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"Chu Nian became his nominal wife because her elder sister ran with his brother leaving his fiancé. Causing a turmoil between two leading companies due to the sudden halt in the marriage, he decided to punish her for her elder sister crimes. As time passes he fell in love with her but the feelings for revenge were more stronger than love. While Chu Nian was all unaware of this President Han was constantly playing tricks trapping her more and more in an indisputable world. ---"

A thousand years after the death of the guardians of the dark world,their destiny reunites them once more, with the goal to fight the aliens as prophesied in the ancient books, it's either they win the battle or disappear forever, but amidst the tension of the battle, erupt dark forbidden desires that would either destroy them for good or save their life to eternity.

"Poppy Brooks wanted nothing but the best for Kelly Brooks, her five-year-old baby girl. She had already forgotten almost everything about Nolan, her divorced husband after being an asshole when she got pregnant to Kelly. However, Poppy's peaceful life was ruined when her ex-husband started asking for a second chance. Another source of Poppy's headache? It was another man, Sebastian Holding, a famous billionaire saying she ruined his wedding. What. The. Heck? How did she ruin his wedding when they only see each other now?! Men. Will. Always. Be. A. Pain. In. The. Butt."

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Chapter 1

Her Father was desperate to pay the debt, He send his daughter for the sake of his own freedom. She need to marry the man, the devil everyone feared and respected. She’s desperate and out of options. He’s ruthless and out of patience. He took a bite of her sweetness, and gradually submitted to the addictive lust. Before he came to his realization, he was already unable to extricate himself from her. Desire triggered their story, but how would this conditional cruel love continue?

"""Our marriage will only last until I can end this war. I would never subject my people to the punishment of having someone like you as their Luna.” In silence, Corinne just stared at her new husband. After all, it would be rude to tell him that she was hoping, as much as he was, for a quick divorce. Even though she was raised in isolation by her father, the Alpha of the Tigers, Corinne Valiant's terrible reputation follows her wherever she goes, especially in her arranged marriage to the Alpha of the Wolves, Hunter Calibur. To ensure the safety of his people and end an dangerous crisis, Hunter is willing to do anything, even temporarily marrying an evil, selfish, violent and troublemaking Tigress. Whether she is his fated mate or not is just an unwanted detail that he plans to ignore. However, when Corinne begins to show herself different from what the rumors said, gaining his trust and awakening his obsession, Hunter is surprised to realize that, when the time comes, he may not want to let his wife go, no matter how bad she seems ready to get rejected."

"Kaelynn is an orphan. She was chosen to be a maid for the four siblings, the Lockhart, who has everything: mansions, money, and even her life. As she stepped inside the Lockhart's territory, she started uncovering the secrets within that mansion-a strange, unseen, and terrifying secret. Will she be able to handle it? Can she stay in a place full of mystery? Will there be sacrifices needed for her to uncover such secrets? Or she'll end up as their pet?"

Since my birth, I have been a mysterious girl. My name is Cassandra and I'm a vampire huntress. I'm looking for the vampire who killed my parents. Originally I was human and I became a werewolf after being bitten by an Alpha. Can I succeed to avenge the death of my parents? I let you discover my adventure.

"One winter night at a strip club, their lives intertwine. Twenty four hours later, Jeanine, the girl from the strip club, was getting married to multi millionaire, Aiden. She signed the contract, agreeing to be his wife for only a year. She hated his cold demeanor, his aggressiveness and his nonchalance. She is not his type but she’s his because she’s married to him. All along, he doesn’t know that she's all he ever wanted, she was his."

"Sophie Mack, a 19-year-old resilient and dedicated child of a zealot parish man, raised by a nanny turned stepmother after the death of her mother from birth. She not only faced betrayal by her stepsister, but her boyfriend of five years drugged her, then she had a one-night stand with a stranger, resulting in triplets. Elliot Harrington, a 26-year-old shrewd billionaire, wakes up in a hotel room to find himself wrapped around a beautiful girl. Before he checks out of the hotel room, he leaves the girl with a bundle of cash. Later, he sends his investigator to find the girl he slept with, who mistakes Sophie for Olivia, Sophie's step-sister. Five years later, Sophie, now a renowned financial analyst, returns to New York and starts working at the prestigious Harrington Group, where Elliot is president. Little does she know, her triplets embark on a mission—to uncover the identity of their elusive father. *** ""Owen, did you hear what that man said? He said you looked like his boss. Can the boss be our daddy?"" Nathan said, looking at Owen, who had already started working devotedly on his laptop. ""We can't be sure of that. But we can still make him candidate 1. The point is helping Mummy find Daddy,"" replied Isabel, the only girl of the triplets. ""I found him—his boss—and I guess I kind of resemble him. I have his eyes and ears."" Owen said with a raised brow. ""See, Nathan, you have his hair. But Isabel, you don't resemble Dad, not even Mom; who do you resemble?"" ""Who told you his dad? We are not even sure he is our dad; it's just candidate 1."" *** Will Candidate 1 prove to be the missing link, or is there another layer to the mystery that even the triplets couldn't foresee?"