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"""Damon, please, I'm begging you, let me go,"" she pleaded desperately as he tugged her tied hands with his tie. ""You can't escape from me, Maya. No matter where you go, I'll always track you down. And when I do, you'll face the consequences for trying to run away from me..."" Though her older sister sells the crime information of mafia’s little sister to the police, Maya Alfredo is turned in by her parents to be punished by the Ruthless Don Damon. Her world is overturned and shattered; she is taken to the Don's Manor, where she is owned by him and treated like his plaything, meanwhile knowing his intentions to destroy her. But then things get dark in the Don's Manor, with the presence of Derinem. Maya doesn't stand a chance in Damon's furnace. Will he destroy her and everything she loves for the sins he thinks she committed? Or does luck have other plans for her?"

"Layla Kellen was hated and spurned from birth. She is the daughter of the most powerful and well known Alpha of the Shadow Pack, but then she was termed a demon. Why? Her birth caused the death of her mother through the most painful labour ever recorded. Also, she was born with differently coloured eyes; Red and blue. Everyone, including her father spurned her and she was treated like a slave. It all got worse when her father got a new Luna who gave him a son and daughter. It became worse when she found out her mate was the son of her father's greatest enemy. Would he kill her or reject her instantly? Layla was left in the realm of pain. No one knew the kind of hybrid she was. All that was not known till the day her pack was almost entirely wiped out by the demon clan, shockingly headed by the new Luna, a demon in disguise."

"She is the epitome of joy. Bubbly, adorable, and innocently sweet. All her life she had devoted herself to caring for her loved ones. All of a sudden, her dreams came true. No, there's no time for love. Food is her romance, cooking is her passion. But what if, unexpectedly love comes knocking on her door? Will she run or stay? He doesn't care for a mate. In fact, he doesn't care for romance at all. His energy is too much drained from managing his realm. He doesn't even have the energy to bed a woman. But what if, unexpectedly he meets his silver hand? Will he fight for her or let her slip through his fingers? Mature Content (18+) Explicit Language"

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Chapter 1

"Not even the gods could stop George Johnson, the icy and merciless CEO of Johnson Enterprises, from choosing Lara Rose as his wife. *** George Johnson is the multibillion-dollar Johnson Enterprises' icy, merciless, and tenacious CEO. He takes careful, thoughtful steps at every turn. The kind of person who will return favors. When he is told that the debt a smaller company owes him has even slightly harmed his financial situation, he is presented with the oldest option. Make the oldest daughter of the debtor his bride and place himself first in line to receive all of their assets. The young bride-to-be, however, is not as obedient as he would want. She actually embodies the antithesis of the ideal wife. They are getting married soon, and then a sequence of funny things happen that lead to them falling in love and finding solace in one another faster than they ever anticipated."

"We've all had bad days, but when Jayna Mitchell gets dumped by her long term boyfriend AND loses her job in the same 24 hours, she believes she's hit rock bottom. While drowning her sorrows at an unfamiliar bar she meets Ryan Hanson, a handsome man who was also recently dumped by his boyfriend. After a night of drinking, Ryan offers Jayna an opportunity she can't refuse--to escape with him to his family's vacation home in Siesta Key. With nothing to lose, Jayna agrees, looking forward to a drama free vacation away from her worries. However, nothing prepared Jayna for the drama that is the Hanson brothers. What happens when Jayna and Ryan show up to the house at the same time as Ryan's estranged older brother Alec? Can the 3 of them co-exist peacefully, or will the attraction between Alec and Jayna and tension between Ryan and Alec tear apart her newly formed friendship?"

"After falling in a great war with the dark realm that had lead to the death of a god, many gods and goddesses had come up with a plan to appoint their subordinates, 'the deities'. Aubrey was a mortal that had been visited by the god Hades and given the chance to become a god and live a life of immortality. Despite not loving the idea of being immortal, Hades forces him into it and gives him purpose. Aubrey later finds boredom aimlessly protecting his realm and kingdom and decides to find his soulmate. The oracle of life grants him his wish, however, his not the only one she belongs to. There is another identical soul to Aubrey within the dark realm. An identical soul filled with hatred and obsession in wanting to kill his original and take over his soulmate and life as Hades's deity."

"Alyson Hambleton, was a happy child, raised in a happy home. But from one day to the next, her caring, loving, and concerned father turned into an executioner and started treating her mother and herself very badly. He beat them for no apparent reason, just because he felt like it. At least, that's what little Alyson thought. Until close to her 18th birthday, Alyson finds her mother dead and from then on her hell begins. Alyson is auctioned off by her own father, who wants her to be mistreated by everyone. Her auction is a success because she is a virgin and the one who ends up with her is the charming and handsome, Kevin Macwire. But the contract he signs has one important clause, Alyson has to be auctioned off every year on her birthday. What will happen? Will Kevin live up to the contract? Will Alyson end up in the hands of who else? Will she be as mistreated as her father so longs for? And Brian Keller, who will it be and why will he appear in the story? And where will a Marriage Contract fit in? Is there forgiveness in the end? Come and meet a story with lots of Hot romance, lies, betrayals and drama. Fall in love with... Auctioned - Marriage Contract."

"The wolves are out of the bag, but they aren't the only supernatural out there, they might make their presence public, but the vampires didn't. Mini is just a normal vampire until her mother tells her that she's a mix, she's thrown into the wolf to learn to control her wolf half, and maybe meet the other part of her family, including a hot step-brother. Watch her getting used to her wolf half, including the new family, the new school where all wolves head to find their mates, including them. This story is CGL, fluff, and cute! Appologies for any misspelling or grammar mistakes."

"Descripción. Todo puede cambiar de un momento a otro yo soy prueba de ello, mi historia quizás no es creíble pero pues no es fácil de creer, que una chica se haya quedado, embarazada siendo virgen ¿no? Pues ese fue mi caso, a mis diesisoho años vivo con Isabel mi madre y mis abuelos, Alonso y Rebeca, junto a mi hija Emily la cual llamamos Mily de cariño. No me explico aún como fue que quedé embarazada, pero veo la carita de mi pequeña y la verdad, si pudiese volver el tiempo atrás no cambiaría en absolutamente nada; daría lo mejor de mi por Mily, mi pequeño milagro inesperado. Mis abuelos y mi madre se molestaron Mucho con semejante noticia, en especial el abuelo Alonso pues no sé cansaba de decir que la historia se repetía, pero obvio la historia de mi madre, está muy lejos de ser igual a mi historia, ella si tuvo una relación, un amor de adolescentes, de dónde el resultado fui yo otra decepción para la familia Mendoza."