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"Alexia, as the perfect Luna to her pack, was married to her husband alpha Damian for love, they were not meant and mate for each other. Alexia had never thought one day she could have the rebirth of her. Alexia was murdered by her evil husband Damian and his later-found mistress Hayley, who also became his mate after her death. One fortunate day, Alexia opened her eyes only to find out that she was back from the dead. “Oh my Wolf, I am back from the dead. I can’t feel myself s before anymore… I feel some kinda new powers of me” Alexia said to herself. In order to protect what she had worked for, Alexia is determined to fix all of her problems. By living again as a Powerful Luna, who cannot be oppressed by her foes but will be the OPPRESSION of them herself. By drafting a whole new plan, she begins with the people who planned for the death of her previous life. One night, when Alexia was running in her favourite woods, she met a huge wolf with silver eyes. This was the first time she has ever set her eyes on that kind of breed. . . Who was this wolf? How would she be the oppression… to her foes? How would things go differently from the previous life Alexia experienced? . . . ……"

Seen by few living, Alpha Killian Desmond is whispered about throughout the world, his cruel reputation proven countless times. The ferocity of this man and his pack have been the source of many legends and nightmares. Most who have met him, have died at his hands. Claire Miller has lived a simple life as the daughter of the Beta in her pack. As the Moon Ball approaches, and every pack in the United States gather to meet, the sense of dread building inside of her grows.What will happen when Claire is thrown into the arms of the most ferocious and cruel Alpha known to man? Will she prove to be the exception to his malicious ways? Or will she suffer the same fate as countless others.

After Lila knows the secret behind her parents' death, she also face sudden accident which leads to her soul swapping. With her new face and body, she decides to confirm if her fiance actually loves her or want her wealth by seducing him with her new identity but her fiance falls head over heels with her new body which is Cindy's without knowing it was her soul in Cindy's body. Playing love between her fiance and Cindy's boyfriend in her new body, Lila falls in love with the two guys and don't know which to choose.

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Chapter 1

"""YOUR USELESS!"" He shouts. ""3 years! And you can't even… ahh forget it… just leave."" He says. ""No! I won't! You are my mate!"" I say, stamping my feet. ""I can't have an incompetent Luna anymore, I have an heir on the way. NOW LEAVE,"" He growls. Cora had always dreamed of finding her fated mate, and when she finally met Drake, she thought she had it all. But after three years of trying to conceive and failing, Drake lost his patience and deemed Cora an incompetent Luna. His betrayal cut deep, especially when Cora caught him sleeping with her closest friend. Heartbroken and rejected, Cora is forced to leave the pack behind, unsure of where to turn next. But fate has given her another chance, and as she begins to rebuild her life, she meets someone who ignites a new kind of passion within her. With the turmoils that still keep coming at her, will Cora be able to make the right choices to get her happy ending? Or will she be shattered into a thousand pieces once again?"

"Jada finally had her first boyfriend at the age of 18, she was a freshman in college back then. However, it only took her 3 years to finally realize that he was not someone to be proud of. That their story’s not one worth sharing. Lyken cheated on her 4 times, the first three were forgivable but the last one pushed her away from him. He pushed her so hard that she wanted to stay away for good. So, she decided to leave the country with no plans of coming back. When she did due to work commitments, she got caught up in the wind again. And in the middle of her avenging heart, there’s this man who’s trying to win her back. A man that will do everything just to earn her forgiveness. But will Jada be able to overcome the horror of the past and forgive Lyken? Or are they bound to live their lives away from each other?"

Feisty, crazy and impulsive are the words that best describe Sasha Milton's personality. She is as the notorious leader of the school's most popular and problematic girls,"The panthers". They not only do they walk around school like they own the place, they also found pleasure in inflicting pain on others and are the biggest bullies in Clinton high school. Dean McCain is another popular heartthrob in school but unlike Sasha, he is loved and respected by every student alongside his best friends, Jake and Kyle. When Dean accidentally runs into Sasha and walks out without apologizing, all hell breaks loose as Sasha is determined to make him pay for embarrassing her and making her a laughing stock to her haters. But in the process of getting revenge and payback, they both start to learn more about each other and understand that their very perfect profile is not as it seems and that together they could help each other heal from their sad experiences.

"Kiera Campbell, a powerful heiress and the saviour of the Relish Group, thought she had it all when she married her secret love, Nicholas Relish, who later proved he still yearned for his first love, Cristal Duke. As Kiera's marriage crumbles amidst heartbreaking revelations and unwanted pregnancies, a tragic accident occurs, leading to Kiera's untimely demise. But destiny has an extraordinary plan for Kiera. Thrown back in time to a pivotal moment, she refuses to be a submissive wife anymore. Reclaiming her position as Vice CEO of the Campbell Group, Kiera embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, rekindling her passions and embracing her independence. Jace Dalton, the captivating CEO with an enigmatic charm and an icy demeanour that masks a burning desire for Kiera, emerges from the shadows with a goal in mind. With a mysterious connection to her past, Jace sets a seductive plan to capture her heart in motion. Yet Nicholas' grip on Kiera remains unyielding, and his vengeful lover is out for blood. As secrets unravel and vengeance looms, Kiera must navigate a treacherous storm of emotions, confront her deepest desires, and seize control of her own destiny."

"Elias doesn't want to have a mate because of the things that happened to his late mother. He was kidnapped alongside his mum some years back by some rogues and his mum had to go through immeasurable pain because of his father - the mate bond. Elias had witnessed his mother's agony and anguish and when he was finally saved from that place, he had vowed never to have a mate. Then there is Layla Jakobson, a beautiful and strong female werewolf who has dedicated most of her life to her pack - Forest Green Pack. Her brother who is the Alpha, is a cripple and has been so discouraged about life till Layla starts taking pack duties seriously and gives the pack a form. He is eager to find her a mate as Layla seems very negligent towards that area of her life and immerses her life and time in pack politics. Meet the Alpha of the biggest and wealthiest Pack - Elias Vladmir - and the woman who his years of self control, cannot control - Layla Jakobson. Would Elias live up to his vow or would Layla's care free and hot headedness melt him especially when her best friend who is in love with her, arrives in Elias' Pack as a gift from her brother, to be her bodyguard?"

"Abel, hopelessly had his heart shattered by the mayor's daughter, who unexpectedly dumped him. He vowed to never again fall victim to love's terrible desires. But fate had other plans as Lyn came along with beauty and sweetness who made him forget his vow. He thought he'd finally found his happily ever after, until a shocking revelation - Lyn was pregnant, even though he had never touched her. Heartbroken and betrayed, Abel rejected the pregnancy and abandoned her. However, the truth about Lyn's pregnancy shattered his heart more as he realized her type. Consumed by regret, Abel longed to make amends and win her back. But his rejection had pushed Lyn to a height, forcing her into a decision that now threatened Abel's happiness and all around them. As the saga unfolded, Abel was faced with an agonizing dilemma. How long would Lyn's anger burn? Would Abel find a way to reclaim her heart and the twins, or would his happily ever after slip through his fingers once more? The battle for love and redemption had only just begun."