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"Megan, a werewolf with no wolf, decides to leave her home and family after her destined mate rejects her and the woman who took her place continuously bullied her. She elopes with Ryan, An Alpha wolf from another pack who had sought refuge within the Blue-Mist wolf pack for many years. After a few years, Megan gives birth to a set of twins. A boy and a girl. Suddenly, living among humans wasn't so easy again. Megan's two children turn out to be creatures more powerful than anything that had existed on Eplica continent. According to the terms of the truce signed 10,000 years ago, if any of the three realms ever try to take over the continent again, the other two realms would join forces to wipe out all its men and strong women, leaving the weaker women and children behind. The Vampire realm had broken this truce 5,000 years ago, and it is yet to recover from the Holocaust that followed. Now someone from the Werewolf realm is raising an army to first take over the wolf realm, then move to the other realms. This Vicious Alpha took his time to build his power by devouring other Alphas. Presently, in the Blue Moon realm, no Alpha is his opponent. Megan is contacted by her father, asking for help, should she expose her teenagers for the same people who rejected and humiliated her, or should she go into hiding again?"

The darkest paranormal love story!!Imara Parker is a witch condemned to die over and over again. Ben Logan is a werewolf who would do anything to stop that from happening. When the cruel hand of Fate binds you to the one who damned you, finding your soul mate is a curse.When Ben Logan meets the woman of his dreams, he thanks the Fates for blessing him until he finds out she's been marked for death. But the harder Ben tries to hold onto his mate, the quicker she slips through his fingers.In this time traveling dark romance, you'll be visited by familiar characters from the Tessa's Wolves Universe as they try to help Ben and Imara break the curse and finally live out their lives together in peace.

Albert Meyer, a former fixer of a large underground crime syndicate, wants his name cleared from the roster. He can achieve it on the condition that he has to do one last job for his foster father. He contemplates the choices he has to make and it was going well—until someone dies on his watch. Now he has to make sure no more deaths occur as he tries to choose between his emotions or duty—even as an incoming Wedding threatens to put his mind into discomposure.

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Orion’s story-an Alpha whose pack was torn apart and obliterated before he was even old enough to think about females . All that’s left is his four brothers, but not by blood. Nothing left for them in their world so they decide to make a name for themselves as an Elite team of Rogue Hunters. During a mission to collect intelligence, things go south. But how? Read to find out! Three friends, so close, they feel like sisters. Life was hard on them at every turn, but things are looking up after everything they been through. They don’t need anyone but themselves. And besides the exhaustion and not enough time to do everything in a day,everyday. So why do they feel a hole inside or is everything they do to try to fill that hole? And what is with this mysterious man from my dreams? Read to find out!

"Sofia was a stubborn, party girl at the age of twenty three. She was wild and carefree. One lustful night, she found herself defenceless into the arms of a gorgeous man. She was drunk and wasted and so she drool herself into his emerald eyes. No one could have warned her on how forbidden it could be to have a night with Vance Elordi. She surrendered herself and it was a blissful night to remember. Vance Elordi's defenses crambled the moment he saw her sitting alone at the corner of his favourite bar. Target locked. He would own the lady in red and no one could stop him. He made her sceam in the most delactable way and it was a night that he would never ever forget. It happened one night, it should end that night. But then again, as life was full of surprises, Sofia met him again in a party. Worst part? Her mother just told her that he was gonna be her stepbrother. As fuck up as it could be, Vance started desiring her more and she seems to be losing all control."

"Amy is a nobody at school--a nerd. Derek is a now distant friend turned popular badboy. What happens when the badboy falls for the unknown nerd? What will this journey of two unlikely people bring? Find out in this story, Ill Met By Moonlight."

Sonia was raised up by a popular chef after the miserable death of her sister. She gets offered a job as a maid in a popular multi billionaire woman house to earn money in order to go back to school but everything becomes a nightmare when she came across the woman son whose name was Keith, a cold and arrogant guy who believes money is everything

When her stepbrother moves in, Scarlett's human best friend is mesmerized by him. Sienna is popular and beautiful, but Adrian curtly informs her that while he is not interested in having a girlfriend, she may serve as his slave. Sienna believes she can win him over if she spends enough time with him, unaware of his status as Alpha. Meanwhile, Scarlett is falling head over heels for his Beta-Riley, who has been strictly forbidden to mate with her. Will she follow the rules of her Alpha, or rebel for the sake of love?

After a thousand years of the death of King Damon, Noah was born with the dragon gene making him next in line to be in control of the dragon. The rebirth of the dragon gene also caused the awaken of a great evil and dark wizard called Marcelos. After the waking of Marcelos, Marcelos seek out to continue is unfinished business with his dark army and to retrieve what was stolen from him. The only thing powerful enough to stop Marcelos is the crystal of light and only one the worthy will be able to wield the power of the stone.