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"On the day of her grand wedding, a sudden twist shattered Cardy's plans. In an extraordinary act, her ex-lover stormed in, disrupting the ceremony and causing it to come to an abrupt halt. In the aftermath, Cardy found herself at a crossroads, faced with two perplexing choices. Should she consider reuniting with her once-dear, but now malicious, ex-partner? Or should she embark on a contract marriage, a path laden with its own set of unknowns?"

Being a teenager is no easy task, especially when you have an eating disorder in high school. Natalie Ashman is stressed to the bone and abuses herself every day. When she is stressed, she purges and spirals into oblivion. As time passes, Natalie faces a terrible trauma that causes her to lose her will to live. Will Natalie overcome this peril, or will she always be bone thin?

"Sold to the Mafia by her father for his gambling debts. Elizabeth must figure out how to survive in a world she never knew existed. Elizabeth finds herself sold and afraid and betrayed by the one man who should have protected her the most, her father. Damien I own you! I own every hole and thought you have. Get on your knees slave."

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Chapter 1

"Trisha Redfern is a Vampire Lawyer who works in the court of King Damien Vandolff in a post apocalyptic New York. One of Damien's most trusted inner circle members and most talented lawyers, Trisha suddenly becomes the target for all Aristocratic Vampires when she chooses to fight against one Noble Vampire, Vandal Rudolf, when he tortures a human child. Several obstacles are led in her way as Damien himself comes after her to teach her a lesson. But Trisha is determined to stand by her decision even if it costs her, her life, for she cannot abandon a heart that was once human. When all hope seems lost, unexpected help comes in the form of Lucas Donovan, the Supreme Werewolf Alpha. But everything isn't always what it seems. Why does Lucas suddenly want to help his arch enemy? Why is Vandal so determined to get the human child back at all costs? And most importantly, what's so special about that child that Trisha is willing to face the wrath of her entire race in order to protect him?"

Runa, an eighteen year old girl, finds herself running for her life after finding out she is a hybrid. Something to eradicate. Ciaran, a ruthless alpha, softens for this female because he has a secret too. Wanted to be killed by all, will they survive what happens next?

"Alpha werewolves should be cruel and merciless with unquestionable strength and authority, at least that’s what Alpha Charles Redmen believes and he doesn’t hesitate to raise his kids to be the same way. Alpha Cole Redmen is the youngest of six born to Alpha Charles and Luna Sara Mae, leaders of the Red Fang pack. Born prematurely, he is rejected without hesitation as weak and undeserving of his very life. By adulthood, his father’s hatred and abuse towards him has spilled over into the rest of the pack making him the scapegoat for those with the sadistic need to see him suffer. The rest are simply too afraid to even look his way leaving him little in the way of friends or family to turn to. Alpha Demetri Black is the leader of a sanctuary pack known as Crimson Dawn. It’s been years since a wolf has made their way to his pack via the warrior’s prospect program but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for the tell tale signs of a wolf in need of help. Malnourished and injured upon his arrival, Cole’s anxious and overly submissive demeanor lands him in the very situation he’s desperate to avoid, in the attention of an unknown alpha. Yet somehow through the darkness of severe illness and injury he runs into the very person he’s been desperate to find since he turned eighteen, his Luna. His one way ticket out of the hell he’s been born into. Will Cole find the courage needed to leave his pack once and for all, to seek the love and acceptance he’s never had?"

"One day she was a princess, the daughter of an Alpha king, and the next day she was a slave, an alpha king’s royal slave. If anyone had told Monica that rejecting an Alpha’s mate proposal would ruin her life, then maybe she wouldn’t have made that decision. But now it was too late, her family was gone, her title stripped off and to worsen it, she was now a slave to her conqueror, nothing more than a property which he could use in any way he pleased. She thought it was the end of her life, but even in the dark clouds, there is a silver lining. How would Monica save herself from this doom? Would she ever rise again, can she escape the inhuman treatment and torture in the hands of her captor? Her master the Alpha king. She was patiently waiting for the day her wolf awakens, so she can end his life in the most horrible way, but when that day came, the animal screamed “Mate!!!” Now she faces the biggest dilemma of her life, what decision should she take? Avenge her parent’s death and shatter her own soul or let her parents’ murderer go scot free?"

Elena Wiltshire's dreams were coming true; she just got accepted into her dream school without the sway of the powerful Wiltshire name! But when her twin sister's engagement to Sebastian Dumont, the wealthiest CEO in the UK, falls through due to her shameful ways, Elena is forced by the familial matriarchs to take her place to avoid an upper-class scandal. Will Elena survive being married to the cold, egotistical CEO especially when he's hiding a secret of his own?

The Miller family is in trouble with a huge debt on their name. The only way to pay the price is to marry off one of their daughters to the Easton family's eldest son. Using Amber as a scapegoat to marry a man she never knew. Her husband is known for being ruthless and he was extremely disappointed and angry that he married the wrong girl. She only yearns to be loved and she hoped to earn it from her cold and heartless husband, Max Easton, even though he is deeply in love with someone else. Craving for an impossible love, will she be able to break her husband's cold heart or he will breaks hers instead?