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"I was just a normal girl, despite not being human. Growing up my life was shitty, but still I was glad to be alive despite how dead I felt inside. There wasn't a single person in the world that I could trust. Not a single person that I cared for. Until HE came. My boring life soon vanished, werewolves hunt me from all corners of the earth. Rogues,Alphas, and kings alike. I was kidnapped, despite him telling people differently. Everyone told me he was a monster, the beast that never loved, he didn't feel pain, or remorse. For a while I believed the stories and rumours, until I came to realise that the beast simply acted on the assumptions of others. They called him a beast. They treated him like an animal. So the animal he became. But I could see the pain, the agony that he feels every day of his life. Unable to see the world in colour ever again, completely blind in human form. Slowly I was falling for the Lycan, not realising that he was waiting to catch me."

"It was surreal when Laylah was asked to marry Liam, one of the richest billionaire in los angelos who's family hold the country. Her monthly stipend couldn't pay off her bills, and never thought her predicament would change. Laylah accepted the offer since it involves money that could change her life. But unbeknowst to her she's getting into a marriage that would reveal secrets she's never thought would broke her. Their marriage is filled with tension and secrets, as they both grapple with their own motivations and the expectations placed upon them by his mother. Will Laylah be able to enjoy the money she got paid to do her job? Will she be able to handle the secret she's about to discover?"

"Elise grew up in a loving family. Though life wasn't easy, she was grateful to her adoptive family. She established herself in the modelling career and became the most sought after model in the country and beyond. Life was smooth, until she fell in love with a billionaire, turning her world into a whole new dream. Everything she ever wanted was within her reach, not until her family members died under unclear circumstances. She finds out about her true identity and the extent of her powers. With this she realizes the demon who had been responsible for all the deaths in her family,her husband. Will her love overcome her desire for revenge?"

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Chapter 1

Gu Baisheng, a renowned surgeon, was trapped in the ruins of the buildings which collapsed in an earthquake. Before her world went black, the last thing she remembered was reading a message from her husband and sending a message to her long-lost lover. She never replied to the former and she never finished sending the latter. Then when she opened up her eyes, she found herself in a different body. She became Bai Shengsheng, a twenty-year-old medical school student. Coincidentally, her family set her up with her former husband. It looked like she couldn’t escape him even with this new body. Follow Gu Baisheng on her journey and check out whether she will again marry her former husband, whether she will finally find her lost lover, and more importantly, whether people finally realize she is actually Gu Baisheng.

"Edinburgh socialite Ellie has run away from her powerful father and the scandal that destroyed her perfectly balanced life. Now she is a rookie reporter, searching for her first breakthrough story and hiding out in her newly purchased apartment. After weeks of lying low and trying to stay out of the gossip pages, she attends a mixer party, hoping that a one-night stand with a stranger might help her forget the past. She chooses a partner poorly and quickly regrets it, but then is rescued by tough, enigmatic Mack. The attraction between them is sizzling, the s*x electrifying. Waking to find him gone, Ellie wonders if she will ever see him again. And then a chance encounter with her new neighbours reveals that he lives two doors away from her… with another woman."

"""Stop; please stop.” I begged but no one is merciful enough to listen to me. From then on, I lost my power to speak; as no one is going to listen. Ash When I saw her black eyes, I was lost in its depth. It is like a black hole. It consumes you. I was consumed by her. However, later I understood how much darkness there in those black eyes of her. But it's already too late. I am poisoned by her. But I want revenge from her. She has to pay for what she did. Both have their reason to hate each other. Will there be any love? Will this love have a happy ending? Or will it turn into another tragedy? To know please try this new book? It contains violence and how a girl overcomes it. It is not all about happy cute love. Moreover, that girl went through a lot. So please try to understand her and the reason behind her silence. It takes time to heal our pain so be patient with it. *****mature contain and dark theme *****"

"The morning after the Haze, I open my eyes expecting to see the love of my life, my fated mate. Instead, I see... HIM! ""This can't be happening!"" *** Would you rather live in a world where the impossible is possible or the possible is impossible? Blanca faces an uncertain future when she finds she's mated to the one man she never thought could be her mate. If Kieran is her mate, then her entire life is a lie. Since she's been abused her whole life, that might be a good thing. But this is... wrong on so many levels. Will Blanca find out the truth about her real identity--or be banished from her pack forever? If you like love with a twist, give this one a chance--don't quit too soon, or you'll never find out Blanca's secret!"

"“I will never love you.” She said, giving him a last look of detest. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you...” He said as he kissed her neck. She tried to push him away but he held her arm, nuzzling, “I’ll wait for the moment when you’ll beg me to take you to the deepest depth of pleasure.” *** When two Alphas with an inability to love destined together unexpectedly as mates then their distinctive territories would only serve as an excuse to arise resentment because none of them would leave their pack. The egoistic Lucille Dayle would never step down and so does Leonel Alvarado who caprice for a mate. When one urges to shatter their baseless bond while the other wants to forge one, this would lead to the labyrinth of darkness and seduction. Lucille would endure all tortures to save her pack from the blood thirsty lunatics but Leonel would reach the depths of hell to possess what belongs to him too. In the possession of power and pride, who will bend its knees first?"

"She was a runner. He was her chaser. she's human... Or so she thought He's not. She's secretive. He's an open book. What happens when all you've done since you were twelve was run, had nowhere to go, and no place to call home any longer? But when you finally stop and try to settle in a place you learn that the danger you're running from isn't a familiar face, it's someone, something far more...scary. Follow Sierra as she learns the truth of her past and how she learns what's really going on in her new life. Stephan being someone she saw with her family last, she didn't trust him, she couldn't trust him, how could she? He was the last person she saw with them when they died."