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"A king is known for his ruthlessness, Who played with people and killed them brutally. A king who is called Blood King among Villages. And Dance with Wolves among His People ""The barbarians are coming!"" At that moment, my heart stops. I look up from where I am sitting next to the boudoir in the manor to the oval-shaped window. No, I think to myself. This can't be happening. The barbarians rarely ever raided the northwestern villages, but when they did, they left the streets bloodied and the houses bare. And if they were feeling especially evil, they'd even take a maiden back to their king as a gift. Elizabella has, fair skin color, a perfect figure, and height. Delicate body, 19 years old simple-minded yet brave girl. belongs to a stable family but when the village got attacked, She was taken as a gift to King. She was a daring and fearless girl, The kind Of girl a barbarian hates the most. King was never rude to women. unlike his men, he was gentle and only do sex when women beg him to do it. For the first time, he met a girl so challenging and fearless. So straightforward and sharp-tongued, First Girl who refused him many times that he takes her as a challenge and wanted her to beg him for sex!!! He doesn't even want to hurt her which was out of order because usually, barbarians killed those women who refused them, and The King himself can't hurt her! Will she escape from his Kingdom? Or Will he make her accept him as her King?"

"Dylan is an eighteen year old man, born with oozing charisma but confuse in his gender. He dreamt to be rich but life is cruel that he don’t even finish his college—until one night, he crossed path with Luke Carter Vozinelik, a charming executive which became his companion. After the CEO died, he forced Dylan to work and love him. Until he discovered his miserable and bitter past. Dylan fell in a profound situation, choosing between his mayhem family or his Billionaire boyfriend. Money can’t buy genuine happiness, but Dylan can’t turn back from the life he once dreamt."

The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot. Drawing on George Eliot's own childhood experiences to craft an unforgettable story of first love, sibling rivalry and regret, Brought up at Dorlcote Mill, Maggie Tulliver worships her brother Tom and is desperate to win the approval of her parents, but her passionate, wayward nature and her fierce intelligence bring her into constant conflict with her family. As she reaches adulthood, the clash between their expectations and her desires is painfully played out as she finds herself torn between her relationships with three very different men: her proud and stubborn brother; hunchbacked Tom Wakem, the son of her family's worst enemy; and the charismatic but dangerous Stephen Guest. With its poignant portrayal of sibling relationships, The Mill on the Floss is considered George Eliot's most autobiographical novel; it is also one of her most powerful and moving.

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Chapter 1

"Love! Is this word beautiful or deceitful? I am tired of hearing him say that soulless I love you and get back to his mistress, side-chick, or whatever. it is not like we are in a relationship or we are a couple. The relationship we are in is more than something which shouldn't be named. I just want to be loved by him, physically and emotionally. I should be the one he is seeking whenever he feels horny, is it wrong to feel like this? But not for only tending to his wounds or being a shoulder to cry on. maybe it's wrong to feel something for the man who never describes you as more than a friend but always looks at you like he wants to do things with you that friends shouldn't. What is so good about her is that he always ends up in her bed, maybe I never will know, and by asking I don't want to ruin whatever we have. but it's time to move on from Ezra Irwin and do something good for my life too. come and follow Fay Moore and Ezra Irwin in their Life's Drama and know what will happen."

It happened inside a well-known campus owned by the Patterson family. A brave young lady in grade 11 faced all the hardship and pain just to protect her friend and classmates in a bullying group led by Edith. And everything she went through blamed it on Lucas who is a son of Patterson and a sociopath that also got interested in Luna’s personality.

"""Irina, Have you ever heard of BDSM?"" He asked. This is the first time he will call my name. But what's BDSM? He opened the boxes bringing out the items there. ""No, what's the meaning?"" I asked him with curiosity. ""And what are you doing with ropes and wipes?"" I asked again. ""Have you ever even had s*x?"" He asked angrily. I was quiet for sometime for sometimes, feeling shy. ""No"" I said hesitantly. ""Your stupid father caged you your whole life, that's so stupid of him. We don't kill woman here, we only deal with men. He should have let you out"" he said. ""Don't ask me any questions again, your innocent is annoying, I promise. I hate naive girls"" he scoffed. ""Get on the bed"" he commanded. ""What?"" I asked. ""Get on the freaking bed, don't force me to help you in getting on the bed, b*tch"" he commanded but I won't give in easily to his order."

"His medical skills were unparalleled, his wealth rivaling nations', yet tainted by fits of rage, he inadvertently killed a passing woman, haunted by guilt, tormented by nightmares for a decade. Ten years later, he treats a cold and aloof female CEO with the mental age of a five-year-old, only to discover she is the woman he defiled years ago, and she bore him a daughter..."

"The untold story of the slave, humiliated and rejected by her mate, who discovers she is descended from the moon goddess... ""My eyes widened uncontrollably. I wanted to take a closer look at the situation to determine if it was just a coincidence or not. But what happened next really surprised me. The young werewolf attacked Orchid with great effort, but almost all of his attacks were easily dodged by Orchid. This kind of clever dodging skill should not appear on a weak slave at all. ""Krew, our Mate is not as useless as you think."" My wolf reminded me in my mind. Watching her dodging skills, my heart wavered and I could not even help but start to appreciate her. Maybe she was not so weak?"""

"In our galaxy, there are at least twenty billion Earth-like planets able to sustain life. My name is Skye. I am eighteen years old. Our astronautic scientists discovered a planet within our galaxy with human life similar to ours. By probing this planet’s satellite systems, they have learnt that wars have wracked this world over many millennia, where various zealots strive for dominance. Before setting out on a twenty-year expedition to visit this planet, our group has spent a year being educated in the various languages of this alien world and acquiring the skills to survive in any hostile environment we may find ourselves in. OUR DESTINATION IS EARTH. SKYE is the first book in a trilogy. It is a coming-of-age adventure of Skye, a young alien girl, and her fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world governed by fundamentalists. After surviving a meteoroid tsunami, her spaceship crash lands in the Mexican wilderness. One of the survivors, Judah, a gifted physician from a superior technological civilization, is discovered in the desert and taken to Texas. Judah is promoted as the new Messiah by a right-wing extremist known as ‘The Preacher’. The Preacher’s propaganda machine convinces America’s devastated survivors that it was the sins of the world’s population that, as prophesized in the Bible, brought down the wrath of God. Judah is exploited to restore the people’s faith in the divinity of God as decreed by the Preacher’s tyrannical interpretation. The Preacher aims to reverse the emancipation achieved by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and bring about a dictatorship through the reunification of America. Skye must put her trust in a member of the Preacher’s security team to rescue Judah from this new confederacy."