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"Seth is a man who dies on earth and is reborn in the body of a dragon in the alternate universe. He saves an elf and is mated with her even though they don't want it. But she dies in the hands of an evil sorceress Princess. Seth is exiled back to earth where he takes asylum in one of the mountains knowing that he is never going to be able to go back to his human form until he finds his mate. The one and only true one wo can help him regain his life. Finally she arrives. Red. But she is already promised to a werewolf Alpha. And Alpha Cade takes his promises very seriously. But who is going to be chosen by Red? A half breed wolf with the part of a missing soul residing in the Soul Gem of a dragon. What is going to happen to Red and to both the men who will be damned if they let her go???"

Olivia married to world's most successful businessman, unfortunately for her; she comes across his brother whom happens to be her ex lover. Her husband's brother coming back into her life, they continue their former relationship behind his back, though knowing it was wrong they still continued. Her husband's business rival finds out of what they've been doing and blackmails them with it just to get something out of them, meanwhile not realising Olivia falls in love with her husband but still she betrays him and ends up regretting what she has done but what will true love prevail at the end?

"What ​happens when a trip to France becomes a turnaround for young and naive Christina King? Cameras to her face and a life of perfection isn't what Christina imagined to be the best life but after a short trip to France, the young woman finds herself tangled in problems as an opportunity becomes a maze of twists and turns and she finds herself tied in between a mere chef and world known billionaire. Will she choose the life set up for her or are there more secrets yet to be discovered?"

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"Paige Stevenson is a Huntress in the secret order of Baset, The females of her people have been blessed with supernatural power from the Goddess Baset. Hated by the order elders and the rest of the huntresses, because she is different, her mother mated an Alpha, making Paige impure, a huntress/wolf hybrid. Her only allies are her team of male hunters, lead by her guardian Jared. As she gets closer to her 18th birthday, her feelings for Jared change, but during a mission to pose as a student in a private school ran by werewolves she is also drawn to the sexy young Alpha Ryder. When the school is attacked, by not only rogue wolves and ripper vampires, but her own people, they are thrown into a world of conspiracy. Who can she trust? Her life hangs in the balance as she discovers just how deep the the betrayal of her people goes, she must trust in the bonds she is forging with both Jared and Ryder, as they help her find her father and take down the place she has always called home."

"What's worse than getting kicked out of your home? Being pregnant and kicked out of your home because some lies were far easier to handle than the truth. Lily Hayden struggled to feed her child and herself- a child her husband never knew about. Two years later the twenty-six-year-old landed a job in one of the strongest, richest companies around where she then met someone new. Xavier. It was an unplanned meeting. And so was falling in love with each other. Everything is starting to look brighter and more clear with her life starting to stir in the right direction but what happens when an old lover comes knocking on her door? Will love set you free or cage you in? Read to find out more."

It was Valentine’s Day—a day for love—but ironically, Sophia and John were about to get divorced. Couples crowded before the marriage registration counter, a stark contrast to the one for divorce.

"When her son is kidnapped by her ex, Karl, the leader of the most powerful rebel group Kylie is forced to seek help from her ex-mate, Arnold, the Alpha of the Greenwoods pack They worked together, but their long abandoned love for each other resurfaces. Would they acknowledge it? Or let it go down the drain"

"An Alpha rumored to possess the body of a fallen angels'. Growing up to become ruthless, they say he's an earthly beast. Bonded with an Alpha called death; Had she known, she would have taken for the hills. For Elena Brown, crossing path with him is her weirdest nightmare. ""How can the moon goddess pair me up with the most dreaded Alpha to ever live?. It's like being thrown into a pit of fire where the only thing that happens is destruction."" An Alpha whose ruthlessness could cut through an ice. A princess lured to a strange land to be captured and killed, when she met and encountered him; An Alpha of his own kingdom. When she's just what he wanted to satisfy his quench for blood. When she's the prey he's been waiting to get his hands on in order to take a worthful revenge on his father's killer. Will the Throneless Alpha come to her rescue?"

"CASTELLO DI CARTE MAFIA CHRONICLES, BOOK 3 [Also known as LACERATION: THE GAME OF CHAINS] 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀 Marrying a stranger is one thing. But marrying a stranger related to the man you thought you’d marry is a whole other thing. What would you do in a situation like this? I, for one, fainted at my engagement party and almost drank my off to get through the wedding night. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my husband offered me a contract, and I signed it, seeing his eagerness to get rid of me. Spending an entire year under the same roof seemed like torture, especially when my dear husband kept making excuses to talk to me and to unnerve me. Yet I liked it. But he wasn’t mine. And his mistress had a lot to attest to that. 𝐄𝐑𝐎𝐒 Marriage for power. A wife ten years younger. And a tattoo. None of these was a part of my plan to thrive as a Mafioso, yet I didn't mind any of it. It was all because of that succubus. My ruination disguised as a beautiful woman, now my bride. I was a man known for my control and snide personality, yet neither helped me overcome my desire and need to taste her skin. When I finally did, I couldn’t have enough of it. The contract should've kept me away from her, should've helped me be the responsible adult and control my thoughts of her. All I wanted then was to tear that piece of paper that ensured our freedom after a certain point. I could never free her, knowing how damning it could be. There were just a few tiny problems. Her father. My past. Infiltrated enemies. And the damaging nightmares I had no control over."