mother said the last two words in a very soft tone I turned my head to look at her. I s*ck*d in a very sharp breath, trying to keep myself in control and perfect order as I turned to face mother and spat those words out. ""I am not getting married. I am not getting married to someone I do not know. No, that is not going to happen"", I said very clearly this time and I saw a tear drop from my mother's right eye. ""Do you not get it? You have no choice in this. You have no say in this!"" ""And I wonder why that is"", I replied with gritted teeth as I glared at mother murderously. ----------------- Adele Woods; a despaired, pessimistic and brokenhearted lady found herself agreeing to an arranged matrimony after much persuasion and convincing talk from her parents, especially her mother. She had no say in it and that made her angry. Being a rebellious person, Adele refused to even take a look at her betrothed's picture. She had a thought on her mind. Her husband would want one thing from her; to procreate. And that is one of the things she would never do. But is it possible? When her husband is Christopher Marvin; a young, handsome man who would do no other thing than to make her laugh. He was the most flirtatious, lively, cheerful, and manly person she has ever met. He was definitely not what she imagined her husband to be like. Will Adele be able to pull herself out of her 'annoying' marriage? Or will she find herself changing because of a certain hot man?"

"I'm a dancer, trapped by my stepmother's decree. Discovering a hidden school troupe introduces me to Theo's intensity, Mark's charm, and Danny's allure — igniting a fire I thought long gone. Battling my stepmother's anger, I risk it all not only for dance but for Theo, Mark, and Danny who've brought back my world. Within the troupe, we share dances that defy imagination, deepening our bonds with every step. Despite the taboo, their touch sparks electric desires. Risking everything, I embrace my passion and the love Theo, Mark, and Danny offer. Our unity grows daily. Together, we surrender to music and each other, dancing with abandon. Amidst the whirlwind, I find my purpose and an all-encompassing love that defies limits."

"Carmen was found on shores of the Pacific as baby. King Cyrus of the country of Kineti, took her and raised her as his own. The child discovers her hidden abilities but advised to keep them a secret as she might be burned for having them. When she becomes a woman she uncovers the hidden truths about who she truly is."

Gwen Stone lived a pampered life until the moment her parents expected her to marry some man she had never even met! Her parents' business was at risk of going bankrupt until Jay Marshall came into the picture. He gave them an offer, Gwen's hand in marriage, and in exchange, he would bail them out of their money issues. What Gwen didn't know was that Jay was a werewolf! And not just any werewolf, but the Alpha! After learning this startling thing about her husband, Gwen has no idea how to handle her new life. At first, she plans to flee, but soon enough she realises that this man is more important to her than she ever thought possible. Yet there is far more to her new life and role as his wife, especially when danger comes knocking on their door!

"Can you imagine how life will be in 3019? Exactly a thousand years from 2019 human life would be very different. All the fossil fuels have been long depleted. The human race will have to face far more bigger challenges as they are unknown to how enormous amounts of energy is supplied to them to keep the futuristic lifestyle going. There comes a helping hand from another planet! But they ask a heavy price in return for all the energy they will supply to Earthlings. Heinous crimes are committed, humans turn against humans and the whole of humanity is ultimately at stake. Romance will brew, darkest of betrayals will be felt, deception will be the norm and survival will be the end game. Join this adventure with Rosa and unravel the mysteries to see what lies ahead in store for the human race."