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"His eyes darkened as he rose them to me. “You won't be able to escape me now, Maeve,” he said, the fire in my veins trembling. “There’s no out. You fucking chose this, so you’re going to be a good girl and fucking take it.” Maeve, a young lawyer, tries to start a new life after having her obsessive and psycho-ex-boyfriend under restriction, but her life takes a more dark turn when she accepts a proposal— a new dangerous obsession burns, and is caught up in a storm of deceit. TRIGGER WARNINGS"

"Zaria Smith was in love with her childhood playmate, Elian Anderson who was six years her senior, since forever. Now adult Zaria finally got her wish fulfilled. She was married to her one and only knight! But fate had other plans. The boy she loved from beginning had changed. He hated her. She did everything to please him, but all she got was disappointment in return. When she at last, decided to let him go, he smirked cruelly and said: ""Never think about leaving me again. I will never let you go."""

"Need a sizzling batch of steamy stories? Try this one!: A hot male massage therapist gives Lisa an offer she can't resist. A young woman and a man have a little side thing going, but their secret cannot last forever. A woman who can't resist the charms of her young lover, what should she do? A hot cougar needs two young men to satisfy her, but she ends up finding guys who are not just hot, but they are also a perfect Pair and one turns out to be an arrogant hunter who gives her more than she can handle. And other hot stories!"

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Chapter 1

"After being betrayed by her sister and boyfriend, Barbara Calvin decided to nurse her wound and vow not to fall in love but then again, she had to attend a ball, the only option is renting a boyfriend. She ended up renting a cold-hearted CEO, whom she accidentally punched because he reminded her of her predicament. CEO Dante, who the city refers to as a woman hater, and his slogan is punishing any offender, even for the slightest thing they do to him. Will he reciprocate the love she had for him when she start falling in love with him even without knowing his true identity? After finding out the truth, will she still love him or move on with her life?"

"The Wizard raised his head from his consultations in surprise, his surprise look was met with the frown of the Beta. ""What is it?"" Garry, the Beta who was seated on the right side of the Alpha, asked. The Wizard's gaze fell on the Alpha's cool and collected face ""My Lord, You are cursed, the feeling of misery, emptiness, and unhappiness is till death..."" .... Alpha Kaiden had always felt misery, emptiness, and unhappiness immediately he became the Alpha, discovering he was cursed was a surprise to everyone including those outside the pack, knowing fully well, the Alpha, unlike others, is a man filled with rare and great qualities which stands him out as a leader. .. ""No matter how much you try, my lord, you can never find your happiness nor fulfillment, you are cursed, my lord..."" ... Will he ever be free from this curse? Who will give joy to his silent and deepest cry? Will he ever be happy?? ... ""I like you Kaiden"" ... She just wanted him to be happy, to smile, she thought in her human knowledge, she could give him happiness and she was at all costs ready to make him happy but then she never bargained for the danger she got herself into."

"Deceit: The act of making a person believe something that is not true. Our 26-year-old charming bachelor, Giovanni De Luca. One simply defined as a secluded blue Moon diamond, making it almost impossible for your paths to collide with his. He undeniably reeks of luxury after all the surname De Luca is an eye candy to the public and wealth itself. Unfortunately for him life decides to humble him in a rather debasing manner, as he finds his multi-millionaire company on the verge of bankruptcy forcing him into a rash decision. A decision which drags Rosalie Ravelosin into the picture. 21-year-old Rosalie Ravelosin struggles with the knowledge of being despised by both parents for reasons unknown to her and undoubtedly seen of less value by her co-workers. She's held captive by an emotional and financial struggle, and being dragged into yet another undesirable situation is something she truly isn't up for."

"By the time I woke up, I saw the most horrific scene happening like a movie right in my very own eyes. My stepsister was already exchanging vows with Louis. For how long was I unconscious? My tears knew no limit, as they flowed freely like a river. Zara thought she had found love, and was about to experience the happiest day of her life. But, her love story was over before it even began, when her stepsister, Hailey sets her up with a stranger and marries Zara's Fiance. A month later, Zara discovers she is pregnant with this stranger. Will she ever find love again, and the father of her unborn child?"

"It was not until he was ten years old that he had his first transformation and Fay kept it a secret from everyone and even his human parents that he was a werewolf. Things went south and the happy family is torn apart when his human parents got to find out that he was a werewolf. Unable to get over the shock of having a werewolf as a son, his human parents confessed to him that he was adopted. During one of his runs in the woods, Fay met Jake, a werewolf and son of the werewolf Alpha. They soon became friends and when Jake offered to take him back to the pack, Fay did not hesitate to accept the offer and he eloped into the werewolf pack. There at the werewolf pack, Fay began his journey of self-discovery with the help of Klein, the pack Alpha and father of Jake who got to discover that Fay was not just an ordinary werewolf, he was extremely strong, even more than an Alpha. When Jake killed Klein, his father out of jealousy, Fay became the Alpha. Unable to accept the fact that a stranger took his rightful position, Jake ran to the lycan king for help. During the war between the lycan king and Fay, he transformed into a lycan and defeated the lycan king. Curious about his true identity, Fay went to the witches' territory to seek answers and there, he met Isabelle, the witch queen. There at the witches' territory, Fay got to discover that his father was a lycan king and his mother was a werewolf handmaid who had a relationship. When his mother got pregnant, the lycan king had the plan to elope with her but they were killed in the woods where he was born by the lycan queen. Devastated by the truth that he is indeed a half-blood and heir to the lycan throne, he left the witches' territory and headed back to the human territory. There the human territory, he found his mate and he claimed her. But their romance was cut short by Jake when the lycan king threatened to invade the werewolf pack. Only a TRUE ALPHA Can defeat the Lycan King. Guess who it is??? Find out more in the Story:- ALPHA FAY: True Bloodline . . . ......"

"Harmonica Saint is terrified of being unable to make friends. Coupled with her crippling social anxiety, and her fear of moving away from her family to a new place for college, she is afraid she'd have no friends. But surprisingly on the first day, someone wants to be her friend…. It is just that this person is Rhett Lockhart, littered with tattoos and mysterious beyond compare, Harmony has a bad feeling about this friendship. After all, friends don't give other friends hickeys on their necks. Or do they? ""So you thought our friendship was over because of that? Funny baby girl, what makes you think I'll let you go….. Just like that?"" He said the words so gently as he always spoke, but it was his eyes that gave him away, those pitch-black eyes were raging with all kinds of intense emotion, each promising to swallow her whole."