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"I need a wife. Now. It doesn’t have to do with love and living the good life. This is all about getting the money my billionaire father left to me. And I’m running out of time. But who proposes to a stranger after the first date? Me. That’s who. As if I have another choice. Luck is on my side though, and a beautiful model shows up in my office. Single? Gorgeous? Funny? All of the above. Our first date goes so well that I feel unsure about my decision to do this thing with her—you know, fake it. I put it off and decide to do it later, to ask for her help after we get to know each other better. But I like her more and more each time we meet, and eventually, offering her a ring isn’t for my dad’s money—it’s because I want her more than anything else in the world. Besides, who’s going to know if it’s fake or real? And does it really matter? Yeah. It does. To her…"

"WARNING MATURED CONTENT AHEAD. “What will I gain if I marry you?” “I will help you deal of your slutty family ” “ON ONE CONDITION, YOU GIVE BIRTH TO A MALE CHILD WITHIN NINE MONTHS OF THE CONTRACT MARRIAGE ” “DON'T BE AFRAID! OBEY MY INSTRUCTIONS, COMPLETE THE MONTH RANGE, GET ME AN HEIR AND YOU'LL BE FINE ” “And what if I don't? ” “There would be heavenly consequences! ” Nine years ago, A well known model, Alexa Parker falls from grace to dirt when she finds out that her BIOLOGICAL father is known other than her scheming uncle. Her life is portrayed as a damsel without no daring prince to save her. Few years later, She bumps into the cold, aloof and ruthless business king and ruler of the underworld. She have a steamy one night stand with him. She signs a contract marriage and in return for the death of her slutty uncle and his family. what will happen when two strong forces are bound together by virtue of signature and paper? What will happen when marriage is based on benefits and not true love?"

"Sofia's life takes an unexpected turn when she's forced to marry a billionaire mafia boss because her stepsister backs out. Sofia shuns the idea of marrying a wealthy man after her mother's life of hardship. However, her stepmother trades her off to the ruthless billionaire, Leonardo Morelli, in exchange for a business deal. Known as the devil, Leonardo Morelli lives up to his reputation—cold-hearted and merciless. He despises Sofia without even meeting her, believing she's the daughter of a bad woman. Although their union is meant to last only three years, he vows to make her life miserable, blaming her for the last-minute bride switch orchestrated by their parents. As they navigate this contractual marriage, enduring each other's company becomes a daunting challenge. How will Sofia find a way to survive under the same roof as this formidable devil? A lot of action, suspense, and thrillers to come. Mafia Billionaire Romance"

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Chapter 1

Ivy Rosalia Jones, a young and beautiful doctor working at a suburban hospital, is determined to marry a man she met through a blind date, even though he is paralyzed. Originally, the marriage was meant to be symbolic, with both of them intending not to interfere in each other's affairs after the wedding. However, Ivy never expected that she would end up marrying the most influential man in the world. Shawn Dyxon Tate, Ivy's husband, has no intention of letting his beautiful wife go. Once she entered his life, he made a decision to spoil her and gave her the world she never had.

"After Ten years of living to hate her first boyfriend and highschool sweetheart, Juma Cain Namu, Stephany Lee Awinja, now goes by the name, Stella Rachael. She is a twenty-five-years-old lady who still loves the tomboy look. Forced to dress lady-like, she waits to pick her new boss, the CEO of the company she is recruited by at the airport. Her heart stops, clouded with rage when she discovers the CEO is none other than, Juma Cain Namu, the last person she wanted to meet. Ten years have passed and Juma is back to the country but not as the one from the past. He is amnesiac (no memories of the life he had before ten years ago) and has the oddest and strange disease, excessive allergy to the opposite sex (females). One of his main missions is to find his lost memories and see if he has hopes of recovering from his odd illness. But, he doesn't expect a surprise when he is fine after brushing bodies with his new female assistant, Stella, this strange tomboy. Stella also ignites strange emotions in his heart that leads him to fall for her deeply despite her unique characteristics. He wants to have her as his future wife. Stephany, unknown to her, wants nothing but to stay away from Juma Cain but her heart fails to coincide with her mind as she falls back for him but without revealing herself. She learns of his amnesia and curiosity takes way in her heart to investigate after she finds Juma's actions corresponding to what he wished his life would be yet he is amnesiac. But, just as before, now Juma is the youngest, most handsome and powerful award-winning CEO - a potential husband to many."

"In the dark and seductive world of the supernatural, two beings collide with a forbidden desire that threatens to consume them both. Lucian, an alpha like no other, carries the burden of forbidden blood coursing through his veins. His name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it, for his very existence defies the laws of their kind. Enter Seraphina, a timeless vampire who has wandered the shadows for over two centuries, her hunger never satiated. But when she catches the scent of Lucian’s essence, a tantalizing and intoxicating aroma known as the “crimson desire,” she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. His blood calls to her, its sweetness an alluring melody that echoes in her mind. Yet, Lucian harbors a mysterious secret, one that he guards fiercely and which tugs at his every instinct. Despite the danger, he cannot deny the inexplicable connection he feels towards Seraphina. Their fates intertwine as their desires collide in a battle of longing and self-control. As they navigate a treacherous world rife with ancient rivalries and forbidden desires, Lucian and Seraphina must confront the truth about their entwined destinies. Will their attraction be their salvation or their undoing? In the realm where darkness meets desire, they must discover if their forbidden love can withstand the weight of their deepest, darkest secrets."

"""My Fate is a curse. I didn't ask to be a slave of an immortal. I didn't ask for his branding. And I didn't ask for my mate to hunt me down and try to remove it."" They say time can be the biggest punishment. Especially when Time is a powerful immortal who granted me time travelling abilities in return for a permanent brand on my skin. A sigh of my commitment to him. However, my mate, an Alpha of a powerful Pack will do anything to exterminate all of Time's Travellers. Me included. And as much as I run, I can't escape that fate awaiting me. An underground ring where travellers are purchased and used in a sick game. A game of torture, where my only escape may be through the man who created it."

"Kiara stood, waiting for him to come to her, but he halts just a few inches away from her and turns, Silently, she murmurs, ""I'm here."" But it was impossible for the Alpha king to recognize her voice. He stops, sniffles and turns to her foster sister like a magnet being drawn to her, his wolf utters ""MATE! MATE! MATE!"" ___________ On her 20th birthday, Kiara receives the greatest shock of her life, which is, she isn't mated to the love of her life, Alpha king Aiden, but her step sister is. Heartbroken, He rejects Kiara for her step sister who is a much stronger she-wolf. Kiara soon discovers that she is carrying the Alpha king’s baby. When she opens up, she receives a letter threatening the life of she and her babies 6 years later, Kiara, now a successful and famous surgeon with Triplets, and after trying to put the past behind her, she bumps into her ex lover and the past pain which she had buried deep down resurfaces to the top. Will Kiara give Alpha king Aiden a second chance into the life of her triplets when she finds out that they are mated, or will she choose to love the man who is ready to lay his world under her feet."

"This is Book 2 of Mafia King. It’s been three years since Cara took over the Di Angelo family, the biggest and most renowned Italian mafia. For three years she had protected her cousin’s family and made sure no one dared to touch them. Her cousin, Sol, was the king of the mafia until he fell in love and gave up the position to her. Cara is known to be dark and ruthless and plays with her prey before striking them down. She is the true definition of queen of the mafia. And when a hacker named Link, infiltrated their system and successfully rerouted their billion dollar shipment off their radar, Cara, like a predator, was thrilled to hunt down her new prey. But it seems Link was more than just a hacker. He’s a handsome, submissive, shy gentleman. The mere thought of his qualities piqued her dominant side. Will the queen spare his life?"