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"Elena Wolve was rejected and hated from birth.. She is the daughter of the most powerful and well known Alpha of the Silver moon Pack but then she was Rejected!! Why?? Her birth caused the death of her mother through the most painful labour ever recorded. Everyone including her father rejected her and treated her like a slave, Things got worse when she met her mate only to find out he is the son of her father's greatest enemy. Would he reject her or kill her instantly? Elena was left into the world of pain and rejection, no one knew who she really is, the secret behind her eyes, the power hidden in her, the kind of hybrid she was. All that was unknown till the day her pack was attacked and almost got into extinction by the Demon clan shockingly headed by the second Luna who had being a Demon in disguise."

"A night out with friends is fun as long as you are doing what makes you happy but... Imagine meeting your one night stand in the interview room and you are hired. Weeks later you realize you are pregnant for your boss. Will you tell him? Will you keep his baby?"

Many Teenagers dream and yearn to live up the dream, but Pablo's case is a lot more different, find out, in Living The Dreams.

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Chapter 1

"My name is Amelia Maria Black Lockwood and I am the daughter of the all-powerful Raphael Lockwood, The Shark Mafia of New York. I grew being treated like a princess, I'm not ashamed to say that I am a daddy’s but I am extremely independent. Father goes crazy with my independence, my brother will be the next leader of the mafia and me? I am a event planner. I am the CEO of my own company and Father couldn't be prouder. What happens when Amelia is assigned a new bodyguard? A British with a Greek God body and a face that looks like it was carved by the angels. What secrets is he hiding behind those Hazel eyes? Will Amelia fall for the only her father will not approve of? What kind of trouble will she get herself into to get his attention? What will Amelia choose? ? Crime? Adventure? Or all of it? Book two of he Shark Mafia Boss. Now it's Amelia’s story. The youngest heir of the Lockwood fortune and crime."

"Lisa is 25-years-old- and was raised by her grandmother. Her dad was a deadbeat father that left her and her mom when she was nine. Her mom later died from depression and that was when she had to move to Seattle to live with her granny. She is a mediator of an Aritcheture company called Powerhouse Designs and is beautiful, smart, passionate, and headstrong. After catching her fiancee sleeping with her best friend, she calls off the engagement and flees into the arms of one of her clients as a one-night stand, in an attempt of dulling the emotional pain she felt. She enjoys the night of pleasure, not knowing that that night would change her entire life forever. With just one bite from the CEO."

In everyone's eyes, Bertha and Derek had the wrong marriage. Bertha was married for three years and thought she would melt Derek's icy heart, but she was wrong. Derek's heart only goes out to Laura - his ex-girlfriend. Derek treats Bertha poorly. One day, she saw her husband having an affair with Laura. Unable to continue anymore, she decided to divorce Derek. She will not waste her youth on a heartless man, someone who has trampled on her heart many times. After the divorce, Bertha returned to her parent's home, becoming the heir to the fortune left by her parents. No one knows her true identity. A life like a queen awaits her. As for Derek, he thought that after the divorce Bertha's life would be miserable until one day, he found Bertha and said. “I want to remarry with you. What are conditions?" Hearing Derek's words, Bertha just smirked, looking at him with disdain.


"He was rumored to be heartless, cold and inconsiderable. What happens when he sees a lady who had pierced her way through the heart of this man at first sight, but everything comes with a price, she has become the target of his enemies. Will they ever succeed in using her to get to him?. ""stop calling me your mate, I don't know you "" I said to the man who looked like he didn't listen to what I had said, "" you are my mate, I will make you mine whether you like it or not ""."

"Rune Navarre, an Aberrant by the standards of their race, was hired by Rosworth Pharmaceuticals to investigate and find out who were the people behind the taking of D-15, an unfinished drug that was supposed to stabilize an Omega's Heat. But things get emotionally complicated when she met Sven Rosworth, the dangerously attractive owner and CEO who had his own fair share of secrets. Keeping her growing feelings in check as it was against their protocols and Sven would never think of her more than a friend; together they navigate the whole case along with surviving the threats in his life, but all hell broke loose when one day, she woke up being mated and bonded to him. As they traverse their new relationship and nearing the end of the chase, Rune unexpectedly came face to face with someone who could shatter her already fragile relationship with Sven. When the truth comes to light, could Rune be able to right the wrongs? And was the bond she and Sven shared not enough for them to stay together?"