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"Love doesn't work the way people thought! Melissa Harts happened to be a victim of a confused and frustrating love triangle. As a young adult, she had to struggle over the urge of pretending to love a playboy, billionaire, and the favorite legitimate son of his father. Loving Williams Hughes eventually turns out to be her worst punishment. Been caught in the painful web of love, should she pardon love or despise love?"

"Without warning, he grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me to the edge of the bed. “Take your panties off,” he ordered me as he unbuckled his belt and worked on his pants, letting them fall on his ankles. Then he grabbed his d*ck out of his boxers. He was already hard and began stroking it. When I was too shocked to move, he growled at me, his green eyes searing against mine. “Panties. Off. Now, Nirvana.” I did as he said, scrambling to remove my shorts and underwear. My chest started heaving. My lips went dry as I watched him enjoy stroking himself. “Open your mouth, s*ck me, and take me all in.” His order woke up something inside me. Lust fired up through my veins, and my cl*t ached for him. I opened my mouth, and he shoved his shaft inside. “That’s it, sweetheart. Good girl.” *** All her life, Nirvana Thorne thought she was just human, at least not until a mysterious guy rejected her for no reason. When she finally uncovers her family secrets, Knight reclaims her as his fated mate and forces her to dig deep into the unimaginable danger of the underworld to undo the curse. Fighting her attraction towards him is hard enough. Every time they get close, their chemistry sizzles, and the heat between them becomes irresistible. When the pack is under siege, she must learn to gain control of the newfound power within her while the alpha intends to show her where she belongs. *** All Knight Blackwell ever wanted was to run his pack while getting rich. What he didn’t need was a woman demanding his attention, let alone a human mate like Nirvana. So he rejects her. What he never sees coming is his mate possesses an ancient secret— she’s a creature bound in magic intertwined with an ancient dark prophecy and the key to something bigger than anything they’ve ever imagined. With his primal urges getting harder to resist and the powerful being wreaking havoc in his wake, Knight has to sate his dark cravings for his mate before they go to war that Nirvana might have to sacrifice a piece of herself."

“Ms. Zhong, please read through everything and then sign it. One million will be transferred to your account right after this agreement is signed, then another million will be paid to you after the baby is born. In order to guarantee a healthy baby and a successful conception, I hereby inform you that this will be a physical conception.”

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Chapter 1

"Theodore has been in love with Celeste since before he was even aware about the true meaning of that word. Theo had not left Celeste's side from the day she was born, and each day it got harder and harder to separate the two kids, and one day both of them confessed their love for each other. Theo was possessive and obsessive, the true definition of a hot blooded alpha male. He couldn't imagine his life without his Celeste. The whole pack was sure that they were destined mates, even the two love birds were sure about it. But what if on Theodore's 18th birthday things don't go as planned, how will the two lovers cope with the challenges and pain that will stand in front of them. Will the young lovers be able to stay together? Will they be able to defy the Moon goddess? We all know there's always a price to be paid for love, and in this story the price is unimaginable pain."

"-We found the trace too late. - lamented the beautiful curly-blond being. -Damn it!-Snarled the black-haired, implacable-faced specter. They both spoke in English, with a heavy accent. Five years of studying the language allowed me to understand them, me being Cuban and all. The first one knelt to my right, took my cold hand in his and felt my wrist checking the pulse there. The other being remained standing to my left, his posture denoting a great tension, he turned his face in this or that direction, vigilant. -The girl is dying ... one of her ribs pierced her right lung. She is drowning in her own blood- whispered the angel, his voice heavy with grief. Yolie Bruzain was hit by a car three years ago. She has always suspected supernatural forces were involved in her miraculous recovery. When an enigmatic Greek kidnaps and forcibly keeps her in his Villa, she realizes her suspicions are totally justified. Nothing is what it seems. Not even she is who she thinks."

"An Entangled Love… *** Erich Black and Red Bennet, upholding the image of the unbreakable couple in the fashion industry, strengthened their bond with marriage. Unaware of the haunting demons of their past chasing them. When the Dark Seductress- April Lopez and Absolute Charmer- Lucifer Grave become the hindrance of their path, the posture of their baseless bond would break. Shattering the bond Erich and Red 'has' Or Red and Lucifer 'had' But, To be honest, it was nothing but an etched memory of despair from 3 years ago. The past they left behind is now re-awakened. Will it perish their future or will they find redemption in this tale of heartbreak?"

In a world where werewolves dominate over humans, Isabella was unlucky enough to be sold to Dylan Hayes, the alpha of one of the nation's most influential packs. It was until the night of Dylan's heat cycle when her luck has turned for the worse. After sharing a steamy night with him, Isabella had found herself in a series of unfortunate events...and an affair?

Shi Qingxue, the sixth lady of the Shi Family, had been in love with a wrong guy, which had led to the destruction of her family. To pay the price, her parents even had lost their lives. Also, she had hurt the man who was deeply in love with her. She could feel her life fading away, but she had so many regrets at this pathetic life. Fortunately, Shi Qingxue got the opportunity to be reborn. Opening up her eyes, she found herself in the back garden of Shi Family. It was the day when her grandmother hosted the birthday banquet. It was exactly where she made all the wrong decisions that ruined her last life. It was where the mistake started. She was reborn, and what would she do next?

Amelie Pearce, nacida en el seno de una de las principales familias del crimen de Chicago, es una princesa de la mafia famosa por su atractivo físico. Sin embargo, lo que muchos perciben como una bendición se convierte en su perdición cuando se ve obligada a casarse con Gio Locatelli, con el fin de establecer la paz entre dos dinastías mafiosas. Gio es el futuro jefe del cártel Locatelli dentro de la Famiglia de Nueva York, un hombre tristemente célebre por su naturaleza brutal y por haber estrangulado a su primo con sus propias manos. Millie está aterrorizada ante la perspectiva de casarse con semejante monstruo. A pesar de ser uno de los solteros más deseados de Nueva York por su atractivo, su riqueza y su carismático pero depredador comportamiento, Millie comprende que la personalidad de chico malo de Gio es algo más que una actuación. Detrás de los cautivadores ojos grises y la arrogante sonrisa de Gio se esconden el derramamiento de sangre y la muerte. En su mundo, un exterior atractivo suele ocultar un monstruo capaz de matar y besar con la misma facilidad. Sin embargo, escapar de una unión concertada, y mucho menos de un hombre como Gio, es imposible. La perseguiría hasta el fin del mundo. La única esperanza de Millie para sobrevivir en un matrimonio con Gio es ganarse su afecto y abrirse paso poco a poco en su corazón, a pesar de los rumores que sugieren que Gio no posee corazón alguno. Una bella princesa de la mafia entregada a un hombre monstruoso. Incluso los monstruos tienen corazón. Ella quiere encontrar su lugar en él.