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"Samantha Russo, es la hermosa hija del Alfa más poderoso de la ciudad, es inteligente, independiente, y la adoración de su padre, Tomas Russo. Desde la muerte de su madre, Samantha se encarga de ser la mano derecha de su padre, y el parece ignorar a sus otros hijos, su adoración es Samantha. "" Leon "" es el nombre que usa el lobo mercenario más pagado de la ciudad, y es contratado para secuestrar a Samantha, sin imaginar las emociones que pueden nacer entre los dos. León tiene una deuda personal con Tomás Russo, pues este le arrebato a su padre, quien fue el beta de los Russo. Samantha descubre al verdad detrás del liderato próspero de su padre, pero Tomas no está dispuesto a perderla y entregarla a los brazos del hijo de su peor enemigo."

Red Quinscity is a sergeant marksman in Aleris Camp, the headquarters and base of the main force of the Aleris Imperial Army. He has devoted his life on destroying the company that has been draining and forcefully taking the natural resources of their city, the Causan Industries. The daughter of the general of the Aleris Imperial Army is Gabriella Alon, a Filipino female warrior who leads the main force. Red and Gabriella, together with the other warriors, embark on a journey finding the location of Causan Industries, destroying enemy camps and fighting off enemy assassins. Gabriella infiltrates Causan Industries causing it to rise on the ocean surface, starting the final battle. Red, who was compromised by Causan Industries, battles with Victoria and Gabriella who were hesitant to hurt him. Who will live after the fateful war, and who will die in honor?

"Sierra Banks is one of the top investigative reporters in the country. She is known for her fierce reputation and fearlessness in revealing the dirty secrets of the powerful people in society. Her career soon takes a huge damage when she’s roped into a scandal. No credible Attorney is willing to take up her case and she is left to turn to Attorney Shin, her high school rival, who offers her a marriage contract in return for helping her. Attorney Shin is a top lawyer and a secret heir to a billionaire family. His father is the chairman of Triad Group. Shin is firmly against marriage but his father wants him to get married if he intends to inherit part of his properties. A contract marriage between the two polar opposites was bound for failure. But love blooms between them. What happens when their growing marriage reveals a secret of the past? Will it forge their relationship to grow stronger or will their marriage be nothing more than a contract?"

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"Once, a prestigious and noble family faced an unforeseen tragedy, prompting Shu Chen to depart with his three loyal followers. Over the course of fifteen years, he traveled the vast lands of China, imparting wisdom and earning the title of the Young Master. Driven by gratitude for past favors, Shu Chen, undeterred, assumed a new identity to marry into the Chen family. Little did he know, he would be treated like a mere dog. Disregarded and scorned, Shu Chen silently endured the humiliation. However, when their gazes regarded him as nothing more than a lowly dog, he decided it was time to reclaim his position. It was time for him to return and revive the glory of the Young Master. In a world where he was looked down upon, Shu Chen was determined to overcome the challenges. His journey, filled with twists and turns, led him to rediscover his identity and purpose. From the highs of guiding the people to the lows of being treated as less than human, Shu Chen's resilience and determination became the driving force behind his return. As he decided to reclaim his rightful place, the story unfolds with Shu Chen triumphantly returning to the family that once underestimated him. The narrative weaves through the complexities of family, loyalty, and the pursuit of honor. The Young Master's journey is not just a tale of revenge but a saga of self-discovery, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. In a world where prejudice and injustice prevail, Shu Chen's return signifies the resurgence of the Young Master's glory, promising a captivating tale of redemption, revenge, and the enduring spirit of a man determined to rewrite his destiny."

"**** BOOK 2 OF THE ASSASSIN SERIES**** Following the death of her mother at the hands of the hunter mob, Lizzy has her world turned upside down. As if finding out she was really the daughter of Alpha Lucas of the Dark Moon pack wasn't enough, her mate is a new kind of monster. Can they forge a path ahead and make their bond work, or will her father's old enemies crush them before they ever had a chance?"

"Damien who was known as a ruthless alpha was waiting for his mate for thirty years. He had three Lunas but all were dead. There was a rumor that he killed his mate. But Lilia who was betrothed to another alpha come out to be his mate. What will he do to win her back? and what will be her fate? What will Lilia decide when she would know that she was not her first Luna. And what will happen when she would get to know that he killed his mate."

"The untimely death of his father was all it took to turn Zack Grover's life upside down. Overnight, the high school champion athlete turned into a bad boy after he shifted back to his hometown. However, twist of fate didn't stop there as the entry of his ex-girlfriend pushed him into much more chaos. Yet, amidst all these chaos, he is pulled back to life by Zoe, a mysterious girl of the town with a secret unknown to all. An instant spark makes them bond so close that it unveils the truths of the past which ends up shattering relationships. Conflicted between his messed-up life and unrealized feelings, how will he rise above all the hardships? Does he stand a chance of redemption????"

Love, Lies, and Heartache. The Portwood brothers have lived through them all. The question is, will the women they love still be there when the dust settles. USA Today Bestselling Author Emily Robertson bring you the story of three brothers that while bound together as family, couldn't be more different. Those differences have driven a wedge between them through the years, but with the help of three special women, they're learning that maybe time can heal all things. Josh, Jackson, and Bryce have their work cut out for them. Josh has never had to work for a woman's affection. Jackson can't have the woman he wants, but finds comfort from another keeping their feelings out of the picture. And Bryce had to fight for his wife once before, and he'll play dirty if he has to, but one way or another, he's getting her back.#Explicit #Suggested age 18+Portwood Brothers is created by Emily Roberts, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

"Farrah Evans is the definition of the modern-day liberated lady. Get drunk, get laid, and get your freedom. That was what she wants for the rest of her life. Not a percentage, not even in her dreams she imagined of being married and committed to only one man. The plan is to be a forever rich single Auntie who lives alone in a mansion, wears a pair of Gucci gloves on a wedding, and brag about traveling around the world while holding a limited edition LV bag on her Amigas.However, Uno Saldivar is the most persistent and longest suitor she encountered in her life. The man started to pursue her back in senior high days. Uno is a certified nerdy boy who got no fun, he's a studious, hardworking geek who aims to be one of the most successful men on their generation. And the one who will marry Farrah, the girl of his daydreams. Farrah doesn't know that she's falling for him. She is a known playgirl who hooks up with rich handsome boys and being with Uno will taint her image. She planned to escape the humiliation she'll experience so she never admitted to herself that she likes the man and covered it with anger. Annoyed and exhausted of him chasing her, she made a deal. ""When I reached the age of twenty-seven and I'm still not married nor have a boyfriend, I'll marry you. If anyone of us refuses to get married, the one who rejects will pay the other million dollars."" After years of being apart from Uno, a tragedy happened which turned her life upside down."