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"Warning; Mature scenes!!! ""Just be my slave and you will never experience the suffering you felt before,"" the man said, who was kind to me after I lost my family. They died of the massacre that took place three years ago. A company wants to reconstruct or remodel our place. Many disagreed and revolted which caused the massacre. The issue was not discussed, no one was angry. Until now, the perpetrator of the incident has not been named. I want to retaliate for what happened to my family but I don't have the power. Soon, I just chose to move on from what happened, until I met Andrius Easton. A billionaire who just suddenly appeared into my life. I didn't know where his offer would take me or what are the payments but I chose to respond: ""Deal."""

"Sophia Smith and Alexander Carter have been friends since high school, but she sees him as more than just a friend. When her father suddenly proposes marriage, she accepts without consideration and Alex was forced to abide by his grandfather's wish, so he married her, but her happiness fades as Alex's indifference takes hold. Determined to win his love, Sophia devotes herself to impressing him, but her efforts were all futile. A year into marriage, Alex files for divorce, accompanied by scandalous pictures that led Sophia to bear the burden of false accusations. Unable to face the distrust of people around her, Sophia disappears with her unborn child. Six years pass, and fate reunites them when Alex becomes Sophia's patient. Guilt clouds Alex's eyes, and his voice trembled with longing as he muttered ""Sophia, I've spent years realizing my mistakes. I've regretted every moment since we parted"" She spares him a glance ""Regret won't mend what you shattered, Mr. Carter. The past is a chapter closed, I've moved on and so should you."" He reached out for her hand but she moves away ""And what about the twins?"" he asks with a voice filled with remorse. Sophia responds curtly ""The twins are mine. Alone."" On one hand stands her ex-husband, prepared to endure any hardship to reclaim her, and on the other hand stands a friend who is willing to go to great lengths to have her as his own."

"""If I knew I would lose all of it, I would have let you go from the beginning."" Those were the last words Nadine said before collapsing from falling down the stairs. ""If you had never been in my life, you wouldn't have lost it all."" And the last thing she remembered was the cold face of her husband, who was disgusted to see her. Nadine thought it was the end of her life. And when she opened her eyes hell would await her. ""Wait.. Why is it so comfortable in hell? And why is it similar to my room?"" When Nadine opened her eyes she didn't feel any pain in her head and she was still wearing her nightdress. The sound of her mobile phone alarm made her startled. And what surprised her most, she found out the date on her phone. She returned three years ago. More precisely, one day before her wedding day with her husband. In disbelief, he circled her house, asking the servant what date it was. But they have the same answer. ""God... Must be joking! Ha ha ha... For all day...."" She laughed frantically. ""If You want me to pay for my sin, choose before I've forced him to marry me."" She bit her nail nervously and began to think. ""I separated him from his lover once to marry me. Make an innocent man become a cheater and a despicable husband. Kill our unborn baby to get his attention. And end my life in misery. Now I have a second chance. I have to fix everything. Everything.... Maybe he and my unborn baby will forgive me and I won't die young."" How can Nadine fix this mess? Can she get her husband's forgiveness? Or will she end up losing everything like before?"

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Chapter 1

Kay had spent her entire life working towards her life long dreams, before she knew it she had lost her savings, her job, her family and friends. She lost it all the moment she had met Darren a mysterious bad boy who had completely ruined her life. She spends her days raising their son while reliving every moment she had spent with Darren while looking back at the nightmare that was her life. What happens when they nightmare walks back into her life.

"Blurb. ""I'm starting to wonder if you actually asked Mr. Larsson to apologize on your behalf for wrongly accusing me,"" I snapped angrily, unable to tolerate the attitude any longer. ""No, I didn't. Why should I apologize?"" he chuckled ""You're incredibly arrogant and pompous, with a disgusting character,"" I spat out, glaring directly into his eyes. ""I won't tolerate being insulted like that,"" he said, taking an angry step toward me. ""But I'm supposed to tolerate being wrongly accused and apprehended without an apology from you?"" I retorted, staring him down. Ayra Malik, an ordinary Casino worker finds herself embroiled in a high-stakes drama when her co-worker impersonated her identity by claiming she was her after successfully stealing an Engraved bracelet from a casino client. Caspian Hawthorne a wealthy business tycoon who has ties with the owner of the Casino accused Ayra Malik of theft and immediately instructed for her apprehension without meeting her in person. When the lady in question insisted that she hasn't stolen any bracelet and infact, hasn't met with the client, Caspian decided that he should pay the lady a visit at the Police division where she was detained but on reaching there, he discovered that he was wrong and the lady is totally not the one at the suite."

"""No matter what,do not open the door,you understand? And do not try to come outside. You hear me?"" Jina was surprised as she saw Ethan hurriedly went outside at the dusk. It's been a while that she has been captivated in the middle of the woods with no way out. Okay! Tonight's gonna be the night! No matter what,she's gonna escape from the grip of the mysterious boy,Ethan! Jina,injured gravely in the middle of the wilderness was rescued by Ethan,unbeknownst to her, who harbors a dangerous secret! Ethan is a half-breed wolf who is struggling to hide his true identity from the eye of humans. Determine to protect Jina from the dangers of his inner nature,Ethan fights against his insticts to transform into a wolf during the full moon. As their love blossoms, Ethan and Jina embark on a journey to the city where Ethan tries his best to hide his instict. Little does he know that,he's not the last of his kind, but rather,a member of a hidden community of werewolves living among humans. Will Ethan ever be able to unite the two worlds together? Or will he perish forever like his father?"

"An accidental meeting makes Azkia Grizelle the wife of Deffin Wirata, a handsome young California lord who is allergic to women. Is Azkia strong enough to live a home life with a possessive and arbitrary young master? ""I love you."" Azkia ""You already said that, I take it as a promise that you will never leave me, no matter what happens tomorrow and so on until death do us part. If you renege, don't blame me for insisting on keeping you by my side, even if I have to cut off both of your legs, I'll do it so that you can't move an inch from my side."" Deffin."

"Excel, World's leading research institute, joining it was a successful career. Allen thought it was a good way of earning hence he tried for the opportunity. The institute was overly zealous for a particular project in recent years. For Allen, this Project “EVO” looked to be a chance for new additions. Finally, after struggles of the past years, the institute's efforts bore fruit. And when it announces its successful attempts, the World hopes for another breakthrough smilingly, not knowing they had become too good, without sufficient preparation. Yes they had done so without knwoledge."

"Twenty-four years old Raven . Who used to be treated like a little princess by her father . Who never knew about the cruel brutal reality of the world has now become the murderer herself . For what? Who knows ?‍️ **************************** Aiden Matthew twenty eight years old man . A president of very well known perfume company . He is in search of his childhood first love . It seems like he won't be able to find her anytime soon . Will RAVEN'S entry in his life effect his lost love ? Who knows if their fates are going to intersect or not . But one thing is for sure that is they are going to make lot of trouble for each other . So let's see what is gonna happen when a well known president starts to make trouble for a pro assassin ."