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"""I, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Kevin Allen, reject you, Ella Moore, to be my mate."" Shaking my head in disbelief, I couldn't fathom that Kevin Allen, my best friend, would reject me today, at my 18th coming-of-age ceremony, in front of all the werewolves of the Blood Moon Pack, due to I’m a mute Omega. ----Many years later, Alpha Kevin meets his mute mate again. He will pay a heavy price and regret for his mistake in rejecting her when he was young."

"""How can I sleep with you?"" a woman complained that Jordan wanted to sleep with her without touch each other. ""I just need to recover from this strange disease,"" Jordan replied showing his reddish body and lots of small rashes from his scratches. ""Are you an alien?"" ""I am a human."" ""Why do you have strange symptoms like that?"" ""I don't know. I will only recover if I sleep with a woman. "" = = = Jordan Land, a boss of a company's international magazine. 30 years old, tall, and handsome too. Everything about him was perfect, but there were two things about Jo that made him hated by almost everyone who knew him. First, his grumpy nature, and his mysterious illness can only be cured if he sleeps with a woman. Until he found a girl who could cure simply by its presence alone makes Jordan heal slowly. Who's that girl?"

"Love triangle between Vampire Prince, Kai Schneider with abandoned young prince of werewolf, Isaac Andrew and their quite energetic and troublemaker girl, Maddy. The only girl that doesn't fall for his charm and the werewolf boy just makes it worst. who the one would find their ultimate happiness? Which one would she chose?"

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Chapter 1

"Terah's biggest mistake was helping Chet, a dreambender. That simple act of kindness led her to being killed thus making her a Forgotten, a wandering soul in the spiritual world. Sidapa, the god of Death, himself made a proposition. She will become his assassin and he will free her spirit from Dremlan, where her spirit was imprisoned. Not only that, he gave her another body to use so that she will be able to go back to the physical world.. Another problem came when her body nearly expired and she needed another body to use. She found out that her body was still okay and was just waiting for her spirit to return. Before that will happen, she will need to get back her essence that she gave to Chet by kissing him. Simple, right? But not for her. How could she kiss a man who betrayed her? Above all else, Zachary the vampire is also possessive of her."

"George Barlow, a cold and a ruthless CEO of Barlow Enterprises have decided to take Brielle, his secretary as his bride, when she came asking for his help. George, have always had a soft spot for his secretary, but she always rejects any of his advances. when George saw an opportunity to get closer to her, he didn't hesitate to use it, and nothing can stand on his way not even the heaven. Brielle a young alluring girl, she have always admired her boss but scared to get closer to him, because of his popularity with women, afraid to get hurt by him. What will she do when her boss decided to trap her into his life."

"""I've loved you for a long time, Uncle."" ~ Clara Rusadi. ""No way, Clara, you have high taste but sorry, you're not my type!"" said Joe Sebastian cruelly. ~~~~~~•••••~~~~~~ Clara, a 17-year-old girl, is just in the 3rd year of high school. She was forced to confess her love to a man 18 years older than her. Yes, because only Joe Sebastian could make her enchanted and fall in love. However, the man rejected Clara's love, because he only saw her as a younger sister. Joe understood Clara's stubborn nature very well. He was forced to reject her cruelly. What will Clara do? Will he give up? Or is she still struggling to fight for her love for Joe? ==="

"Romano ""Ram"" Santiago is a well-known businessman, he is known to be a protege when it comes to the business world, and everything he puts his mind on always means success, he has everything, a successful career, wealth, and even a beautiful girlfriend who loves him, but what he didn't expect that his girlfriend would leave him, and because of his sadness, but more on frustration, he hired a prostitute which he usually didn't do, a prostitute that turned out to be a virgin. How would his perfect world be turned upside-down just because of a virgin prostitute, whose name is Atilla Salvador?"

"Ella Miller had the childhood of a princess until she lost her mother. Her father remarried soon so little Ella could have a mother. Alas, her new mother came with two step-sisters who made her life a living hell. She thought Joe, her first boyfriend would rescue her from this life but he ended up cheating on her. Distraught, she goes to the coolest rooftop bar in New York with the aim of losing her virtue once and for all to this hot stranger who mistakes her for a prostitute. The following morning, she leaves money behind as revenge but fate had other plans. Her only job at a Fortune 500 company was about to end unless she got a billion dollar client account; but her hopes were squashed when the CEO of Holt Enterprises proposed a 12 month contract marriage in exchange for a 12 month contract with her company. Playboy billionaire James Holt is calm and composed as a lion but this girl, Ella, invoked his anger when she tipped him for a night he’ll never forget. He vows to find and punish her in every way possible. Shall James be able to tame Cinderella or will it be the other way around?"

Beth is a loner, she doesn't have friends nor does she want them, she never wanted to be the popular girl and wanted to stay out of the limelight, but when the kids from the school with the worst reputation join her school she starts to get a lot of attention from Luke the boy with the worst reputation.