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"This was not how I expected my life to go. Standing here in front of a packed out crowd, preparing to be sold. All because my father screwed us over, leaving us with huge amounts of debt when he got himself killed. It was my choice to be here. My choice alone. I had to protect my mother and my little brother, but I never counted on an Alpha buying me. Nor did I want it. But when he wants something, he doesn't stop until he gets it and that includes me."

What do you do when your smoking-hot, billionaire husband is still in love with your sister? Not ideal circumstances. However, your sister lives abroad so you can try and make your husband fall in love with you instead. But what do you do when said sister returns home after five years abroad and immediately tries to get back together with your husband? Divorce him of course! Everyone would be happy about that! Your mother-in-law from hell certainly will be. Your sister in law might even do a little happy-dance. Even your own mother would be thrilled that you’re divorcing! But considering you’re divorcing the most powerful man in the city…a man who doesn’t have the words “divorce” or “no” in his vocabulary….it might not be so easy to become single again as you originally thought… because Kings marry for life!

Royal academy, the academy is as old as man, many Generation has pass through it, the school was established by some certain rich families. The school is controlled by a group of people called the EDICT. The school isn't what it seems to be,every year student are either missing or being killed. Katherine Griffin was admitted into the academy. She met some group friend and they name the group THE CIRCLE. They are to investigate what happening in the academy. Will they survive, will they find the mystery behind the school.

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Chapter 1

"Hannah had been playing the role of a mother and father to Elisha for four years when billionaire Nate took Elisha away from her. She begged Nate to return Elisha, and due to Elisha's request, she moved in with Nate. After a few months, they became friends and developed a good relationship. However, their happiness was short-lived when Elisha's mother Olive suddenly returned, traumatized and only calming down in Nate's presence. Hannah felt like an outsider, realizing that she was keeping Nate's family from being together. She left, but Nate began to ruin her life, making her his personal assistant and bringing her everywhere he went, even though he claimed to hate her. As Hannah's inexperienced heart begins to fall in love with a man who loves someone else, the question arises: can they become a family with Elisha and live happily without disturbance?"

Keylan moved to the US to further his medical studies. One night after coming back from visiting a friend he is met with an unexpected visitor in his yard. The visitor later turned out to be more than just a scarred man covered in blood.

"What if your lover is one of the people you hate the most? Patricia Arquette is an intelligent journalist who would do everything to succeed in life. Her life is going well not until she met the infamous Luca Silvestri, a handsome technology businessman who doesn't want to be on interviews. However, Luca finds out Patricia's secret and is up for a wicked arrangement. Will they be able to succeed in life together? Or their decisions will lead them to something… such as death?"

"Lillian Stewart is a twenty-four years old who has always wanted a simple life. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years and a baby on the way, her life makes a drastic turn. Vincenzo Romano was her boyfriend who never showed her his dark side, but what she didn't know was their relationship was based on lies and secrets. Was the love he had for her a lie too? What happens when he makes an appearance in her life again and she finds out a life changing secret, will she be able to raise her child in a life of chaos? A life she had never wanted. Will vincenzo give her a choice? A mysterious man pledged to make her his at all costs, promising to eliminate anyone that stands in his way. In the midst of war and chaos, will they ignore the sparks and attraction they feel towards each other?"

Ayla is a young woman who has been working as a maid since her father passed away. Her stepmother and stepsister Amber made her life a living hell by selling her as a maid to different abusive owners ever since she was seventeen. But she believes her life has taken a turn for the best when instead of being sold to another abusive owner, Damien Dante a powerful billionaire saved her once from the hands of an abusive owner and decided to hire her as his maid. Now having set his eyes on her, he wants nothing but to make her his... not only as his maid. But the thing there is that Damien's family wants him to get married to Ayla's step sister Amber for business purposes.

"Blurb: Under the Full Moon: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Redemption"" is a gripping novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the world of werewolves. The story follows the lives of Felix Silverfang and Isadora Nightshade, two werewolves who are brought together by fate. As they fall in love, they also face numerous challenges, including the constant threat of Gabriella Knight, a hunter who will stop at nothing to destroy them. Complicating matters further is Sebastian Nightshade, the main alpha rival who seeks to take over Isadora's pack. But with the help of Natalia Fernandez, a psychic who senses danger, Jorge Torres from the Healer clan, and Rosalinda Jimenez from the black Magic clan, Felix and Isadora may have a chance to fight back. Meanwhile, Tristan Wilder, the alpha of the pack, must navigate the complex dynamics of his own pack, including the enigmatic Augustus Nightfall as Omega and the fierce Penelope Wolfheart as Beta class werewolf. With tensions running high and danger lurking around every corner, ""Under the Full Moon"" is a heart-pumping tale of love, loss, and redemption that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page."