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"""All five books (and one short story) of R.W. Clinger’s best-selling contemporary western Stockton County Cowboys series combined into one box set for the first time! Contains the stories: Book 1: Chasing Cowboys: After one date during a business conference, sparks fly between Cord Darringer and Bradley Hull. When Cord returns home to Stockton County, Bradley chases after him. Is it meant to be? Or will the miles that separate them keep them apart? Book 2: Riding Cowboys: Cal Hoke has a secret: he’s in love with ranch owner, Pax Raulton. Straight and sexy Pax is a handsome businessman at Riding Ranch. When he suffers a head injury caused by one of his prized horses, he spends days in recovery due to amnesia. Under Cal’s care, Pax is provided with the help he needs to heal. Cal learns Pax has a secret of his own, a secret that will change the two forever. Book 3: Roping Cowboys: Dixon Pierce has fallen head over heels in love with Gray McKeever at Glock Ranch in Stockton County. The two plan to get married, but Gray is torn. He loves Dixon, but running into his ex Toby again reignited the flame he once held. Will he be able to choose one cowboy over the other before Dixon and Toby come to blows over him? Book 4: Branding Cowboys: Which cowboy murdered Evan Sting? This is what Joe Boxford is hired to find out. When Joe enlists the services of Tal Linear, sparks fly between the two. Romance heats up as they attempt to solve the branding crime. Then Tal vanishes, and Joe thinks his buddy is the killer's next victim. Can Joe solve the case and save his lover at the same time? Book 5: Saddling Cowboys: Sparks fly when entrepreneur Chip Cutter enters Dan Fargo’s saddle store. When Fargo is implicated in a couple of fires downtown, his abusive ex returns, determined to protect Fargo. Eventually the arsonist is caught, but Brent remains at large. Can Fargo and Chip put aside their problems, saddle up, and ride off into life’s wide blue yonder together? Taming Brooks: New ranch hand Randy Marke falls for sexy ranch owner, Dallas Brooks. Summer heat and a bath in the nearby creek draws the two cowboys together and their relationship turns intimate. Then Randy decides to tame Brooks the old-fashioned cowboy way, with relentless sex. Can love between the two last longer than a summer, though?"""

"""I, Alpha Ethan, reject you, Omega Allison as my mate."" ""Why? I-Is it because of Julie?"" ""Not because of her. It's just that I can't be with an Omega."" ""W-What d-do you m-mean?"" I could not help but stutter. I stepped back. My lips were trembling, unable to let out anything and immediately grabbed my heart. ----------------------------------------------- Allison fell in love with Ethan Iversen, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Moonlight Crown pack. She always wanted him to notice her. Meanwhile, Ethan was an arrogant Alpha who thought a weak Omega could not be his companion. Ethan's cousin, Ryan Iversen, who came back from abroad and was the actual heir of the pack, never tried to get the position nor did he show any interest in it. He was a popular playboy Alpha but when he came back to the pack, one thing captured his eyes and that was Allison."

"Ivy felt the air grow cold as Alexander approached her, his every step echoing with the weight of a looming decision. Retreating with each of his advances, Ivy could sense the dual nature battling within him – man and wolf. When he delicately touched her waist, drawing her closer, her skin prickled with a mix of fear and desire. ""You can't deny our bond,"" he whispered, his voice a gentle caress against her neck, ""you feel it too."" Tears welled in her eyes as she admitted, ""But it's Jake, your brother, I thought I loved."" Alexander's eyes darkened with a mix of anger and sadness. ""Ivy, Jake isn't who you think he is."" Set against the backdrop of a world where supernatural forces are both a gift and a curse, Ivy a normal modern girl who is reborn into a supernatural world as a princess Amelia finds herself caught between the affections of twin brothers Alexander and Jake. While Alexander's passionate nature contrasts sharply with Jake's smooth charm, Ivy soon discovers a dark secret. A Dark Secret- 1000 years ago, She was killed by a two step-brothers who loved her deeply..."

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Chapter 1

Amara is just an Alpha’s daughter. Though, she’s treated like she isn’t. Abused, hated, and treated like garbage, she found a way to survive with her family. And at the age of 24, she still hadn’t found her mate, so she was chosen to attend a ball at per the Dark Lycan kings request, along with 39 other unmated females from surrounding packs.Scared and lonely, she is forced to endure the ball with her strength. That is.. until she ends up finding her mate. Sebastian has a dark past. Every night is always the same with him. He can’t sleep, especially after the death of his wife. Plagued by nightmares, his beast takes control every night wreaking havoc upon his palace. He doesn’t even remember the night his chosen mate died, only the aftermath. Only finding her in his bed with him covered in her blood. But then, he met Amara.The Moon Goddess had given him a mate, even after taking a chosen mate and losing her.And his fear of what would happen to her grew stronger with every night he watched her sleep in his bed. Afraid that one day she would cease to exist. That he would be the cause.. or maybe even the many snakes that stay within the walls of the palace.Will Sebastian finally be able to trust himself enough to love her? Will Amara be the one to break through his walls? Will Amara be able to love such a beast, even as she fights the bond alongside him?

"Remember your position, I made you my wife just to make up for all your father's debts!" one fact that really hurt Anyelir's heart. She became a second wife, in order to pay off debts. Things start to happen, after Anyelir becomes Devan's wife, in order to pay off her father's debt and save her familly from poverty. Anyelir still gets bad treatment from her stepsister and Rose who is none other than her own biological mother. Then, what about Devan, a man full of mystery and secrets, making it seem as if it is difficult for Anyelir to break thorough Devan's walls. LIfe dosen't seem to be on Anyelir side, with her circumstances forcing her to be second.

"The Helan family is one of the wealthiest noble families in the Silvania, Vampire Society. They are renowned for their elegance and glory. The Helans are the wealthiest family before the Royal Blood, the Xavantras. Celare Hikari Helan, the youngest child of Helan family was mocked by her own kind and her own family. Celare grew into a naturally gifted and enticing young woman. No one can resist her allure, but Celare's beauty is useless because of not having her mate in the age of 1430 years old. Celare Hikari Helan was popularly called ""The First Mateless Vampire"" and was named ""laughingstock of their own kind."" Celare, who is obsessed with finding her mate, murders anyone who insults her mate, leaving no choice Celare to flee Silvania due to the shame and trouble she is causing her family. When Celare Hikari left Silvania, she met a young lady who helped her the moment Celare arrived in human realm. Celare, who had been lost and found by the young lady, decided to follow the mysterious lady wherever she went. The question is, will Celare willing to break another taboo by falling in love with someone other than her mate? or will Celare not take the risk and just destroy everything for her unnamed mate? What is the reason of Celare not having her mate?"

"Glued with his parent's unfortunate mistake, Jerson Luiselli was forced to be a part-time agent under a secret squadron. With many enigmas to protect, Jerson comes to unravel every bit of it, including his friend's secrets. What will happen if Jerson finds out? Affair Duology #1 COMPLETED All Rights Reserved"

"Ava Vasquez has dated Damien for three years, a relationship she gave her all to keep. To show how she loved him, she decided to work in a club as a private dancer, just to make money and support Damien with his mother's hospital bills... Then came an anonymous masked client, the most feared billionaire, Lucien Rodriguez, who is intrigued and obsessed with making Ava his woman. Betrayed and fooled by her boyfriend Damien and her best friend Emilia, Ava tried to live life on her terms but she ended up getting a proposal from a billionaire just when she needed it the most. ""Marry me Ava and I promise to be the best husband ever"" ""Why do I feel like I know him?"" Unknown to Ava, her new husband was the anonymous masked client whom she couldn't stop thinking about, he had claimed her and those who betrayed her must pay. A bumpy love affair and a tiny line between love and obsession."

"Extract Alpha Dominic’s gaze cut through me like ice. “I don’t know you,” he spat, his voice filled with disgust. “How dare you show up out of nowhere, claiming to be my mate, claiming to carry my child, when I have never laid eyes on you before?” “Um, I—” I opened my mouth to explain, to tell him everything, but he cut me off. “Are you here for money? Is that it?” Without waiting for an answer, he reached into his car and pulled out a bundle of cash, flinging it at my feet. “I don’t want to see your filthy face again. I won’t waste my energy rejecting you. We will never be together. The moon goddess must have been mistaken to think a lowlife like you could be my mate.” The money lay scattered on the ground as hot tears blurred my vision. “I’m not lying,” I sobbed. “I am carrying your child.” Wolfless and satisfied, all Odette ever wanted was to be promoted and to become a full-time teacher. But her world came crumbling down when her boss made sexual advances at her, saying it was the only way for her to keep her job. Brokenhearted, she ran from the school, and instead of going home to her family, she went to a hotel, got drunk, ended up in the bed of a stranger, and got pregnant afterwards. She was sent out of the house by her mother until she aborted the baby. Will she abort the baby? Or find the father of her child?"